Ennio Morricone Essays

  • Film Techniques Used In Films

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    As an audience we seem to accept any world presented to us in films, no matter how ludicrous or incomprehensible that world may be. Certain actions that could be considered crazy in real life, such as singing and dancing down a street, are often justified in film contexts due to hidden codes and conventions. What are these codes and conventions? Why are they present? And how do they go unnoticed to us as an educated audience? Ideology is defined as a body of ideas and beliefs of a group or nation

  • Black Swan Film Analysis

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    Establishing and illustrating the concept of uncanny is a challenging endeavour, however music assists encourage the portrayal of this sensation, although as Sigmund Freud introduces that “the uncanny is that class of the frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar.”[] To explain this with further precision, emerging from the homely and familiar there is this greater development towards something unusually disturbing the domestic setting and the feeling of the familiar

  • The Role Of Music In Furious 7

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    Creation of any film is not a simple task involving work of many people. A great film is not only about the setting and the plot. A great film is far more about bringing the idea of the film towards the viewer and creating respective feelings. Music in the films is used to perform several functions, like establishing the mood, supports emotions, and assists to identify what is going on in the film. Music in general can manipulate one's emotions, creates respective mood, and identify people. The use

  • Tarantino's Impact On Culture

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    HIP-HOP,BLAXPLOITATION AND ITS IMPACTS ON THE CULTURE AND MOVIES It 's crucial to mention that Tarantino is a product of the hip-hop generation. Hip-hop an another important cultural phenomenon which took America by the storm in 70 's was discovered in black neighbourhoods of Bronx, New York. Black people couldn 't relate to rock and roll elite culture which was prominent in the American society at the times. In the ghetto parties at Bronx DJ 's invented this new music by remixing and resampling

  • Quentin Tarantino Analysis

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    changed his mind and decided to bring us a new script with a whole new film, while facing some controversies related to police boycott and gender/race issues portrayed in his works. The film opens with an overture with the soundtrack scored by Ennio Morricone. As the first movie shot on Ultra Panavision 70 since Khartoum (1966), The Hateful Eight captures quite well the expansion of epic mountainous scenery in the time of winter, yet somehow loses its sparks when the settings shifts to the Minnie’s

  • Essay On Film Score

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    Film music commonly referred as film score, is basically an original music that is normally incorporated in a movie to accompany a film to form part of the soundtrack of a film. According to Kurt London, film scores were created to remove the projectors noise in a film. The noise was a nuisance as it disturbed visual enjoyment during a performance in the auditorium. Since they did not have recorded sounds they used a pianist to create music while the film proceeded. Therefore they thought of introducing

  • The Golden Cangue Analysis

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    Guangzhou Opera House: Ladies Arts Festival is on show! "The Golden Cangue" "The Golden Cangue (金锁记)" is a novella by female writer Eileen Chang (张爱玲) and remains one of her most famous works. The story is acclaimed for its delicate and authentic psychological description of women 's conditions in China in the 1920s. The story centers on Cao Qiqiao who marries into a wealthy family. Her husband is the second sick son of the family but she falls in love with his young brother. This forbidden love

  • Analysis Of 'The Hateful Eight'

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    8mm melodies: The Quentin Tarantino score Winter is coming, as the young ones like to say, and with it - a plethora of cinematic premiers that are hoping to engage our minds and satisfy our thirst for adventure. One such movie, set to come out on Christmas day, is “The Hateful Eight” - the 8th movie by renowned director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino. Inspired by the anticipation of this upcoming movie premier, we are eager to look back on one of Tarantino’s greatest allies in his cinematic