Grammy Award winners Essays

  • What Does U2 Mean

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    U2's color scheme has been featured on everything from iPods to Coffee mugs. The Irish rock band has mastered branding. They're creativity has transformed them into a global icon. A status that has overshadowed they're recent terrible music. People might not recognize all the band members. But they do recognize the name U2. For many music isn't just a hobby. It's a lifestyle. Music fanatics take the art form extremely seriously. When U2 is on stage going crazy; the fans are doing the same thing

  • The Watsons Go To Birmingham Summary

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    The Watsons Go To Birmingham—1963 This summary is about a family whose last name is Watson. The members of this family are Wilona (the mom), Daniel (the dad), Byron (the older brother), Kenny (the younger brother), and Joey or Joetta (the sister). In chapter one, Byron had just turned 13, which meant he was an “official juvenile delinquent.” The Watsons lived in Flint Michigan. They had their furnace turned all the way up and it was still cold, so their dad called their aunt because her house

  • Pathos In Inspirational Poetry

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    going to be okay and this year will be the catalyst for the future and history starts now. Therefore, Maya Angelou as a writer and a civil right activist, award-winning author known for her numerous poetry and essay collections, makes her credible for her work. Angelou received several honors throughout her career, including two NAACP Image Awards in outstanding literary work category explaining why she’s iconic for the work she

  • John Legend: A Brief Biography Of John Roger Stephens

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    specialists as Alicia Keys, Twista and Janet Jackson. He was soon acquainted with best in class hip-jump craftsman Kanye West, and the two performers worked together on each other's demos. Legend's introduction album, 2004's Get Lifted, won three Grammy Awards. After two other solo collections, he broke ended hi contract with the Roots, in 2010. Legend additionally showed up on the TV rivalry Duets as a mentor before dropping his next collection, 2013's Love in the Future. Much sooner than gaining an

  • Erin Hanson Poem Analysis

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    Erin Hanson: Reassurance in Flaws The name Erin Hanson is one many have not heard. The young poets ideas spread confidence, self love, and acceptance. Her young age allows her to connect with her audience in ways many her fellow poets can not. For example in her poem non-officially titled “People are not poetry” Hanson covers the many struggles of being human. However; instead of focusing on the negative, she turns the spotlight on accepting what makes each one of us different. This interesting

  • The Conservative Case Against Racial Profiling Forman Analysis

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    In his essay “Arrested Development: The Conservative Case Against Racial Profiling” published in the New Republic on September 10, 2001, professor James Forman Jr. illustrates his disagreement with racial profiling. Forman Jr. is a professor at Yale Law School. He teaches Constitutional Law and seminars on race and the criminal justice system. In his piece, Forman primary goal is to create understanding about the effectiveness of racial profiling and how this affects the black community especially

  • Leif Garrett Research Papers

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    Leif Garrett First, Leif Garrett grew as a very popular teen idol, and is a solo artist. Garrett was born on November 8 1961, at Hollywood, California, and was not fully recognized until his big hit that came out on 1977, with an album, and made another huge hit 2 years later with the song,”I was made for dancin,”but never went to the top charts ever again. Garrett unfortunately was also known as a drug addict and had many legal problems with him and got into a car crash on November 1979, because

  • Film Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Film Psycho

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    Parlor Scene Shot-by-Shot Analysis Throughout the film industry, Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho has revolutionized the horror genre with his ways of merging the obvious with the mysterious. Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Master of Suspense,’ is known for his filming techniques which made his film stand out compared to other horror films during his period. Hitchcock used these techniques throughout the film Psycho to allow the viewers to get an insight of what is happening in the film. One of the most important

  • Diahann Carroll Funny Girl Analysis

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    I viewed Diahann Carroll’s performance of a heartfelt love song, “The Music That Makes Me Dance” from Funny Girl. The song is written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill. Carroll’s recording was made in 1968, four years after the role of Fanny Brice had been made famous by Barbra Streisand. I view Carroll as a confident artist for putting this song out into the world after such a groundbreaking, well known performance of it circulated. All of this being said, her performance was spectacular and showed

  • Never Living Up To My Future

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    I had always anticipated what my future would hold. The thought of never living up to my dreams gave me aches in my stomach. My mother did not play a positive role during my childhood, I don’t believe she ever intended on being a role model for her children. I could not tolerate the thought of becoming like her. I did not ever want to depend on someone else to support me. The year of 2010 I graduated with my senior class; that moment I threw my cap up in the air, I knew I was headed towards an adventure

  • Maya Angelou Vs Beowulf Essay

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    Heroes in Medieval times were the men who fought wars to save their kingdom from the enemy. They were worshipped by their king, and received gifts such as treasure and land. Knights were said to be highest in rank, following after noblemen. Only a certain amount of men were ranked as knights because back then people believed in destiny. So many didn’t consider working up into a higher class. In present time, however, rules have changed. Heroes don’t have to be knights protecting their kingdom anymore

  • George Carlin's Influence On American Culture

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    their own individuality. Carlin’s switch from his “establishment job”3 to his work in counterculture provided the perfect avenue for his message to be delivered widespread. A 1972 album of Carlin’s won a Grammy award after “going gold”3 and his work has been nominated ten times in total for a Grammy, with Carlin accumulating four wins in total. This alternative place in society rejected “the dominant values and behavior of society,”1 yet it is through his work geared toward them that Carlin had the

  • Orchestra Instrument

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    Instruments of a Philharmonic orchestra, their position and how this contributes and or hinders the overall acoustics sound of the score. I chose this topic because I have heard the philharmonic orchestra many times before at ballets over the years. Even though I had heard them I never knew what the orchestra was composed of and how they made an impact on the mood or atmosphere of the room. It also made me curious about how the way that the different instruments worked so well together and how they

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have Dream

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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's “I Have Dream” speech was very inspirational in the fight against racial inequality. It sparked the beginning of a progression towards change and freedom, for the multitudes of those oppressed and victims of injustices and brutality. Held in Washington D.C, August 28, 1963 and attended by thousands, Dr. King spoke towards the need for full recognition and realization of the need for racial equality. Those in attendance ranged from everyday people to civil rights activist

  • Deception In King Lear

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    Lies and deceptions are the reason that King Lear is considered a tragedy story. Both families are destroyed by the family members themselves. Both King Lear’s family and the family of Earl of Gloucester are destroyed in very similar events. The main-plot of the play has King Lear and his three daughters Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia. The sub-plot however, has Gloucester and his two sons Edger and Edmund. Lear the dumb king, wanting to feel some affection, gives his daughters a love-test to measure

  • Informative Speech On Ariana Grande

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    Ariana encourages fans to boycott circuses and similar venues for their ill treatment of animals. 9. Carrie Underwood (Net Worth $70 million) After winning American Idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood has gone onto become successful and award winning singer. The 7-time Grammy award winning Underwood released her first album in 2005

  • Gender Roles In Mean Girls

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    Most toddlers are given one of two categories of toys: those for boys and then those for girls. When parents see that their kids are born as boys then they will probably start buying them blocks, race cars, balls, and action figures while for their daughters they will lean towards dolls, baby strollers, crowns, and kitchen sets. At sight, these toys seem harmless and innocent; that is to say what is wrong with a little boy and girl playing with their cars and dolls; however, these toys are the just

  • Why People Hate Justin Bieber

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    that he is arguably the most disliked icon on the planet. Ever since his overnight transformation into a celebrity he has been booed at multiple venues including NBA games, the Billboard Music Awards, and even some of his own concerts. He was even booed in his own country at the Juno Awards (Canada's music awards). These events prove his struggle to gain people's support, and also to maintain the support that he does have. Analysis: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber? The obvious answer would

  • Moral Egoism In Kanye West

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    Kanye West is someone that has influenced pop culture in a major way. Kanye West presents the ethical position of the social ethical egoism. First, we have to know what moral egoism actually means and that is that "the normative ethical theory that says actions are morally right just because they maximize self-interest" (Garcia, 13). Since Kanye is seen as a big influencer to the public eye he has made himself become a moral exemplar in people's eyes or someone who is seen as a person to follow because

  • Fandom Research Paper

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    A dedicated and supportive fandom is the basis for a healthy and fulfilling musical career. In our society, a fandom can make or break the success of an artist. Two very popular fandoms in our industry today would be the Beyonce fandom A.K.A, The Beyhive, and the Justin Bieber fandom, or Beliebers. Beyonce has been around since the late 90’s and her fan base has only grown stronger with time. Though Justin Bieber came on the scene later in 2009 he has accumulated a very large group of dedicated fans