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  • The Legalization Of Marijuana

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    In American society, the use of marijuana, whether it’s medical or recreational, is a highly discussed topic. There are arguments for and against both recreational and medical marijuana. Between the arguments of safety and practicality, the truth about this drug has gotten mixed around and changed. Although it is believed that marijuana would only negatively affect our society, the use should be federally legalized, at least medically, in all 50 states because it has a very low risk when it comes

  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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    Seijo English 10 4 February 2014 Marijuana In 1919, alcohol was made illegal across the United States with the goal to better people’s lives and make society safer. During the fourteen years that the prohibition lasted, crime rate nearly doubled, unemployment rose, and tax revenue decreased. Eventually the ban on alcohol was repealed because of its negative impact on the economy and society. Now fast forward to the year 2015, where a common substance known as marijuana is illegal. It was made illegal

  • Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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    According to Bernie Sanders, “It is time to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. It is time to end the arrest of so many people and the destruction of so many lives for possessing marijuana”. This argument is important because marijuana is considered a "gateway drug," which has not been scientifically proven. Many people have tried marijuana or at least know someone who has attempted to smoke weed. A person most likely does not know as much as they think they know about what it is or the effects

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marijuana

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    AN ANNALYSIS OF THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MARIJUANA ON PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH INTRODUCTION Over the past years our society has been ignorant the effects of marijuana as they have limited knowledge about this hemp. People often judge weed smokers around the world, reason being that the government says they can, but they need to be able to view issues from both perspectives. Marijuana is defined by the English dictionary as the dried leaves and flowers of a hemp plant which can be smoked

  • The Legalization Of Marijuana In Nigeria

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    do whatever we want with our lives. Marijuana should be legalized in Nigeria which could help in the development growth of the country. Marijuana is obtained from the cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug or medicine. Countries which have legalized marijuana have seen improvements in so many areas such as revenues, employment and crime rates and also health care systems. Legalizing marijuana will help a country like Nigeria exceedingly. Marijuana use in Nigeria should be legalized

  • The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana

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    Marijuana is the most controversial and misunderstood drug in today's society. Many people tend to think that the use of marijuana or the cannabis plant can be very dangerous to the human body, but it can be the exact opposite. The main question is why marijuana in Canada such a “problem” to people is today. Marijuana can be known as the gateway drug and the main downfall for young adults and teenagers today, with that being said Marijuana has developed a bad reputation all around the world. In most

  • Informative Speech On Marijuana

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    Topic: Marijuana legality. General Purpose: To inform my audience. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience about why marijuana should become legal. Organizational Pattern: Topical Order. Central Idea: Nowadays, there are many studies show that marijuana may got many benefits advantages in terms of medical aspect. Thus, it is justified for marijuana to become legal. Main Point - Better solution for drug users - Medical treatment I. Introduction A. Attention getter - Talking about marijuana, you might

  • Marijuana Argumentative Essay

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    To some people, it’s a relaxing herb, something to temporarily pull the mind off reality. Others view it as a harmful drug with numerous side effects. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis or weed, is one of the most controversial drugs worldwide. It comes from the Indian hemp plant, and the part that contains the “drug” is found primarily in the flowers. When sold, it is a mixture of dried out leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the hemp plant; it is usually green, brown or gray in color. With a few

  • Persuasive Essay On Marijuana

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    Blowing smoke; marijuana should be fully legalized The consumption and distribution of marijuana have been two very controversial subjects throughout the last century. Although some people may claim that the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes should be illegal due to safety, legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana would drastically reduce crime rates, help people suffering from chronic illnesses, and create a significantly higher amount of potential tax revenue to bolster

  • The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

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    Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is not a gateway drug and that is what I believe to this day. In today 's world there all sorts of issues with marijuana and other drug issues Prohibition against marijuana is a big deal right now. More and more states are legalizing, it may not be as fast as some people want it but they are starting off by legalizing Medical Marijuana. People that put alcohol prohibition still had people 13 years later drinking and secretly drinking.(“Repeal” SR.1) Some may have