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  • Reflective Feedback

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    purpose of feedback, the concept of directive feedback and its significant values in writing. The types and effectiveness of feedback in writing is the central focus of this research. While some teachers may feel discouraged as students seem to ignore their feedback (Hairston, 1986), while other teachers think that their feedback is useful (Leki, 1991). However, students may sometimes feel frustrated and confused when reading their teacher’s recommendations and comments (Mantello, 1997). Feedback was widely

  • Systemic Family System Analysis

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    Different schools TFS (Systemic Family Therapy), rely on a rich epistemology, though not always like because some of its basic concepts come from relatively independent areas. This epistemology is initially fed from three sources; General Systems Theory (Bertalanffy, 1969), cybernetics (Wiener, 1948) and the Theory of Communication (Watzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson, 1967). In addition, the concepts from evolutionary approaches (e.g., Haley, 1981) and structural (e.g., Minuchin, 1974) are key to the

  • Feedback Theory

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    (1985) feedback “ one of the more instructionally powerful and least understood features in instructional design” (p.33). In support of this claim, consider the hundreds of research studies published on the topic of feedback and its relation to learning and performance during the past 50 years (Mory, 2004 and Narciss & Huth, 2004). Within this large body of research, there are many conflicting findings and no consistent pattern of results. While (Galina & Lilija, 2012) stated that feedback is ‘a

  • Goleman's Leadership Styles

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    Daniel Goleman’s article: Leadership that gets results, is from the Harvard Business School archives. Daniel Goleman is the noted author of the book Emotional Intelligence. He thus combines his findings in emotional intelligence with research on leadership styles done by Hay/McBer. The research displays 6 leadership styles. The author does not conclude that there is one best style, on the other hand stating that the best leaders practice each of these styles or at least a number of these styles multiple

  • Social Enterprise Leadership

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    There are a lot of book about leadership but this specific one mainly focuses on leadership in social enterprise. Leading a social enterprise is very different from managing a commercial business. Leadership in Social Enterprise tells us why. It specifically points out different key characteristics of an effective social enterprise leader from the followers’ point of view and lists and describes ranges of challenges social enterprises encounter. Along with the challenges, the authors included a wide

  • Harpo Allen Middle School Scenario Reflection

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    Harpo Allen Middle School Scenario Reflection 1. Describe some approaches that could be used to establish a culture of high expectations for students and staff performances at Harpo Allen Middle School. • First, as a new principal, you will need to acquire an understanding of and appreciation for the culture of the school, then, use your leadership style (such as being a team leader) in order to gain the trust and respect of the staff and students. • Conduct a school climate survey of faculty,

  • Extreme Cold Conditions In Homeostasis

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    Homeostasis is maintaining a stable internal environment. In the ‘Coast to Coast’ Multisport Event , homeostasis is hugely involved in this event as the participants have to make sure they maintain their internal environment in the weather conditions the event has. In this case study I will be talking about firstly the components in homeostasis. Second the extreme cold conditions and how it can be treated and lastly the extreme hot conditions and how it can treated. A human maintains a stable internal

  • Feedback Evaluation

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    Aspects of Feedback The power of feedback is substantial in the development of student’s learning and accomplishments. Following a meta-analysis of over 500 studies, involving roughly 20 million students, it was found that assessment feedback had more of an influence on a student’s success in comparison to socioeconomic status (SES) and former cognitive skills (Hattie, 1999). SES and prior cognitive abilities are both recognized for being strong indicators of performance (Sirin, 2005). Feedback can be

  • Reflective Practice In Teaching

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    Reflective One important factor in the understanding of how learning occurs is reflective practice. The use of reflective is to think carefully about something, by thinking carefully the understanding of individual increases. According to Oxford English Dictionary, 1992, reflective is the action of turning back or fixing the thoughts of some subject, meditation, deep or serious consideration the mode, operation or faculty by which the mind has knowledge on itself and its operations, or by which

  • Disadvantages Of Quantitative Research

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    Disadvantages of Qualitative method The primary disadvantages related with qualitative methods are at first, the procedure is tedious, and besides, a particular, vital issue could be overlooked. The second potential issue is that a particular issue could go unnoticed. All researchers‟ translations are constrained. As situated subjects, individual experience and information impact the perceptions and conclusions. Additionally, in light of the fact that subjective request is for the most part open-finished

  • World Bank Pros And Cons

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    What are the positive and negative effects of the World Bank? The World Bank has been an international organization helping developing countries by funding, counseling and doing research in developing nations to improve their economy. (Investopedia, n.d.). The World Bank was established in 1944 and expand from one single organization to five development institutions. Today, world bank’s goal of their work is poverty reduction by sustainable globalization (The world bank,n.d.). However

  • Importance Of Teacher Feedback

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    The Importance of Teacher feedback in Students’ Writing Improvement Writing is an important skill contributing to the student’s language learning. However, learning how to write is not easy because writing is considered the most difficult skill to acquire. According to Zacharia (2005), it requires having a certain amount of L2 background knowledge about rhetorical organization, appropriate language use or specific lexicon with which they want to communicate their ideas. Therefore, the teachers have

  • Essay On External Influences

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    External influences are all around us, and whether we realize it or not they affect how we think and act on a daily basis. This is the concept of the priming effect. The priming effect is when something happens to us, and influence our behavior after the experience. This usually happens subconsciously without the person knowing. There is also a phenomenon with the priming effect called ideomotor effect. This is the influencing of an action by the idea. What this all means is that if you were walking

  • Happiness And Well-Being Analysis

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    Everyone's path to happiness is different, but it’s suggested that these ten things consistently tend to have a positive impact on people's overall happiness and well-being. The first five relate to how we interact with the outside world in our daily activities. The second five come more from inside us and depend on our attitude to life. Do things for others Caring about others is fundamental to our happiness. Helping other people is not only good for them and a great thing to do, it also makes us

  • Written Corrective Feedback

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    Written corrective feedback. Form vs meaning. Students do not often write for pleasure, but as requirement in their academic life. As well as for native speakers, for ESL learners writing is a demanding concern. Students, who learn English, learn not only to comprehend audio or texts but also to produce pieces of writing to communicate and support ideas. Therefore, managing writing skills has become very important as part of the management of academic skills. Corrective feedback is considered one

  • Essay On The Importance Of Feedback

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    Abstract: Feedback is one of the crucial element of learning and achievement, but its outcome can be either positive or negative. Drawing on findings from program on implementation (POI) feedback forms of NABH, this paper reveals the extent to which effectiveness can be accurately measured and challenges many of the aspects and beliefs about feedback practices. The paper argues that the participants is in the best position to judge the effectiveness of feedback, but may not always recognize the benefits

  • Feedback Strengths And Weaknesses

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    As I reflect on the area of receiving feedback I find it to be an area I succeed in when accepting the constructive criticism from others, however, I often feel I lack to seek for receiving feedback from others when it is not given. As I continue to grow, as a student of physical therapy, receiving feedback is important for helping me to become the best physical therapist I can be. By not receiving feedback from my clinical instructors, professors, and peers I will not be able to grow and improve

  • Common Core Standards Argumentative Essay

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    Argumentative/ Persuasive Essay Molly Killen March 29, 2018 “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill. All states have a course standard to follow to set goals for teaching and learning (West, 2018). Teachers use these standards as a guide within their classroom to provide the best learning for their students. Today there is a huge debate between Common Core Standards and the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. These two standards are highly debated and investigated

  • Benefits Of Being Bilingual

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    Can you imagine how it feels like to be a bilingual and the benefits it brings to your life?Bilingualism that was once considered a handicap, has proven to be beneficial for both children and adults. Many studies have found benefits of being bilingual or being to speak more than one language. Speaking another language can mean that you pay attention better and can be multitask better than monolinguals because we are constantly switching from one language to the other language. Even though some studies

  • Big Five Personality Theories

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    Question 1 Five-factor theory of personality is also known as “Big Five” Traits. This theory mainly focuses on motivational and emotional aspects of personality. The Five factors are Extraversion, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience. Firstly extraversion, tendency to engage with social environment. It’s a behavior where by a person likes to be around people. These people have high social adaptability. They also tend to be group-oriented and enthusiastic