Zodiac Speech

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Your zodiac sigh can tell you which Greek God you are. On a daily bases we encounter with hundreds of silly articles on the internet, which compare you zodiac to something not worth spending your time reading. We can encounter with articles like according to your zodiac which character from “Friends”, “Game of thrones” or even sillier like which ice-cream you are. Obviously there are only few that are worth reading and one of them is “According to your zodiac which Greek God you are”. Libra If you zodiac is Libra then you are Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Even though you bring happiness and positive energy into people around you, somehow you are attracted to the wrong partners. You need to remind yourself that jealous people will…show more content…
You characterized with great beauty, which attracts a lot people towards you. You have a power to make the best out of the worst situation and that is why you never alone and there is always someone next to you. The arrow and boy is your symbol. Virgo Virgo is related to the god of speed and the trade Hermes. You like to observe and help those who can find the right path in life. You love to upgrade your knowledge which makes you wise and people always turn to you for advices. Winged sandals, leather pouch and the staff are your symbols. Leo The Leo zodiac is related to the most powerful, god of gods, Zeus. You can be a little arrogant and stubborn and you are always in a mission for gaining more knowledge. There are only few people that you can trust, but those are the ones you bring to the top with yourself. You need to watch from the evil people that will try to bring you down. The eagle is your sacred animal and the throne, the scepter and the thunderbolt are your symbols. Aries You are the Greek god Ares. You have very small circle of friends, but those chosen ones receive all your love and friendship. You love to help those who are in need. If you set your mind on something you make sure do to anything that is possible to achieve it. The spear is your symbol and your sacred animal a dog.
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