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Final Essay A person who seems in charge of every situation is periodically called a “natural leader.” Anyone is capable of becoming a leader in their own way. I personally never believed that I could be a leader myself. There are certain traits of being a leader, but I have shown compassion, motivation, and sacrifice for others. I show these skills by being a floor officer on my dormitory floor and also when I’m in my trade. Being a floor officer means motivating the others on the floor, since I’m currently the Vice President of the floor officers. I still have a boss, which is the President of the floor officers, but I also have my own duties to follow. As a floor officer, I need to set the example that I could obey the ¬rules with no issues and motivate the other people on the floor to do the same …show more content…

I understand the people on the floor first before I tell them anything. I need to be careful in what I say to them and I usually need to explain myself first and listen to what they are obliged to say before I can judge anyone. Being compassionate for these people is a sizable responsibility, as a result, I cannot let my politeness succumb the extra fitting ¬of myself. There are times, however, where it is fundamentally necessary to be a bit strict, so I can show that I’m someone that is able to take charge and be a guide for others. One last trait that I show from being a leader is sacrificing a considerable amount of my free time to support the floor, and also my trade. I do my duties on the floor of my dormitory which constructs the floor itself to be farther organized and managed better by the other floor officers. At my trade, I’m forced to act out of my way to help clean the shop and additionally help other students with their tasks. I know this is a pleasing trait for being a leader in the interest that it will motivate them to want to sacrifice their own time for other students

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