World Bank Pros And Cons

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What are the positive and negative effects of the World Bank?

The World Bank has been an international organization helping developing countries by funding, counseling and doing research in developing nations to improve their economy. (Investopedia, n.d.). The World Bank was established in 1944 and expand from one single organization to five development institutions. Today, world bank’s goal of their work is poverty reduction by sustainable globalization (The world bank,n.d.). However, according to some recourses, the world bank is not helping or reducing the poverty but just for the benefit of world bank organization. These two concepts are at the center of a debate over the pros and cons of the World Bank. Some people believe that …show more content…

Roads are one of the most important part of asset in many countries because transport surly contribute to economic growth and development and bring significant social benefit. On the other hand, bad roads can cause accidents and get less associating with human and aggrieve isolation. (Burningham,2005). If road become well, the distance between people will be shorter. This can help to improve access to hospitals, schools, and markets which help economic growth.. (Morriset, 2012). Take an example from the Kabul Municipal development program from the World Bank project which has built about 17 kilometers of trunk road and 200 kilometers of neighborhood roads and about 272 km of community drains, resulting in clean, neat spaces. Not only this project infers that over 770,000 people across the city will benefit but also it created more than 1,348,565 man days of employment. (Improving Infrastructure and Services in Kabul, Afghanistan,2016) In sum, the World Bank helped developing country in the way of making better road with creating jobs and other positive …show more content…

Take an example from the world banks in the 1950s and '60s, huge hydropower projects. Making dam cast huge but produce less energy than expected. Their biggest beneficiaries are mining companies and aluminum smelters, while Africa's poor inequality increase. This means the world bank got benefit by mining but the people who want or need help couldn’t get much support from this project. Only the debt increased. The Congo River are the example of this situation. After making dam spent billions of dollars, 85% of the electricity in the Democratic Republic of Congo is used by high-voltage consumers but less than 10% of the population has access to electricity. This shows only some people got benefit from this project which means not only poor get much help from getting electricity but also suffer because of more debts. In addition, making dam caused destroying habitat for many kinds of spices. Moreover, this article say that in this ten years the world bank is ignoring better solution. Because the world bank is trying to create power such as wind and solar power which is not climate friendly but the thing is most of whom are not connected to the electric grid. This can be not helping poor people (Peter Bosshard,2013). What this means in sum, the world bank tends to support big project more than

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