Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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How would a person survive in the zombie apocalypse? Imagine waking up in the morning, the house as quiet as can be, everyone is nowhere to be found and the front door is wide open, outside of the window there are so called “people” roaming the streets. The zombie apocalypse has occurred. It was fall of 2013 when this zombie epidemic started it is called the Solanum virus. Flesh-eating zombies would come crashing through the living room windows of family’s homes, causing people to go into a state of fear and panic. They didn’t know what to do because they weren’t prepared. People would make mistakes due to panicking leading to millions dead. In order for people to survive the zombie apocalypse, they need to know safe and unsafe areas and know …show more content…

There are several steps someone should take so they can survive a zombie attack. The first step is to remain calm, this helps prevent someone from getting hurt because of others panicking in the city or town the attack is occurring in. People should evacuate the attacked area, regroup with other survivors, and relocate to an area with fewer zombies. For example, they could relocate into a rural area. The second step is termination, which means killing the zombies around the location of the attack. The only way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the head. This can be done with a sharp object or a firearm but be careful as a loud noise can attract more zombies to someone’s location. However, if you can avoid a zombie do not engage contact with it. According to Zombie Emergency Response Operation: Information Branch, some bite safety tips are “do not run away from a zombie if you can walk quickly being aware of your surroundings and wear tight clothing where you can be sure that a zombie does not have anything to grab on to.” There are different types of gear that would be useful and helpful to someone if they were to encounter a zombie attack. That gear includes a weapon of some sort to kill the zombies, tactical flashlight that can temporarily disorient a zombie, a utility cord that can be used as a zombie detection

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