Confectionery Essays

  • How To Write An Essay About My High School Experience

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    The high school experience. Something that almost everyone has to go through. The five years that completely changed my life. High school could be the best five years of your life or the most disconsolate. What you do during these five years could ultimately shape the rest of your life. My high school experience was very different compared to some of my peers. This wasn’t because we had different classes or were taught by different teachers, but rather because we had different friends and participated

  • Chewing Gum Experiment

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    Introduction As a teenager inserts a familiar, gelatinous substance into his mouth, the elusive memories of childhood become perceptible once again. With an incomprehensible flavor, one may question the reason as to why organizations would desecrate this highly acclaimed children’s novelty, chewing gum, by substituting the primary ingredient, sugar, with substances adopting unintelligible names such as xylitol and sorbitol. To an unsuspecting individual, they are baffled to discover that this

  • Scotcheroos Research Paper

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    When presented the task of describing a food item with respect to John Locke’s concept of simple ideas, my sweet tooth and I could think of no better treat than my beloved scotcheroos. A scotcheroo is essentially a peanut butter Rice Krispy treat topped with a layer of chocolate. Scotcheroos are made in a large pan (13 x 9 in my case) and then cut into small squares, approximately one inch in size. My grandma frequently made scotcheroos for us grandkids while growing up; to this day, I adore scotcheroos

  • William Wrigley And The Gum Industry

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    Chewing gum is an enigma. Its essence lays somewhere between a habit, and a snack. For many, it staves off hunger pangs, while for others, chewing gum can act as a stress reliever. Thanks to an industrious and insightful salesman, the world can chew up their anxieties, and ward off hunger. Wrigley's chewing gum was a product whose time had come only after William Wrigley Jr. discovered that his customer base was more receptive to the chewing gum he used as a promotion, than the flagship product he

  • The Island Of The Worst Monsters Analysis

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    The Island Of The Worst Monsters There was a monster named Sully and he was huge like a bear. Sully had went to school that day and is next class was P.E. Sully and the monsters in his class went to P.E. And the teacher said they had the choice of to shoot hoops or play thunder. Sully decided to play thunder because he thought he was the best thunder player. Sully was getting a lot of people out in thunder. “I am so good no one can beat me!” Sully bragged. Sully was boasting about himself

  • Charlie Wonka's Chocolate Analysis

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    Regardless of social class, the children are constantly preoccupied with Wonka’s chocolates and candies due to their desire to indulge in his fantastical goods. The obsession towards sweets come from, “the characters…desire to indulge all the more amorally in this liberating and libidinal satiric fantasy” (Bosmajian 47). Bosmajian explains how Wonka and his factory, with both its secrecy and sweet fantastical elements, manipulate the naive child to desire the indulgence of candies beyond their wildest

  • Rock Candy Research Paper

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    State the Problem Which concentration of sugars makes the best rock candy? Gather Information Rock Candy is an old type of candy because it was around for billions of years. rock candy has tons of sugar but the main resource is the water. rock candy is one type of confectionary mineral there is lots of them all around the world. the sugar and the water have to crystalize on a hard surface or it will not work. Crystals have to take over a thousand years to reform. Crystals are made of lots of

  • Comparison Of Jolly Rancher And Tootsie Roll

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    Candy Candy is one of the best inventions in human civilization and is one of the most favored treats of all time. Two of the most well known candies are Jolly Rancher and Tootsie Roll. There are many arguments about which one is better in different aspects. I personally love Jolly Ranchers. In my opinion, I believe Jolly Ranchers are better than Tootsie Rolls. As for appearance, Jolly Ranchers are offered in more than 10 different colors based on flavors. We first taste with our eyes. Eating

  • Examples Of Historical Background Of Herman Meville

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    Can a historical background impact a story? A story that was based on a historical background does have an impact, because it contains events of real life situation or calamity. By way of example, the novel of Herman Melville might have been inspired by a historical event and not only that but personal experience of the author himself. In fact, a primary example is an event that was pretty famous at that time which was Sperm Whale Hunting. Sperm Whale Hunting began in 1720, which symbolizes manhood

  • How Did Chicago Become The Candy Capital Of The World?

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    Chicago was and still is a major candy-producing city in the US. While the Chicago candy business has passed its peak, many major candy companies still produce within the city. Most individuals are familiar with brands such as Mars and Tootsie Rolls, however, 9not many are aware of the history that goes into these establishments and the city that helped get them there. Thanks to perfect locations and economy-boosting circumstances, Chicago was more than qualified to become the candy capital of the

  • An Essay About My Summer Experience

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    My Summer Experience 2015 Swimming in the ocean, eating barbecue with my friends and family, sunbathing at the beach and having fun with my best friend, these are only three activities I did during my favorite season, summer. My summer adventure was based on going to Juan Dolio with my best friend; Laura. We did many fun activities, made memories and got to know each other a little better. Summer is plenty of advantageous qualities that can benefit someone by doing numerous activities. I've always

  • Compare And Contrast Halloween And Day Of The Dead

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    Halloween and Day of the Dead, despite their similarities, are very different. They are similar because they both have sugary treats and they are different because they are celebrated in different ways, and the preparation of the holidays are different. Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated in Mexico, and Central America where people celebrate their ancestors souls and bring them some of their favorite things to their graves and throw many parties. Halloween is a day when children go out in costumes

  • Short Story Of Lily's Smoothie: A Narrative Fiction

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    We all met at Mikas coffee shop. We each got a smoothie or a coffee drink. Then we got scotcharoos and played candy land. I got a strawberry smoothie and so did Emily. Grace got the special drink, which is the drink of the month usually. Lily got a mango smoothie. Marisa also got a mango smoothie. Hannah Hetz got an peach smoothie. We all had fun playing candy land. “Yes, we won”! Lily and Hannah exclaimed. Lily and Hannah Hetz won that game of candy land. We all had our phones with us. We took

  • Pet Safe Ant Killer Research Paper

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    Why using natural pet safe ant killer can be advantageous? Description: to get rid of the pesky ants you can use both chemical ant killers and natural pet safe ant killer products. But the advantages that you can get from using the latter one cannot be gained from the former one. Whenever you think about getting rid of the ants from your home two things may come in your mind. There are mainly two ways by which you can tackle the problem effectively if the first one is using the chemicals then the

  • Gummy Candy Research Paper

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    Gummy candy,we all love it it just has something that makes us want to eat it, after you start you can’t stop.We all have eaten a least one type of gummy candy, they are amazing and delicious candy that most of us love. This amazing candy is been with us for some time now,this candy just like anyother thing has a history.Gummy candy such as gummy bears,worms,frogs,fish and other different shapes have became one of people 's favorite candy apart from chocolate.All of this delicious gummy candy has

  • Personal Narrative: Arizona's A Desert, Yo

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    Arizona’s a Desert, Yo Me: “Hey, did I ever articulate how I was incriminated for shoplifting? Therapist Dan: “The aforementioned is not in my transcriptions. What’s the significance?” Me: “The situation kicked off my anxiety of constabularies for starters.” Therapist Dan: “Cops?! What did you appropriate?” Permit me to provide some background firstly. My parents joined a conference regarding the probate real estate commerce (The probate fixation subsisted the actual motivation we relocated toward

  • Descriptive Essay: The Fall Of Ralphy

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    The heavens rumbled as the awakening of Summer heat clashed against the chilled air leaving a final sign of Spring. Bolts of lightning flashed throughout the charcoal sky and gum droplets smothered the cotton candy clouds layered on the ground. Puddles of chocolate and eroded skittles covered the lively grass fields. There’s nothing wrong with a storm, except when the storm is the reason you get caught. “Stop! Stop!” yelled George the Gingerman at the eight year old, Ralphy Red Gummy, who is running

  • Alien Monologue

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    I am a beautiful creature that no one can touch. I am amazing and perfect. I said to myself, as I slithered toward my home. On my way home a group of children were picking up a snake. Ugh just more annoying kids. I thought as I passed by them. "Where do you think you're going? Wouldn't you like to join this other snake here?" A boy said with a laugh. He picked me up and took me with his group of friends. "Look what I found! Let's make these two snakes fight!" I would never fight him. I thought

  • Class Disparity In Willy Wonka's Charlie In The Chocolate Factory

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    Wonka’s chocolate bars create a class disparity in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, displaying how consumerism and materialistic desire controls and creates a hierarchical society. In the beginning of the novel, Willy Wonka announces the opening of his factory to a select few with a golden ticket. These golden tickets are “hidden underneath the ordinary wrapping paper of five ordinary candy bars. These five candy bars may be anywhere – in any shop in any street in any town in any country in the

  • Starburst History

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    Starburst were created in 1960 in the United Kingdom and were originally called Opal Fruits. Five years later they entered the U.S. under the name we know them as now. Starburst have been around for many years. They are hard, chewy, and colorful. Kids love the because of the color, teens love them because of the juicy flavors. The four original flavors are Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, and Lime. In 2010 they created more flavors such as Watermelon, Cherry, Fruit Punch, and Green Apple. Starburst candies