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Deep in an African forest lives a clever community of African apes. This community will be known as the chimpanzee pygmy community. The chimpanzee pygmy lives in the deep forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in Africa. Another name name for this mesmerizing monkey is the bonobo. This fascinating, intelligent mammal’s existence has become endangered, due to the fact that it's being used for testing (“Chimpanzee” The). The bonobo’s life as a free-living ape will not be the same if nothing is done to save it.
The image of the bonobo is extremely remarkable. The bonobo walks on all four legs and swings from branch to branch. It has a height that ranges from 4 to 5.5 feet tall, and a weight range of 70 to 130 pounds (“Chimpanzee” National). This magnificent ape’s facial skin is dark. It also has hair on …show more content…

There are two main reasons why its population is decreasing. One is due to the destruction of it habitat, due to overpopulation in the area it is competing for food and that causes too much stress. With the bonobo under stress the birth date will drop (“Chimpanzee, Pygmy” 45). Second reason is due to illegal poaching rank. The reason for poaching is due to civil dispute in the DRC, the bonobo is being used for bushmeat and traditional medicine (“Bonobos.” World Wildlife). It is expected that the bonobo won’t live long. To some people the bonobo’s life is irrelevant but there are many things being done to save his life and keep him from being completely extinct. An organization called Bonobo Conservation International is trying to preserve the bonobo’s habitat, along with protecting the bonobo. According to their website, “Our mission is to protect bonobos, preserve their tropical rainforest habitat, and empower local communities in the Congo Basin” (“About”). There is also a nonprofit community raising money to save the Bonobo from the Congo

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