Fritz Lang Essays

  • Metropolis When Fredersen Character Analysis

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    Freder Fredersen takes the hero’s journey in the 1927 classic Metropolis by Fritz Lang (Metropolis (1984 Giorgio Moroder VHS Version)). The hero’s journey is a non-theistic theory created by Joseph Campbell that states that all heroes and heroines in myths and legends take a journey that is comprised of three basic parts: separation, initiation, and return (TEDx Talks). During this journey our hero will be separated from the status quo world voluntarily and thrown into a special world. He will meet

  • Wild Apples Thoreau Analysis

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    “Men have become the tools of their tools.” -Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau displayed his disapproval and rejection for the ideas of the industrial revolution through his essays by stating that nature was lost by the usage of technology and the industrial revolution caused humans to lose their self identity; this led Thoreau to believe that people had to go back to nature for purification. During Thoreau’s lifetime, he saw many technological advancements, which he believed to be detrimental

  • The Great Depression In The Film, Cinderella Man

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    The Great Depression was a devastating period in United States History, the economy collapsed, and a staggering 25% of the population was unemployed. During this time, there were large wage disparity gaps that were very prevalent, there was no middle class, you were either wealthy or you were poor. It was hard for family life to continue, parents had to take up two and three jobs to make sure their kids were staying safe, and well. Most of these jobs were odd-jobs, and were temporary with no sense

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Germany

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    I was in the active duty Air Force for six and a half years. Five of those years were spent away from my family in Germany. When I got to Germany I was 19 years old, and I had never been that far away from my family. If you haven’t guess already, I am going to be talking about the time that I spent in Germany. I will be focusing on how being in Germany helped me become a woman, exposed me to a different culture, and helped to me understand the true definition of family. Hopefully by the end of this

  • Theme Of Greed In Avatar

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    The major thematic concept seen in the movie Avatar is greed. When arguing with Dr. Grace Augustine, Parker Selfridge says, “This is why we're here; unobtanium, because this little gray rock sells for 20 million a kilo. That's the only reason.” Greed was the reason the corporation went to Pandora, . The humans went to Pandora to mine Unobtanium, a valuable mineral that could save the humans from an energy crisis back on Earth. In the movie we can see that the humans are willing to do anything and

  • Eight Principles Of Experiential Learning

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    Experiential learning is learning through action, doing, experiences, discovery and exploration, which is used by educators to teach students in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values (Gentry, 1990). For experiential learning to take place, there are eight principles that has to be present: direct and purposeful experiences, appropriately challenging the clients, natural consequences, client-based changes, present and future relevance, synthesis and reflection, personal responsibility

  • Diary Of A Young Girl As A Diary

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    There are many forms of art, and the best one to describe successfully a historical event is writing. Diary of a Young Girl is a diary which 13 year old Anne Frank kept for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in WWII. Today, her diary still remains extremely relevant to the historical background of Jewish people during the Holocaust; not only because of Anne 's experiences in hiding, but because of the honest and unvarnished way that she describes the universal struggle of simply

  • Book Summary: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Introduction In this book report I am going to talk about “the diary of Anne Frank”. The genre of these story is non fiction. What it says in these book actually happened during the 2nd World War in the Frank’s secret annex when Anne was hidding with her family and the Vaan Daans to not get caught by the natzis . This is such an exiting story of a young girl telling us how horrible was the world in that time, how Jews were horribly treated and disccriminated , and it also show us to value all the

  • Piaget's Moral Development Theory

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    Introduction In psychology it is said that cognitivism is a theoretical framework for understanding the mind that gained authority in the 1950’s. How strong a person’s thinking process or the level at which a person’s brain functions is determined by cognition. Psychologists like Jean Piaget and Kohlberg’s names are always mentioned with the word cognition because as they play an important role in inspecting the process of cognitive development. Moral Development theory of Kohlberg (1950s) depends

  • Anne Frank Diary

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    This book report is based on Anne Frank’s thoughts and feelings through her diary. Anne was a girl who live in Germany during Nazis World War II. When she turns 13 she received a diary from her parents as part of her birthday present. On this diary she started writing her daily life and adventures before things got bad. She and her family were Jewish people, so they needed to go into hiding because of the fact the jews were taken to concentration camps. Her family and others hid on her father´s office

  • Discrimination In A Raisin In The Sun Essay

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    What would you do if you were told that your dreams would never come true? Dreams are what we hold onto to motivate us to achieve our goals. In Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun, the characters of Mama, Walter, and Beneatha are faced with discrimination that affects their lifestyle, dreams, and education. Mama has lived on the South Side of Chicago for most of her life, but housing discrimination created obstacles that set her dream of living in a nice neighborhood. In this time period

  • Book Report On The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Diary of Anne Frank Book Report Alyssa Estrada 8A The book “Diary of Anne Frank” is based on the life of a thirteen year old Jewish girl called Anne Frank. On 1942, she receives a diary as a present from her parents and starts writing her thoughts and opinions on it. She and seven others hide in a secret annex to avoid the Nazis during the World War II in Amsterdam. After two years they are discovered and sent to different concentration camps. The only one to survive was her father Otto, who

  • Anne Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    On June 12th, 1942, Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank received a diary from her parents. Little did they know that the diary would later become one of the most critical pieces of information in World War II. In the beginning of her diary, it was just like any other teenage girl’s diary. She led a normal life, worrying about what she’d wear tomorrow or what her friends are doing. Until her older sister, Margot was ordered to a concentration camp. Her father Otto had decided her family should go into hiding

  • Analysis Of Anne Frank's Diary

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    "... Ideals, dreams, and cherished hopes rise within us only to meet the horrible truth and be shattered ... yet in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank 's Diary is not a novel or a tale, it is the diary kept by a young Jewish girl for the two years she was forced to remain in hiding by the Nazi persecution of the Jews of Europe. Anne’s diary begins on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942, and ends shortly after her fifteenth. At the start of her

  • The Seven Habits Essay

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    Our character basically is a composite of our habits, they are consider as a powerful factors in our lives because they are consistent unconscious patterns and they express our character and produce our effectiveness or ineffectiveness, it can be learned and unlearned. It is the renewal and continual improvement that build one's personal production capability. Habit defined as the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire where knowledge is the theoretical paradigm (the what to do and the why)

  • Frances Goodrich's Diary Of Anne Frank: Faith

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    Diary of Anne Frank: Faith “Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” This quote, by Barbara Johnson, illuminates faith’s capabilities to help people see the best in their situation. Examples of these and other positive effects of faith are pervasive throughout the text of Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s play, The Diary of Anne Frank. In this play, two Jewish families- the Franks and the Van Daans- along with a Jewish man, Dussel, are forced to hide in a

  • Creativity In Frances Goodrich's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank did more than just sit around in the hide out for 2 years. The Diary of Anne Frank play, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett in the 1950’s, takes place during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a mass murder of millions of Jews from the command of Hitler. The Holocaust took place from 1933 until 1945. The play features eight different characters who are all hiding from the Nazis. The people in the annex consist of the Frank Family, the Van Daans, Mr. Dussel, and Mr. Kraler and

  • Anne Frank's Diary

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    Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a moment before starting to improve the world.” At age 14, Anne Frank probably did not realize that she was in the process of causing a massive impact on the world, but she did just that. Anne Frank has inspired the world for years as a result of her journal she kept while fleeing Nazi persecution amid World War II. Anne Frank was influential on the world as a result of moving people with the journal she kept while in hiding. Although she

  • Biographical Essay The Franks: Hidden For Two Years

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    idea with the results of stress and fighting. The Franks didn’t let this keep them from making another decision that again affected the others, because they soon let Fritz Pfeffer join the hiding. This caused roommates to be switched, like how Margot had to move into the bedroom with her parents and Anne now had to share a room with Fritz. Anne often was upset about more people in the Annexe, but it was something they had to do to keep their friends and family

  • Summer Of My German Soldier Summary

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    “Summer of My German Soldier” is a young adult fiction novel written by Bette Greene. The setting takes in Jenkinsville, Arkansas near the end of World War II. Patricia Anne Bergen, also called Patty, is a 12-year-old Jewish girl who lived in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during the time of the World War II. She has a younger sister named Sharon. In her town a group of German soldiers were sent to a POW camp for captured Nazis. One day Patty is in her father’s store in town helping out and a group of