Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Year 12

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Writer’s Statement I decided to write about year 12, as it is currently a very imposing part of my life which will decide the future I take. I decided a poem would allow me to best express my views to the reader on such a personally important topic with the use of imagery and language techniques. The pressure of school work combined with social and sport commitments lead to a very stressful experience. I decided to write a poem which reflected some of the beliefs, attitudes and feelings expressed by a year 12 throughout the year. My intended audience is very varied, it can range from students aged 14, looking forward to year 12, to parents and grandparents aged up to 80 years old, trying to understand what their (grand) daughter or son is going through. I chose to go with quadrants in my poem as this allows each stanza to be short and succinct while still carrying a powerful message to the reader. The intended two line rhyme, was to represent how even though year 12 is a struggle, there is still a bit of fun along the way. …show more content…

The metaphor such as comparing life to a nightmare really indicate to the reader, how hard and struggle some each day must be. The word choice such as using the word infected in line 8, ‘every night infected with despair’ truly conveys and connotes to the reader how each night is like a disease, and spreading grief throughout the body. I used the adjective desperate in the line ‘desperate daydream’ because it has connotations of hardship and readers will feel as though the daydreams are a salvation each day and can relate to this or remember some salvations they had in times of struggle. I also used other techniques such as caesura in the first stanza, to break up the sentence and enhance the rhythm of the poem. It also allows the reader a brief moment to reflect on the

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