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  • The Crusades Dbq

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    PARAGRAPH #1: INTRO: The Crusades impacted many people and major religious groups negatively and positively from Europe to the Middle East. MAIN POINT A: Trade in science, ideas, and goods (positively/to West) MAIN POINT B: The struggle of whether or not to modernize and make compromises with Western culture ( negative / Arab and Muslim world ) MAIN POINT C: Christianity left a bitter legacy of religious hatred behind them (negative/ both) THESIS: The effects of trade, resistance to modernization

  • The Crusades: The First Crusade

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    The Crusades began in November, 1095, where Pope Urban made an appeal to many of the French Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, and any other high officials and nobility, that to reclaim the Holy Land, a Crusade was their best option. The Holy Lands had been recently attacked by the Turks, and that numerous of their Christian Citizens had been taken as prisoners back to their own country, and some of God’s Churches were obliterated. The altars were ruined by filth and defilement, and people were killed

  • The Fourth Crusade

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    During the Middle Ages, the church played an integral role in the lives of individuals. This is best demonstrated by the crusades, where an individual would have traveled to the Holy Land to secure the salvation of one 's ' soul by fighting the barbarians. Relics became connected to this practice, as the crusade acted as an alternative to a pilgrimage. One can observe the power relics had over individuals in the political sphere, as people would swear on them to make decisions, they upheld honor

  • Motives Of The Crusades Essay

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    The aspects and the motives of the crusades have caused heated debates where historians are determining the major motives of the Crusades. The Crusades were primarily caused by religious devotion, political gain and economic benefit. The question was that, which of the two factors had served as more of a catalyst. The Crusades were constructed on the basis of devoting to the religion of Christianity and leaders protecting their people and the future of their empire and leadership. Despite there being

  • How Did The Crusades Affect The Crusades

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    where they could have either abandon the Crusade and its motives and return back home or collaborate with the Venetians once again and proceed towards Constantinople. The Crusaders learned that it will be dangerous to attack

  • World History: The Crusades

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    “Historians have viewed the Crusades as a mixture of benefits and horrors” (History World). From 1095 to the 1500 's, crusading littered Eastern Europe. Muslim forces had occupied over two-thirds of the ancient Christian holy land, and the Christians of Western Europe were ready to fight to take it back (Britannica). Everyone, from the poorest serf to the richest noble, wanted to take a piece of the fame and fortune that crusading brought. Mix that desire with widespread religious zealotry, and one

  • The Crusades Essay

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    The Crusades were a series of battles that, from the beginning, had religious undertones. At the beginning of the 11th century, the Byzantine emperor Alexios I called for Pope Urban II to help with the growing threat of Turkish presence. Pope Urban II responded immediately by convincing Catholic soldiers to gain access to and protect the Holy Land and holy sites that were under Muslim rule. This was the first of several Crusades that took place over a 200-year period. Historians disagree on the

  • Causes Of The First Crusades

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    Topic: What were the causes of the First Crusade? In the 900s Byzantium was powerful until Seljuk Turks came and invade their territories like Syria. The ongoing problems and the wars between the Byzantine and Seljuk Turks made angry the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I since he cannot cope with the Seljuks. With the increasing power of the Seljuk Turks, Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus sent a delegation to the Papuaienza in Italy and asked Pope Urban II help them against the Turks. Alexius I’s

  • The Crusades Dbq Essay

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    The Crusades affected the lives of the followers Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. However, the Jews were impacted the most during this time in the Crusades with only negative outcomes. Almost all of the people following the Jewish faith were tortured by Christians because of what the forefathers had done in which they were getting back at the Jews for killing Jesus for no reason. The Jewish chronicler in 1096 stated, “Let us first avenge ourselves on them and exterminate them from among our

  • Holy War: The Crusades

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    The Crusades were a series of holy wars that took place from 1095-c.1300 to reclaim the holy land , although it became a fight for wealth and power. The Crusades were nicknamed the “holy war” because the semitic religions fought for Jerusalem. These nine Crusades were all brutal wars that caused civilian casualties, this occurred during the Dark Ages. The start of the Crusades began when Pope Urban proposed the idea to try to help fellow Eastern Christians against the Muslims. Civilians and Christians

  • Crusades Dbq

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    1) The Albigensian Crusade is an example of one religion trying to remove the threat of another religion out of fear that one ideology would affect the other. This crusade is called to be one of the first genocides in European history for its gruesomeness and lack of humanistic behaviours. The Catholics of Northern France set up military campaigns to remove the perceived threat in Southern France. That threat to the Catholics at the time was the spread of Catharism. Catharism was viewed as a threat

  • Religious Wars: The Crusades

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    Many issues throughout history can be looked at differently because of perspective. When looking at both sides of a conflict a person can learn a lot about both sides.The Crusades were a progression of religious wars endorsed by the Latin church in the medieval period. Particularly the campaigns in the eastern Mediterranean with the point of recouping the Blessed land from Islamic power. Christians and Muslims came up with different strategies for fighting the war. The Christians used a specific

  • First Crusades Dbq

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    The end of the 11th century was the beginning of the first campaign called Crusade, which was later followed by other crusades. It was a period of great fighting for the lands and religious ideologies between Christians and Muslims. In other words it was a period of big changes, when thousands of peasants and soldiers died and a lot of towns were devastated. The first crusade was the biggest movement of Christians to Holy land. In comparison with other campaigns it was the most successful. Different

  • The Importance Of The Crusades

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    The crusades were a a war effort that began with Pope Urban II in 1095. The crusades were a call to all Christians to free the holy lands of Jerusalem. The message consisted of several factors most being with glory and fortune from capturing the holy lands. The holy land was seen as a and ideal of “ignominy and irreverently polluted with filthiness”. the bible was used as incentive, for example gospel verses were used in a manner of intent to arouse men to leave their houses, brethren, father, mother

  • Crusades Dbq

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    To what extent was the First Crusade a catalyst for future Crusades? Preparations for the First Crusade was initiated by Pope Urban II in 1095. He gave a rousing speech to the people of Clermont calling the Christian arms to aid the Byzantine Christians in retaking the “holy land”. The Holy land was an area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, it was the shared holy land of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The famous Siege of Jerusalem was next on the crusaders agenda however Baldwin

  • Children: The Crusades

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    The Crusades began as an attempt to regain Jerusalem, the Catholic Holy Land, from the Muslims. There were three initial crusades, and the best verdict they reached was a treaty at the end of the third. The Fourth Crusade only succeed in trashing Constantinople, but another crusade began; however, it lacked public support. This 5th crusade was the strange and ill-fated Children’s Crusade. Hungry for success, this Christian army was made up of thousands of children of various ages. The crusade lacked

  • The Effects Of The Crusades

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    The Crusades that spanned centuries and continents are a series of religious wars between European Christians and Muslims over the control of the Holy land. The consequence of the Crusades had long lasting effects, in both Europe and the Holy land, socially, politically, and economically, even though their main goal had not been accomplished, according to the History Channels website. In Europe the crusades led to the breakdown of the feudal society and with the end of feudalism brought about the

  • The Crusades And Effect Of The Crusades In The Middle Ages

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    The Crusades What were the crusades? The crusades were a series of wars between the Catholics and the Saracens which surprisingly we call Muslims now. The crusades started in 1095 when Pope Clermont preached the first crusade. In this exciting paper I will be talking about the different crusades and the effect they had in the middle ages. In the next paragraph I will talk about the first crusade then in the following paragraph, I will talk about the second crusade. Then in the next surprising paragraph

  • Comparison: The Crusades

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    A crusade was a medieval military expedition, there were several created by the Europeans to get back the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. There were four European crusades talked about; 1st Crusade, 2nd Crusade, 3rd Crusade, and the Children’s Crusade. The 1st Crusade began in 1096 when Pope Urban II agreed to help take back the Holy Lands of Jerusalem from Muslims or the Turks. There were many battles throughout Western Europe, Byzantine and Islam which were mostly

  • Eight Crusades Pros And Cons

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    Spanning multiple centuries and taking place in a majority of the land of eastern Europe and the Middle East, the Crusades, which began in the year 1096 A.D. and ended in 1291 A.D. were a time of religious warfare that resulted in the deaths of about three million people-- about one percent of the world population at the time. The leading motive for this bloodshed was the claiming of control of the city of Jerusalem, a city with holy sites from all of the religions involved-- Islam, Christianity