Characteristics Of Leadership In Social Enterprise

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There are a lot of book about leadership but this specific one mainly focuses on leadership in social enterprise. Leading a social enterprise is very different from managing a commercial business. Leadership in Social Enterprise tells us why. It specifically points out different key characteristics of an effective social enterprise leader from the followers’ point of view and lists and describes ranges of challenges social enterprises encounter. Along with the challenges, the authors included a wide range of helpful tips on how to cope with these difficulties which will be discussed in the latter part of this book review. 1.1 Characteristics of an effective social enterprise leader As a social enterprise leader, one must be driven by the passion…show more content…
The most difficult part of leading a social enterprise is having to face the high expectations from a lot of people including their employees, stakeholders and their social community regarding their integrity, accountability and openness. Aside from acknowledging the need to deliver not only a financial return, social entrepreneur leaders also need to deliver significant social and environmental benefits to their community. They must overcome this challenge to protect their social mission for growth and commercial success of the social enterprise as well. But according to the book, aside from high expectation, there are four main challenges social enterprise leaders face. These includes constructing a management team, delegation and succession, balancing and integrating, and personal and professional…show more content…
To build an effective management team, social entrepreneurs need to recruit, develop and retain the right people. According to the book, many social enterprises have a low professionalism level when it comes to their human resource management. However, this is important because employees are the social enterprise’s greatest assets. They are the ones who will make the company grow. Social entrepreneurs have a hard time filling their top positions because they rely on their own existing resources and do not invest in time to look for a more deserving candidate. Thus, social entrepreneurs need to build better competencies as well as resources, specifically human resources. Aside from the skills and capabilities, social entrepreneurs should hire employees who are social mission fit. This means that they should have the passion to serve communities and help the social enterprise. In addition, employees should be founder-fit. They should possess the same values, and their strengths and weaknesses should complement with each other in order to work towards the social enterprise’s goals effectively. After recruitment, social enterprise leaders should focus on leadership development. Based on the book, this developing a competent management is often hard or a key challenge. This should be focused on so that

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