Personal Narrative: The Peterson Air Base

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Today, I finally reached 24204-24358 County Road 54, Greeley, CO 80631. I walked the remaining 5.37 miles there, taking 5 hours 58 min at .9 mph, and was finally safe from radiation. After walking 54.37 miles northeast from the melted down nuclear facility, my plan was to head south to Colorado Springs and get weapons and ammo from Peterson Air Base. This would provide me with weapons to not only defend myself, but also to hunt for food in the future in Hunting Areas. This was a sustainable plan that would not allow me to depend on stores that would eventually run out of food after a certain amount of days. With the weaponry, I could get more food from a renewable resource in Hunting Areas and not rely on a finite resource from the Stores.…show more content…
I decided to sneak inside and look for supplies that could help me survive, but instead I found 7 zombies! Out of panic, I ran into the nearest open building, and it just happened to be a grocery store. This building was great news, allowing me to fill up on food resources (weight permitting), and rest for a day while the zombies passed. The store provided me with a sturdy shelter that protected me from weather and zombies alike for an entire day while also supplying me with food. Others could think of this grocery store as a prison for a day surrounded by seven zombies, but I chose to see the shelter and protection it

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