Short Story Of Lily's Smoothie: A Narrative Fiction

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We all met at Mikas coffee shop. We each got a smoothie or a coffee drink. Then we got scotcharoos and played candy land. I got a strawberry smoothie and so did Emily. Grace got the special drink, which is the drink of the month usually. Lily got a mango smoothie. Marisa also got a mango smoothie. Hannah Hetz got an peach smoothie. We all had fun playing candy land.
“Yes, we won”! Lily and Hannah exclaimed.
Lily and Hannah Hetz won that game of candy land.
We all had our phones with us. We took pictures of each other, and ourselves. We each took a video on snapchat and put it on our story. We sat in the spot close to the window on a couch, and some comfy chairs. We had so much fun taking pictures, eating candy, and drinking smoothies.
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My dress had lots of sequins on it and it was very long. Lily’s dress was brown and it was pretty ugly. She even thought it was ugly. Grace, after Emily was done, tried on Emily’s dress also. Hannah Hetz tried on a white dress that looked like she was getting married. Marisa didn’t try on a dress.
“You’re a party pooper,” Hannah Hetz exclaimed to Marisa.
We also decided to try on a pair of shoes. We each got to pick out a pair of shoes. Emily picked bright blue heels that were about 8 inches tall. We all thought they were crazy. She could barely walk on them because they were so tall. I put on a pair of black heels and Hannah Hetz put on white heels. They were all so tall and hard to walk in.
After we were all done with the etcetera shop we walked to Huck’s. Lily put out her hand and pulled it down as we walked across the crosswalk. She did that and the driver of the semi truck honked. It was cool but scared most of us. We ran across the street over to Huck 's gas station. We looked around the gas station for a while.
We decided to buy candy. I bought gummy worms. Emily bought swedish fish and jolly ranchers. Marisa bought sweet tart ropes. Grace bought cinnamon bears, and circus peanuts. Lily and Hannah Hetz bought candy …show more content…

We put the blankets down and sat on them. We all layed out our candy and shared it with everyone. We decided to try one of each candy. My favorite was the jolly ranchers or the swedish fish. I liked the gummy worms too but they weren 't the best kind.
We all ate so much candy that day.
“My pants won’t fit anymore,” Lily exclaimed after she ate a ton of candy.
I had so much fun at mikas with everyone. It was so funny when we were at the etcetera shop. We also walked around on crutches that were in the etcetera shop. I liked when we told jokes on the way to my house. It was so much fun. I had fun taking pictures and eating junk food. The people that came were Marisa, Grace, Emily, Hannah Hetz, Lily, and me. We all had fun walking to each place. We walked from Mikas to the Etcetera shop, and then to Huck’s. Then we went to my house. In conclusion, I had so much fun that day, but the only bad thing was that we all ate too much candy and junk

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