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  • Modamil Research Paper

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    MODAFINIL:DRUG OF THE MODERN ERA Modafinil(commonly known by the brand names Provigil, Alertec, Modavigil etc) is an oral drug that is used to induce wakefulness in patients with sleepiness. It reduces fatigue and enhances alertness in an individual. It is also known as nootropic. It is usually taken once in a day with or without eating your meal. Modafinil is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of narcolepsy or Obstructive sleep apnea hyperpnoea syndrome (OSAHS)

  • Beta Agonist

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    best in each circumstance. Beta-agonists are medications that use the beta-2 receptors in our airway in order to help smooth muscle relaxation and bronchodilation. The beta-agonists primarily affect the bronchioles (small airways). These medications are usually given by inhalations, pills, tablets and intravenously, but most frequently by inhalation due to less side-effects. Beta-2 agonists are used as short acting (reliever) and long acting (maintenance) beta agonists. This means

  • Physical Activity Log Assignment Analysis

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    Physical Activity Log Assignment Name Institution Physical Activity Log Assignment 1. Introduction – Describe the significance of monitoring physical activity, setting goals, and evaluating results. It is always important to set goals and to monitor them. These activities help people to have a productive and fruitful lifestyle. Monitoring and evaluation are examples of self-management (, 2014). Self-management and self-monitoring is the process of understanding and looking at one’s

  • The Misfit Character Analysis

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    A good man is hard to find is about a family who are planning to travel to Florida. The whole family is excited to go except the grandmother, who doesn’t want to go. To make her case, she tells her son Bailey, his wife, and their three children that there’s a criminal named the Misfit headed to Florida. The Misfit is one of the main characters in the story. The author, Flannery O’Connor, introduces him explaining his background and motivations. In doing so, she portrays a character that is both mythical

  • Agonist Ach Case Study

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    response of the guinea pig ileum to agonist ACh was a proportional contraction of smooth muscle to the increase dosage shown in Figure 1 and Table 1. From figure 1, in lower concentrations of ACh in the presense of Atr, there was a lower dose response, suggesting Ach is no longer in a non-competitive environment. Both curves from the dose responses (Figure 1) reach 100% maximum response even in the presence of Atr, showing a rightward parallel shift, indicates the agonist efficacy was not affected by the

  • The Guinea Pig Ilium Experiment

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    Experimental procedure (real life) Complete the ‘experimental setup’ for the guinea pig ilium experiment as shown in Fig 1. The agonist, acetylcholine is added to the organ bath at a concentration of 1 x 10⁻⁸ M where it will follow the 3 minute cycle. After 30 seconds the results are recorded. After results are recorded, washing of the organ bath and ilium is conducted (note. Called wash out). After 90 seconds a second washout occurs. At 180 seconds the length of the guinea pig ileum is reset to

  • Organ Bath Experiment

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    An organ bath experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of agonist, histamine on guinea pig ileum (GPI) and how the antagonists, mepyramine and SIPBSDrug A affect the GPI’s response (smooth muscle contractions). A GPI simulation was conducted to compare the potencies and nature of antagonists against histamine. The control Rmax and EC50 of histamine without antagonist were 16.49gms and 2.093 x 10-7M respectively. The concentration-response curves were shifted to right parallelly and EC50

  • Function Of The Muscular System Essay

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    three types of movement in the body and these are agonist, antagonist, and fixator. Muscles generally speaking work in pairs if we are pushing or pulling. For example a bicep curl, the bicep is the agonist causing the movement and the triceps are the antagonist going in the opposition to the bicep muscles. The fixator muscle is the muscle that supports the origin of the agonist and the joint that the origin moves over so it can help the agonist muscle work efficiently. There are different types

  • Guinea Pig Ileum Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION This assignment is about the study of the effect of agonist and different concentration on guinea pig ileum and it will consist of method, graph results and discussion. Drug is defined as a chemical that has both biological and pharmacological effects on human. Its branch is pharmacology which can be divided into two branches namely pharmacodynamics and pharmaco kinetics. (C. Stephen and W. Robin (2010)) Pharmaco dynamic is about what drug does to the body and pharmaco kinetics is the

  • The Word Caffeine

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    only way to counteract the catatelptic effect is to administer a dopamine receptor agonist, that is, some thing that stimulates the postsynaptic dopaminergic receptors.) Bromocriptine (a D2 agonist) was used to supply locomotor activity in reserpinized mice. They determined that the locomotor impact of bromocriptine was counteracted via the adenosine receptor agonists NECA (an A1/A2A agonist) and L-PIA (an A1 agonist) with a potency that suggeted important involvement of A2A

  • Reciprocal Inhibition: A Case Study

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    involuntary and unconscious reflexes controlled by the spinal level, that are influenced directly by afferent information from joint receptors. These reflexes are coordinatinated between agonist and antagogonist muscles (p17). Sherrington(1906) identified the coordination as the law of reciprocal inhibition: When an agonist contracts, its antagonist automatically

  • Decentralized Control Design

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    In this paper, we present a decentralized control strategy which is based on discrete-time adaptive control, for control of the ankle joint in paraplegic subjects using functional electrical stimulation .Agonist-antagonist co-activation is used to control the ankle movement. To achieve this purpose, first, the human is modeled as a single segment inverted pendulum which rotates about the ankle joint. Second, the nonlinear relationship between inclination angle and center of pressure is modeled. Finally

  • Obstacles Muscular System

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    broaden the knowledge of the players. Agonist: A muscle whose contraction moves a part of the body directly, for example when your arm is flexed your bicep is the agonist Antagonist: The antagonist is the muscle within the pair that relaxes when the other is contracted. An example of this will be when your arm is flexed your tricep is the antagonist. Fixator: The fixator is the muscle that stabilises the agonist and the joint in order to help the agonist function most effectively. In the

  • Mitragyna Speciosa Research Paper

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    Mitragyna speciosa or kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native in Southeast Asia and has been used in traditional medicine since the 19th century. However, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that the kratom plant has opioid properties and is unsafe for medical use. People in certain regions, such as Thailand and Indonesia, define the plant as a medicinal herb used for chronic pain management, treatment of opioid withdrawal symptoms, and recreational activities. However, pharmaceutical

  • Literature Review: Parkinson's Disease (PD)

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    3. Review of Literature 3.1 Parkinson’s Disease7 Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease comprising of a spectrum of motor as well as non-motor manifestations. The classic motor manifestations of the disease include rigidity, rest tremors, bradykinesia and impairment of the gait. Along with these cardinal features of Parkinson’s disease, freezing of gait, postural instability, speech difficulty, autonomic disturbances, sensory alterations, mood disorders, sleep dysfunction, cognitive

  • Koch's Theory Of Magic Sheet Analysis

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    regulate it to all the parts of body within the receptors. The target receptors that can be divided into two which are agonist and antagonists. Agonist drugs is the activator for the receptor or stimulator which generate the level of the response in the cell. In contrary, the antagonist drugs act as the blocker the way of the body’s natural agonist and also they avoid cell response to agonist. However, these two totally different target receptors can actually be used together. For example, in the case

  • Salbutamol

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    Basic pharmacology of agent used in the treatment of asthma Pharmacodynamics about Salbutamol (INN) or albuterol (USAN), a moderately selective beta (2)-receptor agonist similar in structure to terbutaline, is widely used as a bronchodilator to manage asthma and other chronic obstructive airway diseases. The R-isomer, levalbuterol, is responsible for bronchodilation while the S-isomer increases bronchial reactivity. The R-enantiomer is sold in its pure form as Levalbuterol. The manufacturer of levalbuterol

  • Chiller Lab Report

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    times. • If TArr is not the same after repetitions, then follow the single intervention procedure. • However, If TArr is same after repetitions, then follow the multiple intervention procedures. Single intervention procedure: 15. Use cholinergic agonists to slow down the heart rate and determine TArr for each case: a. Inject Carbachol after step

  • Cardiac Hypertrophy Essay

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    Abstract Introduction Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) are a family of molecular chaperones which play an important role in mitigating and preventing the aggregation of misfolded proteins under conditions of stress such as hypoxia or heat and thereby contribute to maintaining intracellular homeostasis. These properties are exploited in many organs, including the heart where they are thought to play a crucial role in the cardiac hypertrophy. Cardiac hypertrophy is a condition in which the heart

  • Q & A Case Study On Salbutamol

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    acting, with a duration of action of at least 12 hours, allowing twice daily administration. The lipophilic side-chain of salmeterol binds firmly to an exo-site that is adjacent to, but distinct from, the β2-agonist binding site. Consequently, salmeterol functions as an almost irreversible agonist. The onset of bronchodilatation is slow