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  • Detective Assistants

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    many detective fictions, there always been a companion by the side of the detectives. Sometimes, they act as the narrator, and shoulder the task of showing the detectives’ legendary deed of solving the case to the public. And at other times, they will act as the assistants to help the detectives do some investigation. Dupin and the narrator “I”, Holmes and Dr. Watson, Father Brown and his friend the once-bandit Flambeau, Poirot and his assistant Hasting, the list of the combination of detective and

  • Detective Fiction Research Paper

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    This research paper will talk about detective fiction as a genre in literature and its development throughout the centuries. Detective fiction basically deals with crime and finding out who did the crime followed by the facing of repercussions by the offender. This theme of crimes and sins has been prevalent since the beginning as we could see it in Biblical tales of Cain and Abel as well as Adam and Eve. In both these tales, a “crime” is committed and then the consequences are faced by them. In

  • Detective Dee Film Analysis

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    Di Renjie, a Detective in Tang Dynasty, is like his modern western equivalent, Sherlock Holmes. Detective Dee was good at solving unusual and weird cases. This story is about Detective Dee who was in jail for eight years because he does not agree Empress Wu Zetian to become the emperor. The imperial court occurred a strange bizarre death case and Empress Wu Zetian had to use Detective Dee again to solve the case. This confusing case gives people a lot of interest to watch. This movie get a lot of

  • Edgar Allan Poe And Detective Fiction

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    Research Paper Is Detective fiction exciting? Does Gothic fiction sound interesting? An American author named Edgar Allan Poe shaped and molded those two genres. In fact, Poe fathered the Detective genre, and many modern authors still utilize his writing style. His terrifying works of Gothic fiction affected the modern “realm of horror” from novels to movies, traces of Poe’s style still lurk about. Poe’s life inspired him to write the way he did in ways that also inspired others. Edgar Allan Poe’s

  • Four Characteristics Of Warshawski's Hard-Boiled Detective Stories

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    the detective as a lone avenger. Finally, there’s an emphasis on macho action and explicit violence, with no room for a woman. All four characteristics are in my view essential to the genre, but can a woman be just as hard core? Hard-boiled is the expression most often used to refer to Raymond Chandler 's 1930’s private eye, Philip Marlowe in “Farewell, My Lovely.” So as time passes by, hard-boiled detective stories shift and one is given the

  • Blood Eagle Jan Fabel Character Analysis

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    series of novels by Craig Rusell the British short story writer and novelist. The debut novel of the ongoing Jan Fabel series was Blood Eagle that was published in 2005. The series of novels are generally classified as mystery/detective thrillers. Jan Fabel is a modern day detective that tanks as Principal Chief Commissar known as Kriminalhauptkommisar in German. As Commissar he heads the Murders Squad (Mordkommission) of the Hamburg Metropolitan Police. Fabel studied history before he trained as a police

  • Maltese Falcon Scene Analysis

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    Today I will be analyzing all three versions of The Maltese Falcon film’s the scene I’ve chosen to review the scene where Spade is visited and questioned by police detectives Lt. Dundy and Sergeant Tom Polhaus. Although the films are based on the same novel The Maltese Falcon (1930), they differ in many ways I’ll use the scene I mentioned above to show the differences in mood, setting, the behavior and attitude of the main characters in this scene. The second thing I’ll do is show how breaking down

  • Interview As A Homicide Detective

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    informational interview, I chose to interview a retired Homicide Detective name Shaun Donelson who is currently now a supervisor for detectives. I interview him because he worked in the field I want to pursue after receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. After the interview I realized becoming a Homicide Detective is not an easy path to go on there are requirements to follow. The minimum requirements to become a homicide detective is a Bachelor’s Degree and experience as a sworn law enforcement

  • Suspense In Detective Fiction

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    The detective story usually places its characters into an old house, a mansion, and the feeling of claustrophobia and mystery arises from darkness, shadows, stormy weather and light strange reflections. Atmosphere of Gothic suspense came from the threatening feeling or fear enhanced by the unknown. At times, characters did not know their ancestors and could not say where they came from (Day 1985: 123). Undoubtedly, an atmosphere of mystery and suspense is present in both kinds of productions. Works

  • Lamb To The Slaughter Mary Maloney Character Analysis

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    did not kill him. Another reason in the end part of the story why I found Mary interesting was when she offered the police detectives the leg of lamb that she killed her husband with. “Why don’t you eat up that lamb that’s in the oven. It’ll be cooked just right by now”. This show also that Mary is turning to not think that she killed her husband. When the police detectives are eating their leg of lamb on of them says “Probably right under our very noses. What you think, Jack?”, and it is really

  • Ambiguity In True Detective

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    True Detective is a TV series which deals with many social problems in addition to the personal ones. The series is somehow based on the issue of morality both of the society and of the characters themselves. The relations between three characters of the series, Rust, Marty and Maggie, give the most concrete examples of this issue of morality. It can be said that there is a moral ambiguity in True Detective in relation to the things the characters have done. Thus, it is possible to examine this point

  • Detective In Disguise Analysis

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    Detective in Disguise My interest in crime shows sprouted in a cold winter night in December. My mother and I curled under a blanket with teas in hand and watched CSI: Miami because nothing else was on. As Lieutenant Horatio Caine’s team progressed, we cheered them on and gave them advice we knew they wouldn’t follow. We laughed at their jokes and tensed when a robber took hostages. It felt like I and my mother were a part of their team as partners. So much that we competed to be the first one to

  • Why Is Ethics Important In Criminal Justice

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    Abstract Criminal justice professionals, whether they work in law enforcement, the courts, or corrections, encounter a multitude of situations in which they must make choices that affect people’s lives. The law, or accepted standards of behavior, imposes ethical rules and responsibilities on these professionals. This re-search paper shows reasons as to why ethics are crucial in the criminal justice system. Keywords: ethics, criminal justice   Ethics in the Criminal Justice System Why is ethics

  • Gang Rivalries In The Outsiders

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    Gang rivalries always string along much more than just a bitter rivalry and some tension. For the Gresers and Socs, it led to murder. For these two gangs the root of their rivalry is their social and economic differences. The Greasers are East side lower class kids who grease up their hair and the Socs are high class stuck ups from nice neighborhoods. The Greasers despite being thought of as ruthless criminals have a unique sense of loyalty among themselves. Empathy is also key to the

  • The Negative Speech: The Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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    When you hear the word death or you hear that someone has died today in the news or on the television I know a lot of people think “Man, I feel sorry for the family that they have to go through that.” or they thank god that it was not them or their family members.” Sadly though people try to push away death and push away the fact that everyone dies at one point in time. This is even truer when they witness their own family member in the hospital with a critical condition that the doctors cannot fix

  • Freedom Of Speech Vs Hate Speech Essay

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    When the founders wrote the first amendment, it was to protect the freedom of speech, to protect people’s freedom of speech of any kind. The first amendment should protect all forms of speech even if they might be hateful to some, this type of speech should be protected because speech is one of the few ways that their voices can be heard. Because people express their opinions in different forms and share what they believe indifferently, and whether they are wrong or right, and it’s their right

  • Film Summary: The Zodiac Killer

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    Summary: The Zodiac takes place in the late 1960s and 1970s, where the citizens of San Francisco are in mass hysteria as a result of a serial killer that dubbed himself the Zodiac. The Zodiac hunts the citizens of San Francisco and taunts investigators with cryptic messages, cryptograms, and threatening phone calls. The film first introduces the Zodiac Killer on July 4, 1969 as he ruthlessly shoots Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau in Vallejo, California. A month later, the Zodiac delivers a handwritten

  • Four Humanitarian Principles

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    Introduction Humanitarian aid is about reaching out to save lives, reduce suffering and support human dignity in times of crisis. Getting help to people in need is usually difficult, always challenging and almost impossible. The four humanitarian principles emerged after the second world war to ensure that people that need help can get the help they need, whoever they are and whatever the challenge that is involved. The need to apply the principle of humanity is what drives organisations to ensure

  • Primitive Culture: Primitive Culture

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    What does one understand by the term ‘Primitive Culture’? According to various texts and discussions the term ‘primitive culture’ refers to a society believed to lack cultural, economical and technological sophistication. They were relatively isolated, relatively simple social institutions and had slow rate of sociocultural change. In these cultures history and beliefs were passed on through oral tradition. There are a lot of things that people might consider culturally primitive, for instance, cultures

  • The Pros And Cons Of Detective Fiction

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    Why we should read detective fiction. We spend large parts of our lives in books about fiction. Not only in books but also through television shows and films. Many people wonder if it is positive or negative to read Fiction? Society is changing and is today surrounded by digital media that govern society. When society changes, it may in some cases be enjoyable to escape from reality. We should read detective fictions, because the books improve our language and vocabulary while developing our thinking