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  • Essay About School Vacation

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    Summer Vacation; The Needed Holiday Summer vacation is here – the sun is shining, the school-life has been abandoned, bucket-lists are being checked and plans to eat and travel are being made. Many argue that this time of year is not a significant part of student’s lives. However, the summer vacation is the only time of the year where time is not squeezed into student's daily schedules forcing them to be included in other things. Having this “time advantage” opens many opportunities for friends

  • Importance Of Personal Grooming

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    Personal Grooming is the term for how people take care of their body appearance. Once you enter your store/department you need to be dressed in full uniform as per company norms, and also properly groom yourself as per the service standards. Personal grooming not only makes us presentable to other people but good personal hygiene is essential for good health. Habits that are considered personal grooming include, bathing, dressing, applying makeup, hair removal and taking care of one’s teeth and skin

  • Why Is Color Important In The Great Gatsby

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    Everyone has a favorite shirt, they adore the way the color complements their skin tone or 1their hair or eyes. Maybe the shirt is even their favorite color, or a mix of colors. Since people have been wearing clothes, painting pictures, or decorating their homes and objects; colors have been involved. The blending of dyes and the mixing of pigments creates beautiful patterns and expresses people’s personalities and emotions. The use of color plays a big part in the story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott

  • Clean Room Research Paper

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    If you are like most of the people, cleaning the bedroom is your least favourite chore. It takes so much time and energy because of the different types of surfaces. But it needs to be cleaned regularly because its frequently use and, by its nature is the place where most of the bacterias live. These bathroom cleaning hacks can help you get your bathroom super clean without spending a lot of time and harmful cleaners on it. How to clean your toilet brush Toilet brush is one of the main reason your

  • Stay Easy Hotel Customer Service Essay

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    Full name: Asande Mpila CTH Number: 75618 Title of Assignment: Introduction to customer service skills Unit Title: An investigation related to the Stay Easy Hotel Task 1 Introduction Stay Easy Emnotweni a 2 star Hotel “another Tsogo Sun Experience” is located in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Tsogo Sun Hotels started back in 1969 when it was still called or known as the Sun International Hotels when South African Brewers and Sol Kerzner decided to be partners and develop the Sun

  • Essay About Wood Materials

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    Part II. External Assessment I. Macro Environment Social Factor Using wood materials in houses has many advantages such as resident’s health and their well-being like being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Studies revealed that wooden materials make pleasant living surroundings in terms of humidity and health benefits. It reduces stress levels. Wood absorbs humidity based on the conditions of the surrounding of the house and the temperature. It also improves the indoor condition of one’s house. In

  • Advantages Of Wood Flooring

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    planks to birch, wood floors are an excellent way of achieving the perfect look for just about any interior design. Whether you want to recreate the rustic feel of a log cabin or want to embody elegance, the secret is in picking the right wood and stain. All alternatives considered there aren 't many home enhancement projects that can enhance the look of your home increasing its value like wood flooring. Wood improves the look of any room, and a top-quality well-preserved wood floor will deliver benefits

  • Clean House Research Paper

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    clean the lower objects. For example, you should sweep the ceiling, clean up the fan or wipe up the cabinet… before cleaning the floor. If you do the opposite, your floor will stick with dust, cobwebs…when you sweep cabinet, ceiling and you have to wipe again. The first, you should clean the above object Do not clean the carpet with water If your house covers floor by carpet, you should have some skills about cleaning it. However, you absolutely avoid using water, a damp towel in order to scrape

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Resilient Flooring

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    people might invest their money on paintings or furnishings for upgrading their house. With so many flooring solutions, vinyl flooring is becoming a popular choice. Not only it helps people with budget but also maintain an impressive look of well-chose floor. Consider the following pros and cons of vinyl flooring before you make any decision. Pros • Pricing: As said earlier, vinyl flooring is fairly priced to suit the tightest budgets. Instead of spending on the flooring, you can spend on other parts

  • The Secret Annexe Short Story

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    was located in Anne’s Father’s office building. The large warehouse on the ground floor was used as a workroom and storeroom and was divided into several different sections, such as the stock room and the milling room, where cinnamon, cloves and a pepper substitute are ground. Next to the warehouse door there was another outside door, a separate entrance to the office. Just inside the office door there was a second floor, and beyond that there was a stairway. At the top of the stairs there was another

  • Cleanliness Of A Hotel: One Of The Most Important Tasks Of Housekeeping Department

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    is the focal point of a hotel as this is where guests are first introduced to the hotel and they base their first impressions on this area. In saying this, it is of immense importance that this area should always be clean. The desk, ceiling, fans, floors and equipment on the desk should always be clean and clear of any dirt. In any hotel, a list Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) will be found which indicate detailed instructions on how to clean specific areas and what is to be used to clean these

  • Essay On Bathroom Sink Rooms

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    lacquer, marble or granite, with open niches or discreet doors, modern or rustic, in short, the range of models is enormous. The choice of a particular model should take into account the dimensions of the bathroom, the predominant colors, the wall and floor coverings, the style and color of the dishes and the decoration of the space itself. Storage space It is never too much, if the bathroom is ample, have more space for wrapping products, appliances and towels. In this case, an entire wall shelf can

  • Personal Narrative: Together We Run

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    door and one window. As we crowd inside, we hear the sound of a lock. Studying everything in the room, we catch the glinting silver on the window. They’re for your safety they tell us. There’s an air of confusion. How could someone fall out a ground floor window? They tell us to sit down, they ignore the weeping child at the back who cries for his mother. Where is his mother? They hand out clothes, they are all uniform. The girls with pleated skirts and the boys with ties. Looking around we all notice

  • Essay On Swing Door

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    CHAPTER 7: DOOR AND WINDOW 7.1 One Example/Type of Door Door plays an important area for the building as it allow access and egress from buildings and between rooms, compartments and corridors. The two examples can be found in block 34 which is the single hung single leaf swing door and the automatic sliding door at the library, refer to figure 7.1 and 7.2 of the picture in appendices respectively. The single hung single leaf swing door that is located at block 34 of Ngee Ann Polytechnic are supported

  • Groom Carpet Rake Case Study

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    The grandi groom carpet rake by Groom Industries This groom carpet rake offered by Groom Industries is a well-designed and effective product that would refresh the look of your old and matted carpet. What users love about the carpet grooming rake is that it’s light, easy to use and useful in places where it’s hard to vacuum. But some do note it doesn’t help a lot with matted rugs. With its 18 inches head, wood handle, stiff, plastic tines and its size of 60 x 18 x 4 inches the Groom rug rake covers

  • The Bean Eaters Analysis

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    It is natural to want the best in life, to live in bliss and to never experience pain or suffering. Still, no matter how tempting that life would be, can one really call it living never to experience pain or sorrow along with joy and bliss? When the time of the ending of our life’s story comes, it is common to reflect on our past and to take in all of the good and bad that we have encountered. Gwendolyn Brooks’ calm poem, “The Bean Eaters,” displays the life of an elderly couple reflecting on the

  • Creative Writing: The Baron De Valfort-Personal Narrative

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    The Baron de Valfort’s office was nestled in a corner of the lobby, near the stairs opposite the entry of the house. The motifs of the relief that decorated the panels of the door intertwined with the crooked shadows projected by the gallery above. Étienne- who accompanied me, raised his hand, (half curled into a half-fist,) ready to knock. His knuckles didn’t even knock as a voice exploded inside the room. I quickly grabbed the wrist of the butler who automatically turned his head to peek over

  • Structural Engineering Essay

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    CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION   1.1 GENERAL: Structural Engineering – the art of all kinds of buildings and other type of structures has been in man’s service since the beginning of civilization evolution. Human activity in the field of structural engineering goes very far back into the past, when man observing nature around him began to imitate and to improve it in order to create safer and better living conditions. India has significant issue with the strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) structure

  • Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

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    on the floor Sleeping on the floor now at this point of evolution may sound not so comfy and classy. We find peace in those super soft beds after a whole tiring day at work or school. We are all so used to the comfort and luxury that we don’t realize the harm that is affecting us severely. Sleeping on the floor was earlier a regular practice and it’s actually a natural remedy for many diseases and aches. There are a number of benefits of sleeping on the floor. Our ancestors slept on the floor and the

  • The Importance Of Light In Architecture

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    built around a central garden and the concept behind being this house is the principle of the 3 N’s: Nature, Natural light and Natural air. The extensive glazing to walls, roof lights and open central garden allow natural light to flood the upper floor, giving a generous feeling of space. The skylights create an enchanting backdrop to the interior, the spaces constantly alive with light and shadow from passing clouds, providing a stimulating continual connection to the elements. Large sliding panels