Book Summary: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Introduction In this book report I am going to talk about “the diary of Anne Frank”. The genre of these story is non fiction. What it says in these book actually happened during the 2nd World War in the Frank’s secret annex when Anne was hidding with her family and the Vaan Daans to not get caught by the natzis . This is such an exiting story of a young girl telling us how horrible was the world in that time, how Jews were horribly treated and disccriminated , and it also show us to value all the things we have , the most important thing about this book is that we have to take care of the most important thing on the world that is our live. This short novel is writted by journals with many detail , when Anne was 13 till she was 15 because…show more content…
The main conflict of the story is that they had to hide from natzis only because they werwe jews.The climax of the story and for me the worst paart is when anne margot and all the people get caught and unfortunately anne and margot died.these story made me feel bad in some points but it is a great story. I would like anne not to die and know more about her . if only they could find the missing parts otto took out from annes diary.At the end this story has a good message Conclusion I thik this is such an amazin book and i will like to sed a mmessage to other people tat is : If you had ot read anne gfanks diary you should readed it had changed my way of thinking.I think that whe anne was alive was one of earths worsts moments till now. T hank god that is over and hopefully it would not happend again. I love one specific quote frome anne”think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”.I think that people like anne could change the
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