Bonobo Essays

  • The Similarities Between Chimpanzee And Bonobos

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    Bonobo is an African ape closely related to the chimpanzee. Bonobos are also known as pygmy chimpanzee or known by their scientific name Pan Paniscus (Bonobos, n.d), Bonobos are considered primates, and primates are all equally and well adapted to their environments. Think of advanced as meaning "specialized". So some primates have more specializations than others. Bonobos live in an area of the African rain forest in Zaire. This is located in central Africa and it is approximately 1.5 square million

  • Analysis Of The Bonobo And The Atheist By Frans De Waal

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    Primatologist Frans de Waal, author of The Bonobo and the Atheist, argues that human morality is not imposed from above but instead comes from within. Moral behavior doesn’t begin and then end with religion, but is a product of evolution. What that means, is that de Waal believes that human morality is not something you are born with but something you develop according to the environment around you, socially, economically and educationally. Primates and even non-primates are an example of this

  • Imagery In Quiñone's Apophenia

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    The word “Apophenia” means, the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena. Quiñones reveals disturbing truths about intimate relationships through imagery, episodic line breaks, and emotional undercurrents. The result is an unsettling poem on the realities of a toxic intimate relationship. The use of first person in Apophenia gives an intimate perspective into the life of the main character. The speaker shares vulnerable revelations that reveal the disturbing

  • Women In Rap Music

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    Many songs in the rap genre have an air of violence or sexism against women. Some of the artists who create this music sing about having sex with women, the bodies of women, violence against women, or the inability of a woman to be on her own. Women who listen to this music may find themselves believing what is said, and gaining an implicit bias against other women or men. They might begin to consider other women as ‘sluts,’ ‘whores,’ or ‘gold diggers,’ and men as ‘sexist pigs’ or ‘perverts.’ Also

  • Evergreen Pet Cemetery Analysis

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    Text A, “Evergreen Pet Cemetery” is an advertisement that promotes the Evergreen Pet Cemetery. It was written in 2008 and discusses how the cemetery offers services for memorials. The text tries to persuade possible customers to use their services. Text B, “A Perfect Pet Comes Frozen to the Core”, is a newspaper article from The Sunday Times. It was written on the 6th of October in 1985. The text discusses the act of freeze-drying dead pets and interviews someone who performed this act. While both

  • Gender Roles In Jason And Medea

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    In society, men and women are defined by gender roles throughout their activities and occupations. A doctor is typically portrayed as a man while most women are associated with the household and children. Although still in existence, today these roles are less defined but tend to have similar essence when compared to the past. In today’s society, females work, take part in the government and have a say in public and private decisions. Compared to ancient Greece, women suffered great tribulations

  • Optimism And Failure In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    A time before Christmas or Birthday, people long-await the family and friends coming together, the feast, and, most of all, the gifts to be given. Our minds has a tendency of coming up of high-end and costly presents, we would become eager and excited to the thought. Though in the end, most don’t get what they bargained for. We concept potential, positive ideas of the future to make ourselves feel satisfied and safe in the present, as this could also be abused, only paying attention to your illusions

  • Animal Testing: Painful, Death-Threatening Experiences

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    Animal testing has been getting worse and worse by the minute; 100 million animals die each year from the painful, death-threatening experiences. Animal testing has been around since 322 BC. Some people believe no living creature should ever be treated like that and be put in treacherous experiences that they have no say in to stop them. Others think it is a great, more realistic way for testing products we use on an everyday basis. People all over the world say it's the closest thing were ever going

  • Analysis Of Harry Harlow's Attachment Theory

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    American psychologist Harry Harlow studied His attachment theory during the 1960’s. The attachment theory was first examined in the 1950’s by John Bowlby and James Robertson. The theory of attachment initiated as Bowlby started contemplating the type of bond between a mother her and child. Harlow’s experiments on attachment query whether the provision of food or comfort is more vital in the creation of infant-mother attachment. The independent variable in these experiments was the isolation that

  • Bonobo And The Atheist Summary

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    While the central focus of The Bonobo and the Atheist is the moral disposition of primates, Frans De Waal makes a subtler point that he wishes the reader to understand. His opposition in writing this book is not just to the notion that religion is the root of morality, but also to dogma of any kind. De Waals laments irrational thinking from people of all backgrounds - the religious, the nonreligious, and even scientists. De Waals begins the book by attacking religions which purport to be the origin

  • Bonobo And Chimpanzee Comparison Essay

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    The bonobo and the chimpanzee are physiologically very similar, so much so that bonobos were considered a subspecies of the chimpanzee for quite a while before they were destinguished as their own species. While the chimp is slightly larger, they are relativaly the same. They both are terrestrial and arboreal at times; The chimpanzee makes nests in trees at night. Though they look fairly similar, the bonobo and the chimpanzees vairy wildly when it comes to social and behavioural traits. Chimpanzees

  • Monogamy Analysis

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    accompanied the rise of agriculture in society. They believe that human society was naturally polygamous before the spread of agriculture, citing evidence in the form of humankind’s relation to species such as the bonobos and the human anatomy. They propose the pronounced polygamy and casual sex in bonobo societies is informative to humanity’s natural state. In addition to this, the large genitals in humans serve as evolutionary evidence towards a history of polygamous societies. They contend the

  • Animal Language Research Paper

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    limitations of their motor center in the brain that control those vocal organs (Hockett, 1960). Species such as gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos go through a language production training that involves the use of the hands or through the use of symbol

  • Aka Pygmies Research Paper

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    deposits (Congo Republic Dashboard; Haggett, 2002). In the Aka territory, there are at least eleven distinct ecological zones (B. S. Hewlett 1994) with great variety of approximately 10,000 plant species unique to the region; elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorilla and 400 other mammal species; 1,000 bird species; 700 fish species; various invertebrates and species of caterpillars, termites, snails; sweet fruit, seeds, tubers, wild yams, fungi, and honey (Haggett

  • Great Apes Research Paper

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    Great Apes Joseph Both Africa and Asia are home to the magnificent great apes, including bonobos, chimps, eastern, and western gorillas, and orangutans. The population of of these creatures is drastically going down. The reason being is that the apes are losing their forests. Humans are the main cause of forests being cut down. Humans are cutting down the trees for lumber, commercial logging, and mining. But there are other reasons for the great ape 's death, such as poachers and diseases

  • Human Primates Comparison Essay

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    primates to human primates is the loss of body hair in the modern human, to the extent even, that humans have been described as the “naked ape” in many contexts. The primates classified as old world apes that are closest in relation to humans are the Bonobos and Chimpanzees. Looking specifically at the Chimpanzees, we can compare and contrast the properties of the skin and hair between them and humans to get an idea of the evolutionary pressures that may have been in place. Notably, there are many different

  • Walmart Case Study Amazon's Business Strategy

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    Investors in Wal-Mart were aware of the obstacles that the giant retailer would face due to the changing consumer preferences and behaviors. However, the financial reports showcased that its online strategy was successful. At the end of the second quarter in 2017, Wal-Mart reported revenue of $123.4 billion, which was an increment of about 2.1% over the previous year quarter. There was also an increase in comparable sales by 1.8% year over year. Wal-Mart has significantly focused on structuring

  • Argumentative Essay On Chimpanzees

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    Brett Karabey Ms. Reichmuth Language Arts 6-7 20 October 2015 Chimpanzee Essay Imagine you were an Alpha female Chimpanzee, she has lost her husband and kids to poachers. Her hypothetical story is going to become a common story if steps to protect Chimpanzees are not taken. Chimpanzees are a primate and are smart. Chimpanzee numbers are dwindling fast if we do not do anything they might become extinct. Websites like estimate that they are “no more than 150,000 Chimpanzees

  • Extremophiles Chapter 1 Summary

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    The text starts out describing the earth’s biosphere as a membrane that stretches from the ends of the earth, encapsulating everything in a layer of life. Edward O. Wilson continues the first chapter by describing some of the most extreme climates of the earth; as well as the microscopic organisms that manage to withstand these conditions. One example being the harsh climate of the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, where freezing temperatures prevent the soil from being warm, rich and nutrient-bearing

  • Informative Speech On Poverty

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    Specific Purpose: Today I am here to talk and inform my audiences about poverty in the Congo, and I am going to discuss some possible solutions that might be helpful for poverty reduction in the Congo. Central Idea: Poverty in the Congo is one of the main causes of lacking education about hygiene and not having enough jobs for everyone. I believe if rich countries like the United States of America, China, United Kingdom, and other help them in education about hygiene and create jobs for them