Women's Worst Enemy

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Are Women Their Own Worst Enemy?
Why are women so nasty towards each other, even more so than their male counterparts, asks Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. At a recent 'Women in the World' conference she said, “(A) Woman does a terrible job and you walk into the women's room and you go, 'you know Mary, that was terrible, what were you doing?' 'God she's so bitchy'. No! I'm trying to give you constructive feedback. So what we do is, we assume feedback from women mean something is wrong, if the same feed back came from men, we'd accept it.”
As she said that, the audience applauded and her co-panelists nodded in agreement, acknowledging her piercing statement as a brutal truth. And she is not alone. Irene Levine#1, a professor of psychiatry
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A film by Swedish film-maker Henning Carlsen, the movie is about a group of women who work at a laundry and despise their hard nosed manager Marta. One of them spreads a rumour that Marta had tried to seduce her. This accusation is enough for them to demand her resignation, and which leads to a messy escalation.
A point can be raised here that had the manager been a male, it would still have led to a complain, but there is the rub. Marta's homosexuality, real or perceived, is not the actual reason for the protestation, merely the hair that breaks the camel. The real issue is that they find it difficult to accept that one of their own, a woman, is supervising them.
And though women have continued onwards and upwards, occupying the higher echelons, the mindset is still me against the world, with extremely few women readily mentoring other women.
“The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), directed by David Frankel and based on Lauren Weisberger's novel by the same name, stars Meryl Streep as the editor of a prestigious fashion magazine who gives her freshly minted assistant (Anne Hathaway) hell and puts her through the wringer with her unreasonable demands. It is also when Hathaway realizes that she is becoming more and more like her boss does she decide to turn away from the runway life, disgusted with her own
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