BAFTA Award for Best Direction Essays

  • Romeo And Juliet Comparison

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    Comparison of Romeo and Juliet’s modern movie with William Shakespeare’s text The film is a creative self expression to express the life experiences. The inspirations to come up with the movie are painting, poetry and life experiences. The film and a book rely on different techniques in order to evoke ones emotions to express the same story. In film there won’t be any mystery for everything is clearly displayed. In a literature everything need visualization in our mind and built up our

  • A Political Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    Rationale Animal Farm is a political allegory that represents the Russian Revolution but instead of people the author, George Orwell, decided to use animals. Also the book emphasizes the communist system at that time but in the story the animals called Animalism. In this written assignment I will create a new character called Tornado who tries to save Boxer after Napoleon lied to the animals and called the Horse Slaughterer to kill Boxer instead of the hospital because he was sick, but Tornado can’t

  • Similarities Between Animal Farm And The Truman Show

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    The texts Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir, explore three main themes, power, utopia and the good life. Animal Farm is a novel about a farm where all the animals want to rebel against the humans and one pig tries to take control of the rebellion but ends up being just as bad and just as powerful as the humans, the whole book is a metaphor for communist Russia. The Truman Show is a film about a man who has lived his whole life inside a dome created by Christoff

  • Annie Hall Character Analysis

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    The film, Annie Hall, was released in 1977 with Woody Allen as the cowriter, director and main actor. In this essay Annie Hall will be analysed with regards to how the film subverts typical romantic comedy expectations. Annie Hall could be seen as a conventional romantic comedy in the sense that the typical character traits have been implemented, for example boy meets girls, the main couple break up and get back together, the man chases after the girl to win her back, as well as flashbacks of memories

  • Would Our World Life Without Respect Is Non-Existent?

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    How different would our world be if respect was non-existent? Earth would be chaotic, and people would be hostile without respect in their lives. Although some believe society could survive in a world absent of respect, the majority of humans agree it would be unbearable. Society could not function without respect for four distinct reasons. There would be more malice, less impulse to try new things, humans would lack emotion, and peoples' reputations would disappear. The first reason that it

  • Animal Farm And The Truman Show Essay

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    Both Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir, have very similar views on topics like power and the corruption of authority, the ideal life and society and even the significance of self in our vast world. Animal Farm follows the rise and fall of Soviet Russia as depicted through animals, the novel is one of the greatest uses of figurative writing and accurately portrays humanity's flaws in a system as well as individually. Truman Show is about a man who discovers his

  • Existentialism In The Truman Show

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    The struggle a someone can go through to test if they have control over their life, or to find out if their destiny has been decided can be shown throughout literature and film. In The Truman Show existentialism plays a big role into how this program is created. The Production of this film is simulated by tiny cameras placed secretly around a small town inside a dome. These cameras are used to follow around a man named Truman Burbank, and record his life. Essentially creating a popular T.V. show

  • Comparing 'Animal Farm And The Truman Show'

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    The novel “Animal Farm” Written by George Orwell and the film “The Truman show” directed by Peter Weir are very different but they also share many of the same views. This essay will talk about the “good life”, a “good society” and “power and control”, It will also talk about the differences and similarities between the two texts. “Animal Farm” is about a group of animals that live on a farm that team up and take the farm away from the humans, all is good until three pigs change all of the rules

  • Sea Story Short Story

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    Love is very similar to the ocean. It can be ugly, painful and scary but it can also be peaceful, beautiful and wonderful. In A. S. Byatt’s short story “Sea Story” the protagonist experience all of these different feelings. In “Sea Story”, the story is written in a chronological order, starting from when Harold is born and his upbringing. The story then sets its focus on Harold’s meeting and time with Laura. Then, the story is set off track when it shifts from Harold’s story, to follow the travel

  • Time And Memory In Hamlet

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    The concept of time and memories is something that has truly baffled people for ages. Time is unwavering, but seems to go faster or slower, depending on the event, as Einstein’s theory of relativity explains. Our brains have a gargantuan amount of space, it seems, for memories to be stored, but so many of them eventually fade. When it comes to time and memories, humans are stumped on how it all truly works. That is why these concepts are so widely puzzled over and so commonly mentioned. This

  • Groundhog Day Analysis

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    To live a certain day many times might be an exceptional experience for some, and it might a tiring one for others. From my perspective living a certain day many times is very beneficial because it provides a one with enough time and chances to experience and try different and new things. If I were given a chance to live a certain day of my life I would choose my birthday because it is one of happiest days of my life. While I choose to repeat that day, The main character in the Groundhog Day movie

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey Back To California

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    Once Cara got back from the long swim in the lake they decided that it was best if they go back to California. Cara packed her long sleeves, each pair of pants and socks and her many shoes. Once they were all done packing they got out of Issac Mendez’s house and got a taxi. Once they got to the airport Cara, Lyle and Issac just stared at the crowd huge of people going in and out of the airport. They got out of the taxi and went into the huge crowd of people with their bags glued to their hands. They

  • The Quiet American Film Analysis

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    critic Moira Macdonald. The director has been nominated and has accepted several awards for his directing in Australia. The lead actor in the film Michael Cain, well-known, because he had previously been nominated and won awards for several roles. More specifically and significantly, he had been nominated for six Oscar awards and he had won two of them for best supporting actor. From the sheer amount of award nominations, one can conclude that the lead actor had a substantial amount of filmography

  • Robert Hayden's 'Those Winter Sundays'

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    Jack Akers Instructor: Mary Wallace English 102-01 26 February 2018 Love and guilt: An explication of Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays” In the poem “Those winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden, Hayden experiences both the feelings of love and guilt for the way he treated his father while he was growing up. In the poem, Hayden reflects back on the things that his father did for him, not out of necessity but out of love. At the time, Hayden took these things for granted and never fully appreciated

  • Theme Of Conformity In Dead Poets Society

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    In the movie Dead Poets Society, Peter Weir, the director, creates continuous tension by superimposing the two main opposing themes of individuality and conformity through various camera and mise-en-scene codes. By choosing between diverse camera positions and angles, as well as deliberately placing important objects in various settings, he elegantly exemplifies the contrast between the school’s ethics of conformity and Mr. Keating’s teachings of individuality. This contrast is tangible in both Neil’s

  • Charlize Theron Research Paper

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    girl who will do anything for her movies, be happy in what she does, and she will always have her best friend. Theron’s childhood was spent in her native South African home, where her parents ran a road construction company(snyder). She didn’t finish high school or go to college(winfrey). No matter what though, inside she was just a twentyfour year-old South African girl raised on a farm, whose best friend in the world is her mother(Hylton). Theron goes through multiple transformation for the movies

  • The Princess's Choice In 'The Lady Or The Tiger'

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    The Princess’s Choice Frank R. Stockton, the author of The Lady or The Tiger, wrote the story and left us questioning who might have been behind the door. The story is puzzling and mysterious all together. The story gives many evidences and hints to the princess’s decision. Some would say that the lady came out from behind the door, but there are several evidence that show that the princess chose the door with the tiger. First of all, if the princess chose the lady, she would be in so much pain

  • The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Essay

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    “I try to live instinctively. And I guess I've always enjoyed living in a fantasy world, daydreaming,” is what American actor, James Duval, once said. In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber, a middle-aged man who lives a boring life retreats to his imagination which allows him to experience glory and success. Thurber uses third person limited omniscient to portray Mitty in a way that shows the oppression and disappointment nearly all humans feel at some point in their lives, validating

  • Feminism Is For Everybody Analysis

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    Feminism is a movement that’s purpose is to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression as defined in Feminism Is For Everybody by bell hooks. Gloria Jean Watkins, better known as bell hooks, is an American writer, teacher, and cultural critic. Born September 25, 1952, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, she attended racially segregated public schools as a child and later attended Stanford University on scholarship where she attained her bachelor’s degree. Following her graduation from Stanford, she

  • May's Lion By Le Guin Analysis

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    1. May’s Lion by Le Guin. May’s Lion is a story told in another story. This story is told by the person that May had told the story. They are two stories in one. First May recount this story how one morning she woke up and found a sick mountain lion in her yard. Not aware of what to do she calls the police, who end up shooting the lion. According to her “there was nothing else that they could have done”. The second part of the story is by Mays friend who narrates it according to how she understands