You Re A Fool If You Obey The Rules Analysis

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As kids, we were always reminded that we had to follow the rules of society, just not in such big words. Frank Trippett in his article, A Red Light for Scofflaws, states that nowadays law-abiding citizens are breaking the law to categorize themselves as cool. He first lists instances that breaking the law seems normal, such as speeding or littering. He supports his stance furthermore by stating the saying “You’re a fool if you obey the rules” is the slogan on everyone’s mind these days. The author creates a concerned tone for the readers. The author says that law-and-order is thought be affected by violent crime, when in fact it is normal, everyday citizens that break them. In this case, the author is right, as citizens encourage citizens to break the law and normal citizens are harassed into breaking the law without even realizing it. The author’s argument has the stronger point to be made, but there are those out there that could argue against his claim. For example, one could argue that one only breaks the law in important situations, so it does not happen often. This…show more content…
For example, many of the friendliest citizens break the speeding law when they witness someone else get away with speeding. This shows that if one citizen speeds, another one will want to also speed since the first citizen did not get caught. Another reason that supports Trippett’s argument is that many normal people are harassed into breaking the law and do not even realize it. For example, if you are going the speed limit and someone honks their horn at another citizen, their natural instinct is to go faster, which would break the law. This shows that a citizen will follow the law, but those around him will not and influence him to break it. These reasons and more make Trippett’s argument stronger in structure, leading to be being better
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