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On September 17, 1787, the most famous 52 words in American history were written. These words were part of the Preamble. The Preamble is the opening statement to the US Constitution. It described and explained why the Framers of the Constitution made a new government. It is the mission statement of the US- the aims, values, and goals of the United States. After 229 years, the Preamble still is considered an important document. However, does America still value the Preamble as it should? The federal budget is argued to not completely support the Preamble and its purposes. Besides that, the US government spent $3.8 trillion in the year 2012 on unnecessary expenses! The pie is not being sliced correctly here. The government should …show more content…

On the horizontal axis, it shows the major expenditures of this country or all the things the government must spend money on to keep country running. The bars, not only represent the percentage of the budget that is spend on his item, but also the total cost in billions of dollars. The first five expenses, including the Medicare, Social Security, Defense, Safety Net Program, and Interest on National Debt are known as the Big Five since most of the budget is spend on these things. Document C supports that by its Federal Budget bar. As it shows, “82% of the total federal budget is spent on the Big 5 (Doc C). It doesn’t slice the pie correctly as the graph shows in Document C. The country’s budget should take 1% from the interest on national debt and add that to the defense expenditure. That way defense would require more money than social security, but less than Medicare. This is best for our country for a couple of reasons. Interest on National Debt only really follows one aspect of the preamble; the “Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (Background essay)” part of it. In other words, …show more content…

Looking back at Document B, the next five after the Interest on National Debt bar are the middle five clusters. The country spends an average amount of money on this cluster. It doesn’t spend the most nor the least on the cluster which includes- Veterans benefits and services, homeland security, transportation, education, and justice. Like the Big 5, the slice of pie is not being cut here evenly either. It should take .4% from the Veterans Benefit and Services. Medical services and disability benefits were being taken care of in the Big 5 already in the Medicare and Social security categories. Even if the government wants to spend more money on these things, then they should be priority over things like education and justice that were not specifically addressed in the Big 5. .13% should also be taken from the transportation expense. Transportation does not establish justice in a way. Transportation is construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, and ports (Doc D). By making roads, I am not promoting fairness to everybody. No way am I encouraging the people of this country to look as others as equal by making roads for people. Roads are only useful to people who have cars. What about those who don’t own a car? What use is a road to them? Education supports each and every aspect of the Preamble. Most importantly, it teaches people and makes them value the lines of the Preamble. Education establishes justice. It

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