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  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

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    -says Nigel Watts in his book Teach Yourself Writing a Novel about the block that many of us comes across while we try to come up with something creative. It is entirely different from simply conveying information and is more inclined to the expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Many people find writing help give a vent to their innermost feelings, which they are otherwise forced to keep bottled up within themselves. It can also be a way of creative expression as expressing creativity may be

  • Creative Writing Challenges

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    The challenges in teaching creative writing as a second language to middle school children Writing is one of the languages skills that is very important to be mastered in learning English as a foreign language. According to (Sokolik, 2003). Writing is a combination of process and production, process refers to the steps and ideas we go through to produce it and production is the final piece of the writing according to (Zhang & Chen, 1989). Writing is a comprehension skill that incorporates grammar

  • Creative Writer Writing

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    producers, or paperback publishers (“Creative Writer” 1). Authors or any other kind of writer sell their work through agents and many publishing houses will only work with writers through agents. Writers need to make sure that all of their manuscript detail are accurate, and that the style is consistent throughout the text. According to Occupational Guidance, “Good writers study the publishing markets carefully to determine how they should promote their work” (“Creative Writer” 1). There are also some

  • Difference Between Content Writing And Creative Writing

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    Difference between Content Writing and Creative Writing Most people would think that all writing is the same and there is no difference between content writing and creative writing. I am Jaison, doing my final year English literature. Being a literature student, creative writing is my comfortable space. I did my internship in Opteamize cloud solutions as a Content writer. I struggled trying to deliver content for articles and blogs. After 5 continuous days of the workshop, I had a clear conception

  • Reflection Of Creative Writing: Writing A Short Story

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    For my creative piece, I have created a short story. I chose to utilise a short story because I wanted to appeal to our fast-paced lives and allow for readers to be able to satisfy their urge for literature in a short space of time. The main purpose of my text is to entertain the reader. Moreover, I wrote a fictional short story, to spur the imagination of the reader. I read a vast array of novels including The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky which were fictional

  • Creative Writing: The Little Mermaid

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    The chilly September air, hits my face as I look to the approaching dock. We are arriving in Grafton, Illinois. I run my hands through my inky black hair, breathing in the smell of the polluted air, the river water, and what seems to be dead fish. But I don’t wrinkle my nose as many of the passengers do, I am a sailor and this is my life. As we dock, I help with the ropes, tying the knots as my father taught me. My scarred and calloused hand are swift and nimble. I look towards the busy city, people

  • Impact Of Digital Technology On Creative Writing

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    According to Collins English Dictionary creative writing is writing which is imaginative and inspiring, and is often fiction. Similarly, Oxford Dictionary puts it as writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention in a way that is not academic, technical or mere factual reporting; in other words, the art of making things up. Due to creative writing we have movies, songs, stories and the likes. Thus, creative writing represents a major part of the arts. The above definitions

  • Creative Writing: The Winter Night In The Night

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    Its winter time It’s been snowing for quite some time now, the chill is killing me. The winter chill is acting as a deterrent force for me these days. It is keeping me at home and I am not even getting enough to hunt. My favorite position is near the fireplace as it is very cozy and warm out there. I just laze around the whole day, happy with my cat food and milk, watching T.V. and listening to music. I feel more than happy to snug next to Betty on the couch on chilly winter nights and catching up

  • Creative Writing: Themes Of Indian English Literature

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    ABSTRACT Indian English literature, quite understandably spurs attention from every quarter of the country making the genre admired in its own right. Creative writing in English is looked at as an integral part of literary traditions in the Indian perspective of honest enterprise to demonstrate the ever rare gems of Indian writing in English. Style of Indian English literature “stylistic influence” from the local languages appears to be an exceptional feature of much of the Indian literature

  • Creative Writing: Van Gogh In Starry Night '

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    He lead me down the path, kicking at splashes of orange streetlights as we stumbled, laughing. Over the railing, the water glimmered, leading out into the wide unknown. He stopped abruptly and I lurched into him, face meeting the softness of his jacket.; more laughter in between repeated ‘sorry’s. He let go of my hand then; it’s a quaint thing, how he was a stranger to me until yesterday, yet my palm has moulded into the shape of his, and felt so empty without its clammy presence. I stifled a

  • Personal Narrative-Creative Writing: The Mystery Girl '

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    I stretch my arms above my head and yawn. I watch my legs dangle above the off-white polyester carpet. As I sit up starting to remember the vivid dream I had about the mystery girl. The way I recall it was, waking up to the beautiful sound of the waves, in a cottage, on a beach in Bali. Watching the sunrise over the mountains. Having a picnic breakfast on the beach with the traditional Indonesian food. Then going scuba diving to experience the exquisite coral reefs and underwater marine life. Having

  • Creative Writing: Wish You Were Here

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    One day my father was here and; then, the next day he left, and it hurts. That’s the pitfall of sudden loss. You lack time to prepare for the pain. Suddenly, my mind takes me back to August 22nd, 1994. The day seemed promising here in St, Louis, Missouri. As I drove through the suburbs of St. Louis, not a cloud crossed the horizon, not a drop of rain or distant thunder made itself known. All of a sudden my cell phone rings! I remember the call so vividly, and it haunts me. The call ended. Your heart

  • Characteristics Of Being Creative

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    invention¨ from the dictionary. Being creative helps express who you are, what you care about, or what your interest are. I would say that one of my best personal traits is being creative. I like to think that my creativity is a big aspect of the interest I have and how I express my feelings. I like to be creative and I have gained that creativity by reading books, learning how to draw, and writing my own stories. One of the most major events of me learning to be creative was finding a passion in reading

  • Compare And Contrast Kilfoil And Van Walt's Views On The Teaching Of Writing

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    1. Compare and contrast Kilfoil and Van der Walt’s views with Nunans’ views on the teaching of writing as a process and as a product. In accordance with Kilfoil and Van der Walt’s views they actually saw writing as a process rather than a product. They stipulated that: “writing is, in fact, a process and learners need to be prepared for and guided through the various stages”. That is, they should be given time to think about and discuss their ideas on a specific topic, to write a draft or framework

  • My Love Of Writing

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    I did not always share a love or appreciation of writing, however for as far back as I can remember I have always had a love for art. I can remember intensely eyeing the clock in school waiting for the little hand to strike on the hour signaling the time for a change of classes, with each strike on the hour bringing me closer to my cherished Art class. However, every day one dreaded class stood between me and my passion for art, my writing class. I swear the clock never ran slower than it did during

  • Literary Writing: Narrative Of English Writing

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    Literacy Narrative For as far back as I can remember, I have had a passion for the arts. However, I have not always had my love or admiration for writing. I honestly couldn 't have cared less for reading or writing, and yet every day, one dreaded English class stood between me and my love for the arts. I often found myself intensely watching the clocks, waiting for the period to be over. I swear the clock never ran slower than it did during my English class. It was the 7th grade: a new year with

  • My Autobiography As A Personal Autobiography

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    traditional prose because I think it is the most suitable medium for writing my memories in a creative way. At first, I had planned to write my different memories using the ‘Memory Box’, but when we read ‘Roald Dahl Stories’ I had felt like this is the medium that I liked most. It was very inspiring because it had a lot of creative language use. The traditional prose was a bit easy to write as it gave me a lot of opportunities like, writing creatively, show vs tell use which the memory box didn 't have

  • Importance Of Dice In Teaching

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    Writing is one of the skill of the four skills or skills other language (listening, speaking and reading). Because the course of writing requires the ability of students to produce language, the student is faced with the difficulty to express concepts in written form. Based on the writer’s observations and experience in teaching shows that their difficulties associated with primary and secondary education students at the level of primary and secondary schools, which rarely get the task fabricate

  • Sir Ken Robinson's Schools Kill Creativity?

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    During this talk he highlighted a few faults in the formal education system the foremost being that ‘Schools kill children’s innate creative talents’ (Unknown, What Sir Ken Got Wrong, 2013). He said that the formal education system’s learning environment isn’t suitable for realising creative ability. It creates instead an environment which gradually annihilates creative intelligence. He had the following to say about the beginning of a school career, ‘What we know about children is this: children don’t

  • Analysis Of Wake Me By Marilyn Kallet

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    involved in editing of the many creative writings including contemporary American Women books for children. Religious matters, she was also introduced as an extensive traveler who has travelled and performed in places like Poland, France and have attended theatrics, and have hosts symposiums, and edited for a period of 23 years here in the University of Tennessee. Dr. Kallet was portrayed as a committed member of this University, and has written numerous various creative writings among which the Jewish origin

  • The Importance Of Writing A Horror Story

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    Writing stories is an art. To be a successful story writer, one needs to be creative minded. But only being a creative minded person does not make you a perfect story writer. For this, you must learn the art of writing, which includes the selection of topic, selection of characters and most importantly environment or more precisely, the place where your story is going to happen and so on. How To Write A Horror Story With A Twist Writing a horror story is even a trickier game that needs some extra

  • Reflection Analysis

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    school year so far. Looking back at the various essays and other pieces of writing, I can say with confidence that my overall writing skills have improved in both the analytical and grammatical aspect. Even if many of my works were not considered the best or did not receive the highest academic mark, the process of writing and learning the mistakes that have I committed before only made me a more exceptional writer. The writing pieces: “The Tragedy of Tantalus”, “Gender Inequality in Antigone”, the

  • The Importance Of Music

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    creativity or inspire people’s idea when doing a creative writing. Personally, I usually get a lot of ideas for my writing from the music lyrics that contain stories. Moreover, it has clearly shown from the survey that music can inspire people ideas in many ways (Menard, 2003). Another clear example from my personal experience is back when I was in high school, my teacher assigned me to write a creative writing with a romance theme. My idea for this writing was inspired by the music called “Talking to

  • Eccentricity In Cortazar's Hopscotch

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    In describing his own writings Cortazar once said “Much of what I have written falls into the category of eccentricity, because I have never admitted a clear distinction between living and writing; if in my life I have managed to disguise an only partial participation in my circumstances, I still cannot deny that eccentricity in what I write, since I write precisely because I am only half there or not there at all," (“Encyclopedia of World Biography”). By saying this, Cortazar was saying that he

  • Personal Narrative: My Native Language

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    Translation studies helped me develop skills such as team work, peer revision, proofreading and editing, which I believe are a valuable set of expertise to contribute to a Creative Writing graduate program. Throughout my years as an undergraduate Translation student, while everyone else in the program expressed reluctance towards writing classes, they were my driving force and where I most excelled. However, during my professional career as a Translator, the predominant types of texts I have received

  • Romantic And Romanticism

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    development in writing, music and different expressions which began in the late 1700s and prospered in the early 1800s, a period when the current mass society in which we individuals now live was first taking from: the ascent of country states as characterizing social and geographic substances, expanding geographic and social versatility, individuals moving to different urban areas, new innovations were presented which incorporates power from fossil powers, independence, creative glorification of

  • My Reflection Of Writing

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    This writing 102 course has opened up my eyes to see writing as a place to explore new things and express my opinion on different pieces of work. My favorite thing about this course was writing about poetry. It was something I have never done before and it was actually kind of fun. I could make my own judgments and compare them with other individual’s thoughts on the poem. Transitioning from a lousy high school writer to an acceptable college student writer was a long journey for me; I made more

  • Persuasive Essay On Journal Writing

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    Have you ever sat down at your coffee table, as you unpacked your journal and began freewriting? Think of it as a writing exercise in which you unleash your thoughts and memories of the day and begin writing and compensating them into a day in the life of yourself. At this moment in time is when you seem to come across things you were oblivious to in regards of what you felt of your day. Maybe you felt that today was a better day than yesterday and was a splendid day but as you sat down at the table

  • Passion For Writing: Anne Frank's Passion For Writing

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    Passion For Writing A long time ago, there was a time of hatred and discrimination focused on Jews in the 1930’s. This event was known as the Holocaust. A young girl known as, Anne Frank, is known for her impact on views of the Holocaust. Anne had a diary that she wrote in, about her family’s, the Van Daans’, and Jan Dussel’s experiences while hiding in the Secret Annex to keep from being discovered and killed by the Nazis. We are going to discuss Anne’s diary, Anne’s passion for writing, the value

  • Jose Zorill The Romantic Poet Of The Spanish Romantic Era

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    recognized poets throughout all of Europe. Jose Zorilla was one of the many intellectual, artistic, and creative poets. In 1837 Zorilla became an overnight success with his recitation of an elegy at the funeral of the famous poet Mariano Jose De Larra. His greatest success was Don Juan Tenorio, which became made he most successful play of the 19th-century. Jose mad his name and was well recognized for writing his poems about verse leyendas (legends) that talked about remote times and places. In 1889 Zorilla

  • English Reflection

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    I have been forced to essay after essay I have learned valuable editing skills, I know how to use introductory commas correctly, and I also know how to use an interrupter correctly. Also, a student can learn how to express themselves in terms of writing. I know when I am older I will use these skills in everyday life. Time management is big part of English. This year I have learned to get ahead in my English work, so my essays will be perfect. I know I am slow typer so I make sure I get

  • Misrepresentation In Harry Potter's Influence Of Creative Culture

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    misrepresentation is enormous, and the same goes the other way. Why has it become so undesirable for most writers to write or tell their own story to make it authentically theirs? As a result of the monopolization of the creative arts sector by Western influence, the number of African creatives that are producing art that is relevant to their continent has diminished. It just so happens that when somebody else then decides to tell our narrative, it follows up with a social media backlash by the people of

  • The Impact Of Technology On Communication

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    purposes, especially in industry. Meanwhile, the meaning of creativity shows the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. The words communication refers to the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. The impact of technology in our life is undefined. To say the technology has affected creativity and communication, we need to look at the pros and the cons. First, too dependable to technology reduce thinking skills which

  • The Importance Of Realism In Madame Bovary

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    authenticity is the connection amongst writing and reality, between what the word says and what the life is. This measurement is typically managed under ―representation‖ which is mental, subjective, and also anthropological. It can be contended that the novel is the writing of the bourgeoisie, and the sentiment, which is a noteworthy antecedent of the English novel, was the writing of feudalism. In the present review, a question is the thing that kind of writing the sentiment was, and how it ought

  • The Benefits Of Standardized Testing

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    the usage of ineffective teaching practices. Such testing discourages creative instruction, a vital part of effective teaching. As is stated in “Fostering Creativity or Teaching to the Test? Implications of State Testing on the Delivery of Science Instruction,” an article concerning the effect of state testing on creative science instruction, “High-stakes testing often causes educators to lose sight of meaningful and creative science instruction” (LONGO). This shows that standardized testing discourages

  • Reflection Paper

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    week and a half of teaching writing, consistently, I have learned a lot about the learners needs when it comes to writing and the importance of teaching writing specific to each discipline. In kindergarten, writing is a dreaded subject for many learners. There are so many basic skills that learners have to focus on (such as writing left to right, using spaces, forming letters, etc) that they do not truly get to enjoy their time to write. They cannot just focus on the writing aspect, they have to focus

  • Technology And The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

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    texts are authentic, more effective, and motivating for every kind of language learners. Anderson and Speck (2001) mention that using technology in the classroom not only motivates the learners but engages them in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Leu and Leu (1997) think that electronic books and stories used in EFL classrooms enrich students’ interest and lead them to be a good reader. Deeler and Grey (2000) indicate that the real motivating factor in using the internet for speaking skill

  • The Importance Of Myself In Writing

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    Question 2 Uc personal I chose to express myself in writing or drawing because I really enjoy how it helps me with my issues that I faced in my life. When it is time to draw whatever comes to my mind I try to make sure my pictures are more clear to see how I can improve them. Drawing for me represents how there are some people out there that have a hard time expressing themselves with something they are good at. Illustration is a creative way to help me calm down. There are so many sketches that

  • Mental Health Reflection

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    moods, opinions, and thoughts are far more complicated to be expressed and to be enlightened by word. However, art can be used as another tool to communicate and effectively express feelings. As claimed by Friedman (2012), doing creative activities like music, painting, writing, acting, dance, whatever can help an individual’s psychological well-being. Art can be a medicine for people who have mental disorders but art can contribute to a person’s psychological being with or without a mental disorder

  • Indian English Literature In India

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    important position in the literary scenario of india. Indian Writing in English has emerged as a new platform to express the indian culture. Also it turned out to be a new affirmation voice to indian writers. Writers in Indian English Writings pen for a variety of themes to express Indian customs, traditions, myths, social values and even Indian history through the depiction of life in India. These writers have beaten the difficulty of writing in a language which is entirely a foreign one for Indians

  • Phenomenological Method In Art Therapy

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    Part of the art therapy experience is reflecting on the ‘lived-throughness’. Lived-throughness is brought into the art therapy session by both creating art and bringing the narrative of past experience into the present. The lived-throughness of the creative process, which may through speaking of it produce a 'text ', and the lived-throughness of the subject matter or content of the artwork, which may pertain to past experience and feelings, which are present in the individual. In therapy one has to

  • The Challenges Of English As An International Language

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    listening, speaking, reading and writing. Jeremy Harmer states on his book English Language Teaching “...we use language in terms of four skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are often divided into two types. Receptive skills is a term used for reading and listening, skills where meaning is extracted from the discourse. Productive skills is the term for speaking and writing, skills where students actually have to produce language themselves.” Writing as productive skill classified

  • Contributions Of Irish Literature

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    Éire is a beautiful island flourishing with new and creative ideas. As an influential country, Éire has led the world to climb greater heights in arts and literature. One may think of Éire as a paradise that thrives with ideas, greatly affecting the world that we know today. Éire, the Irish name for Ireland, is the significant land that is home to a unique culture that is being celebrated throughout the planet. Within a world full of diversity, the Irish culture has spread throughout earth and into

  • Advertising: The Challenges And Disadvantages Of Online Advertising

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    rate. • High capacity of segmentation: demographic, thematic and technological. • High possibility of interaction with the customer through online feedback forums. • Customer loyalty through programs, incentives, offers and promotions. • Unlimited creative possibilities. • Plug-in conventional media campaigns • Constant innovation and format flexibility with low production costs without distribution costs • Capacity prescription and viral • Speed of implementation These advantages turn into actual

  • Analysis Of Mahmoud Darwish's Memory For Forgetfulness

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    occupied entities to the ideal of a universal struggle for freedom and liberty from oppression, and a link to the beauty of life and language through the creative process, thus affirming Wellek and Warren 's notion that: "the work of literature is an aesthetic object, capable of arousing aesthetic experience." (1984: 241). And it was Darwish 's creative work and precise language that transcended his experience not only as a Palestinian writer, but also as a writer who aroused the universal, while managing

  • The Impact Of Nicholas Sparks's Impact On American Culture

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    which is shown through his novels about passion, love, and loss. Sparks’ career took off in the 1990s, which the Fifa World Cup was held in the U.S. and Brazil took the win. Sparks’ life experiences greatly influenced his writing. His real life love stories are shown through his writing. Love, tragedy, and fate are dominant themes in Sparks’ novels. The Notebook is one of Sparks’ most important and popular works. The Notebook is a story about having a second chance at love. It was one of Sparks’ greatest

  • Postcolonization And Creolization In Samuel Selvon's Novel

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    society, and considers himself as a creolized West Indian. After a brief career in journalism in Trinidad, he migrated to the United Kingdom in 1950 and two years later he gained renown attention with the publication of A Brighter Sun. Selvon began writing while he was performing his military service in the Royal Navy Reserve during the World War II, and became the fiction editor for the newspaper, Trinidad Guardian, after the war. He worked with the BBC in England during the 1960s and 1970s, and produced

  • The Importance Of Visible Thinking

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    Introduction Integrating creative activities in English language teaching encourages learners to practice an important element in language learning which lies behind personal growth and the development of culture and society. Creativity is a process that promotes a more open, curious and questioning relationship to others and to the world. The first part of this research paper explains Visible Thinking and its link to creative thinking. Then a more practical part follows with suggestions on how the

  • Themes In Indian English Literature

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    of human nature, ecological concerns, magic realism, diasporic writings and the like.Some of the dominant themes which have captured the imagination of the readers and have managed to create an everlasting niche for themselves are as follows :- Historical, Political and Nationalist themes, Social realism, Indian diaspora and Immigration, Individual Experiences, Feminism and Women’s Empowerment and Modern themes. The new English writings exhibits confidence in tackling new themes and experiments with

  • Hitchcock Vs Herrmann Analysis

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    “Hitchcock vs Herrmann: the story behind the break-up of cinema’s finest director/composer partnership”, written by well-known author and cinema professor Neil Sinyard, unveils the story of success and following failure of the creative collaboration between director Alfred Hitchcock and music composer Bernard Herrmann (2013). Celebrated, financially and critically acclaimed partnership that brought overall 9 films in all 11 years of collaboration, including Vertigo (1958) and Psycho (1960), ended