Giambattista Basile Essays

  • Sleeping Beauty, A Giambattista Basile

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    In the book Sleeping beauty, A Giambattista Basile Story the characters is Sun, Moon and Talia. And then there is the King and the queen Talia is cursed and can't touch flax or she will fall asleep. Talia see flax and it gets under her finger nail. Her dad puts her in a country house. THan a king out hunting lost his bird into the house. The king knocks and no one answers. He goes in through a window and see Talia asleep. The king rapes her and leaves. Than Talia is pregnant and has twins the babies

  • Perrault's Cinderell The Fairytale Of Cinderella

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    The fairytale of Cinderella is among the most popular and enduring classic stories. It exists in a variety of versions written by authors from different countries and cultures. The story exhibits various themes that are relevant to the field of humanities, including cruelty, injustice, ambition of girls to marry a wealthy prince, the desire to be loved and cherished, and beauty and grace. In all the versions, the story revolves around a beautiful and kind girl, who suffers cruelty in the hands of

  • Morality And Ethics In Fairy Tales

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    were born. Many of the fairy tales we have learned were first written between 17th and 18th century, even though their real origins could be traced further back1 in myth, stories, and legends passed down orally. Some first known authors are Giambattista Basile in Italy, Charles Perrault in France, and the Grimm Brothers in German. The two last authors being considered more collectors or such stories2. Interestingly each one created their own versions based on their reality and the audience they were

  • Gender Roles In Fairy Tales

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    Fairy tales have passed from generation to generation, almost as a rite of passage, throughout western civilization. Whether it is the tales of the Grimm Brothers’ or modern Disney versions, fairy tales have permeated society for ages. The question is whether they are merely stories told to children for entertainment or something more. Every tale offers children morals to live up to such as not trusting strangers to being kind to animals. Are morals all that are provided though? Fairy tales seem

  • Comparing Sun, Moon And Disney's Sleeping Beauty

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    Giambattista Basile’s story of the original Sleeping Beauty called Sun, Moon, and Talia, and Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty have both shown that true love can prevail the threats that come at someone in life. In Basile’s version of sleeping beauty, the king rapes Talia, impregnanting Talia to give birth to two babies that she cherishes deeply, and falls in love with the king after meeting him (Basile, 2). This portrayal does not help send the message because she is strongly in love with her babies

  • Modern Fairy Tales: The Aspects Of A Fairy Tale

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    learn to cope with their subconscious fears and anxieties. Many modern day fairy tales are rewritten from an older version of the tale so they can relate to the problems kids today face. “Snow White”, by Brothers Grimm, and “The Young Slave” by Giambattista Basile are examples of this with “The Young Slave” being the older version. Although “Snow White” and “The Young Slave” have many differences relating to the time periods they were written in, both stories still have similarities when it comes to the

  • Symbolism In Hansl And Gretel And Hansel

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    fairytale that typically features European folkloric fantasy characters, such as dwarves, elves, witches and usually magic or enchantments . One such fairytale is HANSEL AND GRETEL (German: ' 'Hänsel und Gretel ' '). It was originally written by Giambattista Basile. However, it was later adapted by Brothers Grimm. The fairytale is of German origin and was written for the middle-class readers of the 19th century. Brothers Grimm 's stories often reflected some of the cultures that existed in those times

  • The Symbolic Pearl In The Scarlet Letter

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    The Symbolic Pearl Symbolism is a technique used by all writers, and The Scarlet Letter is no exception. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is full of symbolism. Actually Hawthorne is one of the most prolific symbolist in American literature. Characters, events, relationships, feelings, and even weather are part of or are symbolism. Pearl is a complicated symbol of an act of love and passion. This child is not meant to be a realistic character but rather a symbol of Hester’s sin, blessing

  • The Importance Of Loyalty In Short Stories

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    Loyalty is a common literary theme because it is something that all people seek. Military companies, sports teams, and employers actively seek those they feel will be the most loyal to their cause. Loyalty provides a sense of stability and comfort. In many great literary works we see that the most loyal characters are those of meager existence. In the short stories “A White Heron,” “The Death of Ivan Ilych,” and “A Rose for Emily” a theme of undervalued loyalty becomes evident. Sylvia, in Sarah

  • Reaction Paper About Cinderella

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    As a person who attends the opera for the first time, I will describe the opera “La Cenerentola”, which was composed by Rossini, by using the words “familiar but out of expectation”. The meaning of familiar refers to the story, as it comes from the the Disney cartoon “Cinderella”. However, since the story is presented by using a format of opera, so thing becomes new and surprise to me. Here I am going to share my experience of attending this opera by talking about the story, the music, the stage

  • Hans Christian Andersen The Little Mermaid Analysis

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    The Little Mermaid. By Metaphrog and Hans Christian Andersen. Illus. by Metaphrog. 2017. 80p. Papercutz, $13.99 (9781629917399). 741.5. Gr. 2-5. In this article, Andersen’s story of the mermaid wishing to be loved by a human prince is one of the few classic made-up fairy tale. It’s one of the greatest Disney musical version to the young readers. An artist duo Metaphrog serves a great example in recreating the little mermaid though the young readers that’s only familiar with their vision that can

  • Cinderella Book Comparison

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    Cinderella is a tale synonymous with violence, bloodshed, and missing eyeballs. In reality, this is only a portion of one version of the Cinderella story, the Grimm Brothers “Cinderella”. Two other well known renditions of the Cinderella story are the Little Golden Book Cinderella as well as the 2015 Disney Film Cinderella. The similarities and differences in these three adaptations of Cinderella are clearly seen by analyzing the theme, how death is expressed, and the portrayal of the animal helpers

  • Rapunzel Compare And Contrast

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    The story of Rapunzel is a fairytale of a young girl that lives in a tower with her mother in the middle of a forest. The girl is beautiful and cherished deeply by her mother, since she was her only child. The story has been rewritten many times, but two of the rewritten stories that stick out in particular is the 1812 Grim Brothers original version and the newest version, Tangled, by the Walt Disney company. The similarities with symbolism and what is valued between the old story and the new one

  • Stereotypes In Cinderella Man

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    As children grow up, they tend to forget the stories that once made up their lives and look down upon what they deem as “child’s play”; however, these stories raise children where parents are not present. Fairy tales characters for children are the construction workers of the adult world, and as the children mature into adulthood, the gates of imagination are opened and the storybook characters morph into newspaper headlines; suddenly, the clock strikes twelve and the glitz and glamour disappear

  • Symbolism In The Frog King

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    to take care of money and plan his future to make sure his mother and siblings would be financially secure”(Johnson 1). Jacob knew it would be hard to focus on his education while taking care of his family, but he was able to get through it. The brothers had been through a lot after their father died. The brothers didn’t have the best education, but they didn’t give up on themselves. “Their new teachers treated them rudely in the beginning. Most all the other boys came from well-to-do families and

  • Cinderella Research Paper

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    Hawkins 1 Tyler Hawkins Ms.Koon En100-520 11/2/15 The Dark tales of Cinderella Do you like when you read about something that you used to read in the past, and you find the dark secrets that you never realized as a kid. If you do then I have the perfect tale for you about the original Cinderella. One of the first Cinderella stories was by the Grimm brothers who wrote a lot of fairy tales. The brothers were told the story by common villagers, then the brothers wrote the story in 1812. The

  • Summary Of Bluebeard's Fairy Tale

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    A Proposal of Bluebeard’s Fairy Tale as Gothic Tale by Analysing its Illustrations. “Fairy Tales are often viewed as innocent stories that people read to their children as a bedtime story. “The fairy tale proceeds in a manner which conforms to the way a child thinks and experiences the world;” this is why the fairy tale is so convincing to him” (Bettelheim 45). But can Fairy Tales be considered Gothic? If we look closely at fairy tales written throughout the centuries, we will

  • The Robber Bridegroom Analysis

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    Analysis of The Robber Bridegroom The Robber Bridegroom is a fairy tale that was collected by Brothers Grimm. It is a story about a Miller who wanted to marry off her daughter, and betrothed her daughter to a certain suitor. There reached a time whereby the suitor wanted the girl to visit him and he was to leave a trail of ashes for her to follow until she reaches him in the forest where he lives. As the daughter was following the trails, she also left trails of peas and lentils she had carried

  • Fairy Tales Gender Roles

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    Fairy tales have passed from generation to generation, almost as a rite of passage, throughout western civilization. Whether it is the tales of the Grimm Brothers’ or modern Disney versions, fairy tales have permeated society for ages. The question is whether they are merely stories told to children for entertainment or something more. Every tale offers children morals to live up to such as not trusting strangers to being kind to animals. Are morals all that are provided though? Fairy tales seem

  • What Is Miss Havisham's Biggest Mistake

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    Miss Havisham’s Biggest Mistake Of course Miss Havisham made many mistakes in her life. Everyone eventually does. Was it falling in love with Compeyson? Was it adopting Estella in the first place? No, Havisham’s gravest mistake was the motivations she had for adopting her. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens uses Miss Havisham to illustrate the negative impact of her desire to live through her daughter Estella. Miss Havisham is selfish. This is not something the readers can tell right away,