Xcel's Argument

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The advertisement by Metropolitan Energy Council argues that the uses of oil provides is the safest and more efficient means to heat. these ad show to the public, mainly to the families the risks about using gas heatt “I think the gas is dangerous…too dangerous fro my home, my kids”. Furthermore, “If you need prompt services from them you need to say “ I smell gas” . The emotional appeal incorporated has been a picture where appear a mother with his child. In the picture has been added some words saying “gas heat makes me nervous”. This pictures expresses the care which people must have to for their family. Xcel responds these arguments saying: “the gas is naturally odorless” in other words, it means a How can you smell gas if this is odorless? …show more content…

Just in case you smell of sulfur or rotten eggs then people should abandon the house and call to them. Xcel might run a newspaper advertisement that appears to be primarily a public safety announcement because it gives the impression that they is worried about people. and they do not want happen an explosion. “never turn lights” or never using the phone your cell phone” “Stay away, stay alive”. or Maybe diminishing a little the bad perception of people about the gas explotion have happened before. The third advertisement promoted by the U.S. Council for energy awareness to promote the building of more nuclear energy

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