Blue-collar worker Essays

  • Jefferson Cowie's Stayin Alive Analysis

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    disappearing sense of identity happened to the blue-collar workers that defined America. Jefferson Cowie has a background to match the historical analysis of

  • Some Lessons From The Assembly Line Summary

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    summers away as a factory worker makes him more than happy to hit the books.” It can be extremely sticky hot and brash with all the machines in your work zone. In

  • A Father's Love In Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden

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    Published in 1962, Robert Hayden’s poem “Those Winter Sundays”, expresses an adult realizing how a father's love can be more than hugs & kisses and his regret for not showing more affection towards his father as a child. Love comes in many different ways, one is the unbreakable bond between a father and son. A love as such is discussed in this poem, it is the entire theme of the poem itself. The poem is formatted as a sonnet, it contains fourteen lines and does not rhyme. Not rhyming makes me, as

  • Why School Uniforms Are Bad

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    Did you know that Americans spend over 1.3 billion dollars a year? That means the average family is expected to spend over 600 dollars on school uniforms alone. School uniforms have always been a divided topic. You either love them or hate them and most adults see them as tried-and-true ways of discipline. Many children, however, loathe them, so are they really that good? School uniforms are bad because they hinder freedom of expression, they are another way to hurt financially struggling families

  • Fences Play Analysis

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    THE BACKGROUND Fences is a play by August Wilson that is made in 1957, part of the sixth in August Wilson's ten-part "Pittsburgh Cycle". Fences is an American play that divided of two acts. The first act consists of four scenes, while the second act consists of five scenes. Fences is included as one of the most important American plays. This classic tragedy drama was written in 1983 and earned Pulitzer Prize. Fences is written using African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Fences made in 1957

  • Blue Collar Culture

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    The culture that I chose to do my research on is the blue collar culture. This culture consists of men and women who perform labor jobs that typically work with their hands. The phrase “blue collar” arose from the traditional blue uniforms that were worn by men who worked manual labor jobs (Scott, 2017). Despite the blue uniforms being obsolete, the term blue collar has stayed alive to classify those who work labor. The blue collar culture consists of different occupations with a wide spectrum of

  • Social Classes In Mike Rose's Blue Collar Brilliance

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    He mentions, “I’ve since studied the working habits of blue-collar workers and have come to understand how much my mother’s kind of work demands of both body and brain” (Rose 1034). Rose’s mom and uncle both worked blue collar jobs. Instead of going to school, Rose’s mom, Rosie had found her new pursuit, working at a restaurant. She had treated her workplace as her own classroom because

  • Disadvantages Of Concerted Cultivation

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    The Concerted Cultivation of Superiority Whether they chose to spoil their children with love, objects, or opportunities, parents want to give their children the best childhood to prepare them for adulthood. Typically, the middle class and upper class use a parenting method Annette Lareau calls “concerted cultivation,” meaning that parents foster children’s talents and interests. Most parents that use this style of rearing follow similar routines such as maneuvering their schedules to alote multiple

  • Caroline Bird College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Summary

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    As a college student who is currently spending thousands of dollars to further my education and achieve a career goal, it was, at first, disheartening to read Caroline Bird’s essay “College is a Waste of Time and Money”. However, after thoroughly examining her points, I now see that her essay is illogical. In her piece “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, Caroline Bird argues against the idea that “college is the best place for all high-school graduates” (1); in other words, college isn’t for

  • Gender Roles In Parenting

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    Gender roles are norms set by society on how one should act and behave according to their sex. Gender roles are acquired through our environment, from how other people act and behave and from the task that men and women do based on their culture and norm (Lipsitz 1981). The specific role of male and female parents vary depending on the cultures and norms. Lipsitz argued that all societies specify adult roles base on the sex (1981). Gender influences the role and expectations in the society and in

  • Marxian Theory In The Film The Bicycle Thief

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    Marxian Theory This essay is a critical analysis of the theories given by Karl Marx of class struggles and alienation with specific emphasis on the concept of 'bourgeois' and 'proletariat' and it is illustrated with the help of the Italian film 'The Bicycle Thief'. Karl Marx is a German sociologist and has given many theories till date. His theories of society are important as they are concentrated on economic issues whereby he has connected economic problems to social institutions and

  • Caroline Bird Argument Against College Education

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    Recently, higher education in the United States has been attacked and degraded. In the book How College Works, authors Daniel Chambliss and Christopher Takacs claim, “As state support has eroded, and as more students attend college in an increasingly desperate attempt to find viable jobs, the price to students of attending an institution of higher education has gone up, especially at more selective institutions” (172). These claims against higher education have caused several people to question

  • Karl Marx Theory Of Exploitation Essay

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    This work will look at Marx’s concepts of exploitation and how Marx’s comes to his theory of exploitation. This will include looking at how Marx viewed capitalist society and how this capitalist society was created. This will enable an explanation of exploitation. Karl Marx (1818-1883) is thought of as one of the founding fathers of sociology and his work in the mid nineteen hundreds is still discussed and taught today throughout the world. Marx developed an understanding of the term capitalism

  • Rhetorical Strategy In Mike Rose's Blue Collar Brilliance

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    Analysis of the Rhetorical Strategy used by Mike Rose in “Blue Collar Brilliance” Scrolling through social media, one would see a lot of posts from accounts called RelatableGifs2016, or SchoolMemes101. From the names of the accounts one can make an educated guess about they might post. Relatable pictures. When something is familiar it becomes more understandable, and people tend to empathize more with something if they can have a connection with it. In his essay, Mike Rose focuses on three personal

  • A Hologram For The King Analysis

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    Global capitalism may affect one nation directly but indirectly affects the world, new opportunities are created whenever a country decides to expand. In A Hologram For The King by Dave Eggers, Alan, the protagonist of the novel, is an American who traveling to Saudi Arabia with his team in an effort to make a business deal for a new city. The deal would help his financial standings and would allow his daughter to pursue her dreams with a higher education. Global capitalism affects Alan in two different

  • Paradigmatic White Collar Crime

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    “Legislation in 1995 was passed shielding companies and accountants from investor lawsuits, and in 2000 regulators were forced to dilute proposed restrictions on accountants” (David Friedrichs, Paradigmatic White Collar Crime Cases For The New Century, Critical Criminology, Pg 117, Para 2). First of two another notable cases was WorldCom, which topped over 11 billion dollars resulting in the company to file for bankruptcy in July 2002, the scandal is now referred

  • Samuel Kettle's Argumentative Essay

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    Samuel Kettle was a forty one year old married man from Liverpool, England when he was convicted at the Lancaster Assises for Forgery - Uttering a forged order for payment of money. His occupation at the time of the offence was Timber Merchant Clerk. Throughout his life he declared his occupation as Clerk, Timber Merchant and Carpenter, most likely applying himself to all three as the need arose. Comparing Samuel’s attributes and experiences of literacy, occupation, and crime to those surveyed, his

  • My Weaknesses In English

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    English II opened my eyes to the strengths and weaknesses I possessed to the subject matter. I never truly struggled with the course, but I understood that I was vulnerable to committing the same mistakes time and time again. Mrs. Jackson, my English I and II teacher, acknowledged my shortcomings and educated me. Overall, I developed into a much better English student, but not without realizing that I still had imperfections. Some things I had discovered about myself in English II were my abilities

  • Importance Of Dogs In The Police

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    In the police force, humans are not the only ones putting their lives on the line to protect the rights of average citizens. Another creature that helps police officers with their jobs is dogs. Dogs have been used by humans for police work for a very long time. To some people, it should be normal to use dogs in police work. To other people, using dogs in law enforcement is wrong in many ways. But through all the reasons that both sides state, it is safe to say that dogs should be continued to be

  • Role Of Dogs In Law Enforcement

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    In the police force, humans are not the only ones putting their lives on the line to protect the rights of average citizens. Another creature that helps police officers with their jobs is dogs. Dogs have been used by humans for police work for a very long time. To some people, it should be normal to use dogs in police work. To other people, using dogs in law enforcement is wrong in many ways. But through all the reasons that both sides state, it is safe to say that dogs should be continued to be