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  • Assignment: Employment After Employment

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    TOPIC: Employment after graduation Do you realize that the rate of unemployed graduates are increasing day by day? Employment after graduation is limited because the jobs available are less than the amount of job-seekers. As such, graduates have to be competitive in order to get a job. Some people are still unemployed although they have higher education certificates. People who graduate with a degree does not guarantee to get employed. The Department of Statistics Malaysia (2015) found that the

  • Employment Relationship

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    “The employment relationship has fundamentally changed in the last quarter century, thus creating significant challenges for managers in today’s organisations, critically analyse the validity of this statement refer to issues/theories discussed in class”. While I do agree that the employment relationship has significantly changed over the last quarter century I do not think it has created significant challenges for managers. I think that it has created changes that employers and managers may have

  • Stigmatization In Full Employment

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    Unemployed worker stigmatization directed at individuals previously laid off is additionally hindered by discrimination against minority status, job level, age, labor markets and previous length of employment (Karren & Sherman, 2012). Workers that have been laid off, instead of being seen as victims, are being perceived as deficient in ability and skill. The stigmatization is more detrimental to previously laid off minorities, mature workers and those that have been unemployed for a long time.

  • Classical Theory Of Employment

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    VI. Employment A. Theories of Employment In economics, full employment refers to an economic condition in which every individual is employed. It signifies the market condition where the demand for labor is equivalent to the supply of labor at every level of real wage. Full employment is the employment level at which every individual who desires to work at the prevalent wage rate gets employed. 1. Classical Theory of Employment by Adam Smith The classical theory of employment was based upon two

  • Disadvantages Of Employment Test

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    Employment test is used to determine whether the job applicant is suitable for a position. Each employer has their own employment test to select and recruit the right’s employee for serving employer. There are three major types of employment test which is cognitive aptitude test, personality test and work sample test. The first type of employment tests is cognitive aptitude and also known as cognitive ability. Cognitive aptitude refers to someone knowledge bases on something and it is part of selection

  • Women Employment In Family

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    Analysis of Employment of Women Salaries in Family and its Impact on the Status of Family of Kota City 1CMA Dr. MeenuMaheshwari, 2Ms. Priya Sodani. 1Assisstant Professor & Former Head, Department of Commerce & Management,University of Kota, Kota(Raj.) 2Research Scholar, Department of Commerce & Management, University of Kota, Kota(Raj.). ABSTRACT This paper seeks to analyse the relationship between the women’s opinion for the extent of employment of their income in different heads of family and

  • Employment Redundancy

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    Employment law is fraught with complex legislative frameworks and the area of redundancy is no different. Employers are entitled to make an employees position redundant. This may effect a single employee, a collective group or even a firms entire workforce should a full closure of business arise. Usually a savvy employer will offer the opportunity of voluntary redundancy in the first instance followed by a compulsory approach if needed (Cox et al,2009). So what legal protections are afforded to employees

  • Employment Value Proposition

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    Brain Heger (2007) in his study identified the relationship between strong Employment Value Proposition (EVP), the core component of employer brand, and respondents’ level of engagement. The study recognized that employee engagement is largely influenced by an organization’s EVP, in that EVP attributes and elements that are appealing to employees serve to motivate a firm’s workforce Heger, (2007) states that the survey by Corporate Leadership Council also found that employees who perceive their organizations’

  • Importance Of Employment Law

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    Employment law is essential for both employers and employees for creating a safe working environment. If they do not have enough information about strict rules and regulations included in employment law, this will lead confusion in the workplace. HR department is responsible since recruitment process for updating any changes in the regulations and making employees aware about their rights under employment laws. Problems arise in the workplace are either result of grievances which is about employee

  • Importance Of Restrictive Employment

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    ENFORCEABILITY OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS IN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS IN INDIA Tanvi Giri INTRODUCTION The relationship between an employer and employee has always been in a state of evolution. This evolution has led to changes in their relationship, resulting into emergence of new issue of disputes between the two. In India, no specific legislation exists to balance certain interests of employer and employee. The only recourses available are Judicial Interpretations and Common Law. However, there is

  • Advantages Of Employment Agreements

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    What Is an Employment Agreement/Contract Employment? An employment agreement, or employment contract, is a binding contract between an employer and employee. It is usually a written, rather than an oral, contract. Employment agreements generally address important aspects of the employment such as wages, benefits, termination procedures, covenants not to compete, and the duties and responsibilities of employer and employee. What Are the Advantages of Employment Agreements? One of the main advantages

  • Employment Relationship Analysis

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    1. Existence of mutual obligations between the firm and an individual gives rise to the employment relationship. 2. Control and regulation of the work of an individual by the firm gives rise to the employment relationship. 3. Other relevant provisions in the contract which are inclined towards an individual being in an employment relationship. In case of a decision given by the Ready Mix method, one does not need to rely on the nature of relationship and the name which is given to the relationship

  • Employment Relations Policies

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    In this assignment a complete and objective discussion of various Employment Relations Policies is going to be given. The discussion is going to focus on the following aspects of the Employment Relations Policies: disciplinary code and procedure, retrenchment policy and procedure, strike contingency plan and procedure and lastly the employment equity policy and plan will be explored. DISCIPLINARY CODE AND PROCEDURE This policy was introduced to the government in order to assist the department in

  • Importance Of Employment Communication

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    Employment communication plays an important role between an applicant and the company, the question what is employment communication? Employment message is a chat you have with an employer. For example you have an meeting for a job you have applied, you show up, the interview starts by asking several basic questions such as what is your age, name, history, etc. Later the employer methods you with more deep questions such as pardon makings do you have that will be appropriate for the job location

  • Essay On Non Regular Employment

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    However, it would be unwise to assume that non-regular employment is without its benefits. The divide between the two employment types accrues benefits to both the company and the worker. We will first examine the benefits accrued to the company. In the companies surveyed by Asao, some of the reasons for choosing non-regular employment was that it helped to reduce cost, allowed for flexibility as well as enable companies to assess potential regular employees. First and foremost, the main benefit

  • Factors Affecting Employment Relationship

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    When an employee starts a new organization, there are many external and internal factors that impact on the employment relationship. One external factor is the state of the economy, in recent years various economies has experienced a recession. This has impacted businesses and large organization in many ways; one example is the case of layings-off, organizations can no longer afford to keep all staff. The anxiety of job security leads to poor performance and overall organization performance impacted

  • Factors Affecting Employment In Asia

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    Employment - To what extent has education affected employment in Asia? Employment can be thought of as a relationship in which a person is paid for work done by another person, who employs him. Employment is a factor by which an economy of the country is judged. There are specific factors affecting employment. Education is one of the main factors. If a person is not educated and does not have the required skills, he can’t be labelled as an employee. Asia is a continent in which some countries excel

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informal Employment

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    Some of the characteristics of informal employment include: low wages, lack of contract, no working hours policy, weak conditions of health and safety, uncomfortable housing etc. Earnings are unstable and irregular, since the employers pay according to the availability of funds and there is no mechanism to force them to give the wages on time. Lack of contract is the major implication of informal employment because it is the mechanism that regulates for responsibilities,

  • Student Part Time Employment

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    Previous studies usually focused on three main issues: (1) demand and reason of student part-time employment; (2) status of student part-time employment; (3) effects of part-time employment on students, especially on learning results. There are some journals and thesis relate to this study. The first study of the journal was done by Robotham, d. In 2013 title, students’ perspectives on term-time employment: an exploratory qualitative study. The writer explains about this study seeks to address that weakness

  • Essay On Fixed Term Employment

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    Permanent or fixed-term employment – Fixed term contract lasts for a specific period of time. It depends on the different country labour laws to make sure that employers still practise labour rights regardless of a contract form. A permanent contract form has to be drafted in relation to the employer’s right to terminate the contract on reasonable notice. Casual employment- Can be defined as when an employee is only called to work if needed. Three is no expectation of continuing to work. This is