Emmanuel Carrère Essays

  • Symbolism In Lolita

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    The very name of a character is a vital aspect of one’s personal identity, revealing particular details of a place of origin or background. In Vladmir Nabokov’s, Lolita, the role of naming takes various forms as a motif and both a characterization and stylistic device. In order to understand Nabokov’s use of names, one must understand first that the novel is written by protagonist, Humbert Humber, as confessional for a murder he has committed. Therefore, false names are used to protect the identity

  • Walter White Antihero Drama Analysis

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    Walter White vs. The World of Antihero Dramas The article “The Best Antiheros Aren’t Vicarious Thrill Rides. They’re Morality Plays in Reverse,” by Todd VanDerWerff argues that a successful antihero drama thrives on portraying a character who not only slowly loses his or her morals, but also one that has something tangible to lose like family. The article calls into question the use of antiheroes on television and whether or not they are held to this standard of quality. By explaining the difference

  • Persuasive Speech About Discrimination

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    Green blades of grass by the thousands, children all about scattered across the field, thuds of balls in the distance bouncing against lucid tan walls, as to break up the deafening chatters of young school children running about, geared up to learn anything new headed there way. There I stood in the middle of it all. Palms sweaty, heart racing, and just waiting for them to notice me. Waiting to be tortured by the pintsized terrorist soldiers ready for war. Every now and again I wondered if they knew

  • Leadership In The Handmaid

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    Offred is a rebellious individual who makes a habit of breaking the rules just for her own pleasure. Furthermore, the novel takes place in the Republic of Gilead, which is located in the United States and is a totalitarian society. Has multiple rules that restrict the lives of many people in the Republic. The Commander or the highest one in control, is the leader of the Republic. Within the Republic there are Handmaids, Aunts, and many more. Due to the strict leadership of the Commander, many people

  • Overbearing Parents In Sports

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    Ever since sports began to be the country’s pastime, athletes have become burn out thanks to the “country’s great love of sports”, fueled by the presence of overbearing parents, athletes might deal with problems such as being pressured with perfectionistic expectations, being forbidden from expressing emotions and feeling violated of your privacy. Famous tennis star Andre Agassi, stated in his book “Open: An Autobiography” that his father, Mike Agassi, was “violent by nature”, and recalled when

  • Domino's Pizza History

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    Background Domino's Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain was founded in 1960. In February 2018, it became the biggest seller pizza all over the world, and in the United States relies on a series of global retail sales company. Fun Facts: • 70% of the items on Domino's menu are new since 2008. • There are more than 34 million ways to create a single Domino's pizza. • Pepperoni is the most popular U.S. pizza topping, followed by mushrooms, sausage, ham and green peppers. • Breadsticks were

  • Totino's Pizza History

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    Totino's Pizza Who claims to be Americas best selling frozen pizza? The name that has revolutionized the world of pizza, Totinos. Totinos is a family based business that started an epidemic of pizza making. How did the company start? How do they produce over 300 million pizzas every year? Where did pizza come from? Totino's Pizza is an iconic American company. How did Totino's Pizza get its start? Totino's provides a great website that is full of information. According to the official Totino's

  • The Creation Of Meaning In The Film 'La Moustache'

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    and Agnès. They both have trouble understanding either of their realities. Carrère does not give any hint to the audience as to which is the correct perspective. The reality of the characters of the film changes throughout the entire storyline. Both Marc and Agnès have questionable realities. Just like the Nighthawks painting, there is not a clear story. Everything must be inferred from the audience’s perspective. Carrère created the film so the audience struggles to comprehend his way of creating

  • Tarkovsky's Cinematic Landscape

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    The Great Dream of Nature in Tarkovsky’s Landscape Tarkovsky’s cinematic landscape serves as a conceptual means, exactly like the chôra, to express that which is inconceptualisable. In his book Sculpting in Time, Tarkovsky states that his films are not made to be deciphered as a set of signs and symbolisms, but “watched as one watches the stars, or the sea, as one admires a landscape. There is no mathematical logic here, for it cannot explain what man is or what is the meaning of life” . A paradox