Women's Role In The Suffrage Movement

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Since prehistoric times, women has been seen as unequal. Women were view as intellectually and physically inferior. They were not only consider inferior, but also a source of evil and temptation to men. For example in Greek mythology, it is believed that women were the one who opened the prohibited box bringing unhappiness and plagues upon humanity. Women are also described inferior to men in the early Roman Law. This explains the reasons why during the preindustrial times, women were left to do domestic chores and men were considered to do heavier duties such as plowing, hunting and perform duties outside the house. This social inequality trend of considering women as weak and men as strong was present during the 18th and 19the centuries. …show more content…

Later in 1915, the same magazine that had published anti suffrage cartoon for decades, declared the magazine in favor of the suffrage and published an entire issue of pro suffrage cartoons in february 1915. Imagery play an important role in the suffrage movement. Symbolic suffrage colors were used to show support. Gold, freedom pins, buttons, ribbons, sashes, and yellow roses were worn to show support of women suffrage. Women suffrage banners were used in demonstrations and rallies and at suffrage headquarters. Finally, on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment to the U.S constitution granted american women the right to vote. This right also known as women's suffrage. After the 19th amendment, women life changed drastically. They started working more outside their houses and started getting education. The suffrage movement realize women the Impressive achievements in diverse and important areas. It made them realize that they are not how other perceives them, weak and doing house chores, and that they can work and achieve the same things as

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