Ex-situ conservation Essays

  • Kept In Zoos

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    The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a nonprofit association made to save wildlife, reported, “There are approximately 800,000 animals in the care of AZA-accredited zoo and aquarium professionals.” Zoos are organizations that work to protect wildlife, learn knowledge, and serve their community. Animals that are not living in zoos live in the wild which means no captivity. Animals should be kept in zoos because of entertainment, health, and research purposes. It can be argued that animals should

  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    Zoos have been around since the eighteenth century. A zoo is defined as a compound where wild animals are kept for viewing and studying. The purpose of a zoo is mainly for education and protection, preserving animal species that are either at a risk of becoming extinct or for increased collection size (Jamieson). Animals from around the world have been enclosed in an area where we can admire and study these fine creatures. However, many modern zoos around the world have introduced animal shows, petting

  • Personal Narrative: The Phoenix Zoo

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    The Phoenix Zoo, located in central Phoenix, is home to more than 3000 species of animals, including 30 species that are considered either endangered or threatened. This zoo is located about twenty minutes from my home in Phoenix so I decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo with a few of my friends from High School over Spring Break. The first thing I noticed when I entered the zoo were all of the native Sonoran tree species I recognized from pictures in the video presentations in the course such as Mesquites

  • Peter Singer's Utilitarian Theory On The Ethical Treatment Of Non-Human Animals

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    In the film, "Louis Theroux's African Hunting Party", South African wild game farmers advocate trophy hunting as a necessary activity for saving certain species from inevitable extinction due to illegal wildlife poaching. However, when considering Peter Singer's utilitarian theory on the ethical treatment of non-human animals, the process of shooting and killing an animal to preserve its species seems counterintuitive. Applying Singer's perspective, my position is that trophy hunting is morally unacceptable

  • Exotic Pet Ownership Essay

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    When we visit the zoo, we all thought monkeys and lions are cute animals, taking pictures with them and trying to get their attention. But when you live next to one, you no longer feel the same. Even if they are cubs or infants, you still see them as threats. I am sure some of you are facing the same problem, but that’s not your fault. Right now, Alabama is one of the few states yet to establish a law which requires an owner to obtain a license to possess big cats, monkeys, bears or other exotic

  • Lion King Interpretation

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    Racial interpretation. The most consistent critique of the film involves race and ethnicity, "According to such critics, the royal lion's fiefdom which lies in the sun is distinct from the outer "border" areas in the dark, inhabited by hungry hyenas who have designs to take over the sunlit kingdom. To underscore the symbolism of color, the lions are light colored (except for the lion villain, Scar) while the hyenas are animated as darker colored characters" (Lauren, D. Alan, D, 2006, p.480). During

  • Essay On Destiny The Genie

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    Destiny the genie. Written by: Anthony Ristagno aka Dr.Gurkel pid: 698137 Steve Ryan owns a pet shop of exotic birds, in Avoca Pennsylvania. The pet store has all other animals also , but Steve has been known all over the world for raising tropical and exotic birds. He got into the exotic bird market. Five years ago. With Steve’s love for children and birds, Steve loves to see the look on children’s faces when they look at the animals and the birds, Steve always had pet birds as a kid

  • Informative Essay On Zoological Parks

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    evolved to become more educational to children and to be helpful to the animals by rehabilitating them. Or have they? Imprisoning animals is wrong and cruel. Zoos should be shut down because many people think that zoos provide education to humans and conservation for animals but on the contrary, they take away their survival skills by providing sources, ultimately forcing them into dependant state, relying on humans; never being able to survive in the wild where they are still taken from. In addition, many

  • Essay On Environmental Enrichment

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    Introduction Do you like zoos? Zoos are breeding many kinds of animals. We can enjoy seeing zoo animals, however, it may not be original appearances. These animals feel stressed by the unaccustomed environment in the zoo. Body Causes of the stress for animals are the some differences of the life environment between the original habitat and the zoo. Zookeepers feed all zoo animals well, and keep their cages clean every day. In contrast, wild animals get their food, and abode by their own selves

  • Why Do Animals Live In Zoos

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    Animals who live in zoos may be ill-treated by zoo keepers and get hurt. Many people support zoos because zoos can provide a safe home and excellent care for animals. It’s true that most zoos have a comfortable environment, but we can’t ignore that some zoos are no better than hell that torment animals. There is an information from BBC World News about zoos in Japan. It shows that zoo 's keepers don’t give bears enough food so that bears have to fight for food from visitors and get hurt. Bears don’t

  • Pro Zoo Research Paper

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    Did you know the animals are not locked up in cages in lots of zoos? Also did you know children and adults alike can learn to appreciate animals in zoos. I am pro zoo only because I believe zoos take very good care of the animals and can help animals live longer. The focus of this paragraph is there are many natural habitats in the zoos, zoos provide entertainment, and zoos help animals maintain a healthy population. There are many natural habitats in the zoos. The animals aren 't locked up for

  • Persuasive Essay About Zoos

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    Zoos are establishments were wild animals are collectively maintained, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public. They are much more than a collection of animals and more important than ever, because zoos are a productive and successful strategy for protecting endangered species worldwide. The majority of endangered species are suffering from habitat destruction or exploitation. Captive breeding becomes the last option when basic strategies of preservation

  • Why I Want To Be A Zoologist

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    Tyler Simanek Mr. Heuertz/ Mr. Vanatta English 12 25 February 2015 Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist Ever since I was young I have been interested in going into the field of zoology. Animals are very interesting to me so I want to pursue my passion of becoming a zoologist and wildlife biologist. I have acquired many different animals throughout my life including an African spur-thighed tortoise and even a fringed ornamental tarantula. I find learning about animals and how each one contributes

  • Personal Statement: Veterinary Medicine

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    As a child, I always found an attraction towards interacting with animals and grabbed every opportunity to visit a zoo. Growing up, my fascination and interactions with the animal kingdom became more intimate and enabled me to develop a strong inclination towards the metabolical, physiological and psychological working of a living organism, from the size of a microscopic bacterium to the giants of the world such as whales and elephants. This inclination developed my research on various ways I could

  • Animal Rights Argumentative Essay

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    There is also taxes on ammunition and firearms which also benefit the cause, annually millions of dollars are dispersed to State conservation efforts and wildlife management programs. Without funding from these purchases many of the active programs that protect millions of wild animals and habitats would not be able to

  • Summary Essay: Keeping Wild-Caught Animals Inhumane

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    Keeping Wild-Caught Animals is Inhumane Many wild animals are taken into people’s homes every day. Wild animals are causing harm to people in their homes. Some people argue that animal attacks are caused by the owners rather than the animal itself. Wild caught animals need to be taken out of people’s homes, and put in places fit for the animal. Keeping wild caught animals is unsafe. According to the article, “Keeping Wild Caught Animals - Unsafe, Illegal, Inhumane”, it is very dangerous to own

  • Argumentative Essay On Recycled Water

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    Is recycled water really safe to use and drink? Environmental Engineering 3/9/2015 [Type the company name] Satellite   A clean water is very essential not just with the environment but most especially among humans. It is important for us to know if the water we drink is clean and safe to drink because we are pertaining to our health. If we drink contaminated water, we are drinking the risk of having bacteria and viruses into our body so it is essential for us to know how safe the water we are

  • Informative Speech On Breast Cancer

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    The word cancer is probably one of the last words a person wants to hear, right? Whether it is you, a loved one, or even a close friend that has been diagnosed with it, it is one of the last things you want to hear from the doctor. Did you know that cancer is not just one disease? It is a cluster of different diseases that take healthy, normal cells and change them into abnormal cells that have an uncontrollable growth which spreads throughout the body. There are many forms of cancer that we could

  • Survival In Du Marier's 'The Birds'

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    Attention Getter: Have you ever read a story about animals attacking and eating humans? Transition statement: Well, That is what happens in this scary story… Background Information: It is the beginning of the winter and the birds are starting to act a little strange. They soon realize that tens of thousands of birds started to attack and eat people for no apparent reason. Whoever has the better survival skills will outsmart the birds and stay safe. Topic: In the story

  • Friendship In Pride And Prejudice

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    In the novel Pride and Prejudice, the author includes many diverse characters who have intriguing relationships to one another.The two main types of relationships are romance and friendship, and both are prevalent throughout the novel. Most readers focus on the romance of the novel but its the friendships that this essay will shed light on. By comparing the friendships in Pride and Prejudice, to C.S. Lewis’s definition of friendship in Four Loves, the reader can see the similarities between the two