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The Watsons Go To Birmingham—1963 This summary is about a family whose last name is Watson. The members of this family are Wilona (the mom), Daniel (the dad), Byron (the older brother), Kenny (the younger brother), and Joey or Joetta (the sister). In chapter one, Byron had just turned 13, which meant he was an “official juvenile delinquent.” The Watsons lived in Flint Michigan. They had their furnace turned all the way up and it was still cold, so their dad called their aunt because her house was always warm. He came back into the room and sent Kenny and Byron out to get all the ice off of the brown bomber (their car) and a few minutes after they got outside, Byron started saying, “Keh-ee, Keh-ee,” like his mouth was full of something. Kenny went over to the other side of the car and Byron’s mouth was stuck to the outside mirror. Kenny went in and got everybody, even his little sister Joey. His dad thought they could try hot water. His mom and sister were crying too much to pour it on, and his dad couldn’t stop …show more content…

One day, their dad told them to close their eyes and come outside and if somebody peeked that person would get punched. Then they all heard a bald head get punched. He told them to open their eyes and they saw a record player. He said that it didn’t scratch the record when you hit a bump. Then Rufus went home and they all listened to their favorite record. Then their parents announced that they were all going to visit their grandma Sands in Birmingham, Alabama because of all the bad things Byron had done. Byron said she was the worst. He said she was worse than the worst. Their mom said that their grandma said she could discipline him. Their mom also said they were going because of the bad things Byron had done lately, which include: lighting matches, cutting school, getting into fights, setting mousetraps for birds in their backyard, getting a conk, and joining a

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