Associate's degree Essays

  • Associate's Degree In Fashion Design

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    what skills are desired. Most employers want to see some formal education in the field, either an associate 's degree or a bachelor 's in fashion design. Familiarize yourself with the raw materials. Fashion design starts with a concept, but the execution involves creating a design that is attractive, perhaps has an innovative feature, and can be

  • Personal Essay: Working For Fede

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    “In our lives, change is unavoidable, loss is unavoidable. In the adaptability and ease with which we experience change, lies our happiness and freedom.” —Buddha My future was created by people who saw possibilities for me long before they were clear in my mind. My parents sacrifices, my siblings accomplishments and mistakes to the countless individuals that made my life and the many roads that I have traveled rich with diverse experience. I share in the belief that destiny is created by the results

  • Professional Nursing Reflection

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    Professional Reflection Due to the high relevance of FCC to pediatric nursing, Stollery Children's Hospital's mission and my personal interest, I decided to conduct some research and prepare myself to become a sufficient graduate nurse who can deliver compassionate, competent, individualized family-centered care to my patients. Some of the professional activities that I have implemented during the preceptorship include: (1) determined my weakness regarding FCC and developed a learning plan with

  • Physical Therapy Assistant Program Analysis

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    bottom. So this is a purpose to make me strongly motivated to get the program. For some reason, I stopped studying for couples years. But I believe that it is never too late to follow my dream. I am a freshman student, but I will earn the Associate Degree of Science in 2018. I know that work in the Medical Field is not easy, but I have studied enough to qualify for PTA program. I am still studying to get more credits and knowledges in my major. Besides that, I am responsibility, patience and highly

  • Essay On Bassinets

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    When your tiny little bundle of joy arrives, you will want to ensure that you’re as well prepared as you can possibly be. In terms of importance, there are fewer baby-related items that are more important than a bassinet, so you will need to ensure that you get things right the first time. Whilst cribs are all well and good, bassinets offer a fantastic alternative, especially if you have limited space, or if you want a cozy and convenient alternative. Bassinets are especially useful because due to

  • Argumentative Essay: The Rise In College Debt

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    These community colleges could then become part of the public school system, with government funding, so that all may have access to at least a two year college degree. This education revolution would not put so much pressure onto graduating seniors to attend an expensive four year university. Therefore, this movement would both lower the cost of college and allow more people from low income homes to acquire an

  • What Is Money In My Life Essay

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    Many people believe that money is not a source of happiness and that there are other things in life that are more fulfilling than financial wealth. According to Maris Rada, money contributes to greed and envy as people wish to live for nothing else but material gain. For Craig Fernandez, cash does not contribute to satisfaction and joy because it doesn’t provide meaning and emotional compassion as relationships with friends, family and loved ones. In short, money cannot buy indefinite happiness

  • Pros Of Lawn Tennis

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    Ever wondered why children are so sure about what they want to busy themselves with? When it comes to outdoor sports, most kids have particular likes and dislikes which come very naturally to them. As parents, it’s up to you to nurture their talents or suggest suitable alternatives. But the general thumb rule is, let the child play as many games as he wants to before zeroing in on a few favourites. Only then can you go ahead with providing formal coaching to them in those sports. Come to think of

  • Importance Of Basketball In My Life

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    Basketball was always a very important part in my life. Between constantly being told to practice more and getting on myself, basketball was always on my mind. You never realize that something you thought you loved could cause harm also. If I didn’t play basketball all throughout high school, I wouldn’t be who I am now and it all started my freshman year. Freshman year, I was able to suit varsity and play junior varsity at the same time. I was probably the best player on junior varsity because

  • El Camino College Case Study

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    Background Information: El Camino College (ECC) is a fully accredited public college of the California Community College system, started in 1946. The highest degree offered is Associates degree. There are 24,756 students enrolled, with 32 percent Full time, and 68 percent Part time students. The curriculum features 2,500 different classes offered in 850 different programs. Including online and telecourses, students have wide flexibility in scheduling. A. Trends in the industry that might or might

  • Importance Of Problem Solving In Nursing

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    Since the spread of formal schooling and education in human societies, fostering cognitive abilities, such as understanding, reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and judgment has been highlighted [1]. Problem-solving is an essential skill in today’s life [2]. Problem-solving is a goal-directed thinking [3]. It is a mental process, some logical, orderly, intellectual thinking that helps cope with problems, search several solutions and choose the best solution [4]. According to

  • The Pros And Cons Of Debt-Free College

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    Debt-free college and other forms of this plan are not the answer to making college both affordable and of the same value. Since 2004, the average price for a four year, public college has risen by 42% ("Clinton 's"). The price for a four year, community college has grown by 28% (“Clinton’s”). A debt-free tuition means the cost of college is manageable without having to take out a loan (Kelly). You have a new plan, “New College Compact,” to spend $350 billion over ten years to decrease the amount

  • Why I Chose Community College Essay

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    service to students in many more ways other than just education. They help students who are unsure what they want to do or are unable to attend a four year university. Community Colleges also provide continuing education even after they have gotten a degree and a job. The idea of community colleges to me is a place to get a good education and explore different options, and meet some great people. On the web site of the American Association of Community Colleges it says, “The mission of the community

  • Attending College Vs Two Year College Essay

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    that they’ll receive different answers, and for different reasons. For some students it is best to go to community college and focus on getting an Associate’s Degree or taking transferable courses. During the same period, I know of my friends that decide to continue their education by enrolling in a university and work to complete a Bachelor’s Degree to obtain a job in their specific field. From my experience and perspective, attending a two year college surpass to a university due to tuition and

  • Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Free Community Colleges?

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    schooling. By 2020 35% of job openings will require a bachelor's degree and 30% will need college experience according to the White House progress report

  • Nursing Degree Benefits Essay

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    benefit of a nursing degree is not worth the stress. People go into this profession to enrich their lives, help their community and be a part of the healthcare changes we need today. Therefore, graduating with a nursing degree has it good benefit and also a sense of achieving a personal goal for student. First, the benefit of having a nursing degree outweighs the stress of obtaining the degree. One of the outstanding benefits is the schedule flexibility that comes with the degree. Typical working hours

  • The Perpetual Adolescent Joseph Epstein Analysis

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    The Perpetual Adolescent In the article The Perpetual Adolescent, Joseph Epstein discusses the development in the youth culture in the United States. Epstein takes the reader into a historical analysis of how the youth culture has developed over the years in the nation. The article provides numerous examples to support the ideas and arguments raised. For example, the idea behind college instructors wearing T-shirts and jeans while going about their official school duties, instead of official attire

  • Murrup Barak Experience Camp

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    e 1 Over the June and July holidays I was fortunate to be able to attend an all-expenses paid trip to visit and experience Melbourne University, as a Melbourne University student. The university holds a five day experience camp. The camp is called Murrup Barak Experience Camp and is for Indigenous year eleven and year twelve students throughout Australia. The objectives of the Murrup Barak Experience Camp is so year eleven and year twelve students can experience living in a university campus, learn

  • The Benefits Of Free Community College

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    they would then have extra money to spend on the economy which would also open more jobs up for the people who couldn’t get the higher paying jobs(Cleveland). President Obama believes that, “In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. We will not fill those jobs—or keep those jobs on our shores—without the training offered by community colleges.” Sooner or later a college will be necessary for people

  • Persuasive Essay On Extending School Hours

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    Schools provide students with work that can be tedious, which already takes up a large part of their time after school hours. Imagine if the school board decided to extend school hours, it would only make it difficult for students to so do. School hours should not be extended because it limits a student’s personal time, puts more stress on them, and reduces time for extracurricular activities. It limits their time for personal work, such as chores, family time, and time spent with friends. If the