Yazmine: A Personal Analysis

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I used to be friends with a girl named Yazmine. We had many ups and downs this past year. She has done and said many things I find to be inappropriate, dishonest, and stupid. I rarely voiced my opinion to her, I rarely voiced it to anyone. Although the one time I did voice my opinion taught me that some friendships may be unhealthy and that sometimes losing one thing you will gain much more elsewhere. Dishonesty is a quality I find very hard to look past. And Yazmine is the definition of a compulsive liar. One time our friend Kelsie’s little sister got lice and Yazmine freaked out saying she had lice or would get lice because she had been at Kelsie’s all weekend. My mother told Yazmine that she would not get lice because she washed her hair…show more content…
Both of my grandfathers suffered due to them both. My mother’s father had been smoking and drinking since the age of twelve. I wasn’t even allowed to get to know him. My other Grandfather drank a glass of some alcohol every day. Because of this he had a heart attack before the age of forty and two strokes. So, because of alcohol and drugs, I never got to know one grandfather and I will never hear the voice of my other grandfather again. That is why I have such a problem with drugs. I can’t understand doing those things just to look cool or even why people like them. So when Yazmine alluded to the fact she was doing these things it made me rethink my decision about having her as a friend. I realized I needed to say something to her about my discomfort with her acceptance of drug abuse. The catalyst for this was her sending me a video of her friend making a stuffed monkey smoke a fake blunt. After watching the video I told her that unless she was willing to give those kinds of things up, I was not going associate myself with her and that kind of behavior. Yazmine promised me she would stop doing drugs and drinking and hanging out with those kinds of people. She also told me I shouldn’t tell my parents or her parents about this because she would handle it herself. I had been consulting with my mother the entire time because I was unsure what to do. I told Yazmine I had told my mother but neither of us had any intentions of exposing her to her parents. I will never know whether she told her parents. However, based on who I knew her to be and photographs I’ve seen I can guess she had lied

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