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  • Icici Bank Vs Icici Bank

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    ICICI Bank was built by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI), an Indian budgetary foundation, as a completely possessed backup in 1994. The guardian organization was shaped in 1955 as a joint-wander of the World Bank, India's open segment banks and open division insurance agencies to give task financing to Indian industry.[17][18] The bank was at first known as the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank, before it transformed its name to the shortened

  • Icici Bank Student Loan Case Study

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    Why apply for ICICI Bank student loan scheme? One stop solution for multiple products: ICICI Bank is a leading bank with extensive presence within India and across the globe. They offer some of the best loans when it comes to taking care of the finances for education, personal needs, car purchase and home purchase. Their loan for vocational education and vocational training loan has a strong presence in the market. Low interest rate: ICICI Bank student education loan offers lower interest on education

  • Positive Population Growth

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    First and foremost, it is generally believed that a nation with a positive population growth has the ability to avoid it from suffering ineffective state of economy (Easterlin, 1967; Simon, 1981). It means that the nation will have a greater chance to achieve an “economics of scale” sate which in turn contributes to the increase in nation productivity (number of output per unit of labor). A country with a rapid population growth rate will result in a larger population size and will eventually make

  • Icici Prudential Plc Case Study

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    163. ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd., a joint venture between ICICI Bank Ltd. and Prudential Plc, is a leading asset management company in India. It focuses on bridging the gap between savings and investments and also helping investors in creating long-term wealth through a range of investment solutions including equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, etc. Some of the popular ICICI Prudential Equity Funds are listed here: • ICICI

  • Advantages Of Loan And Home Loan

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    Home loan is one of the most popular loans offered by banking institution and even non-banking in our country. It is usually defined as sum of money which is borrowed from a financial institution or any banks to purchase a house. Home loan offered by any bank or financial institution consist a fixed rates and payment terms. People generally take home loan for either buying a house/flat or a plot of land or with the purpose of construction of a new house or renovation, extension and repairs and of

  • Systemically Important Banks Case Study

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    Introduction A few banks assume systemic importance due to their size, cross-jurisdictional activities, complexity, lack of substitutability and interconnectedness. The failure of these banks can cause significant disruption to the essential services provided by the banking system, and also to the overall economic activity. These banks are Systemically Important Banks (SIBs) as their continued functioning is critical for the uninterrupted availability of essential banking services to the real economy

  • Teller Machine Case Study

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    To satisfy customers fully, all ATMs should function well but it is practically not possible. The alternative solution to this issue is to provide them nearby ATM details. If possible the other bank ATM details can also be provided. We are not sure that all customers are equipped with navigating device so it should be installed in ATM center itself. Failure of this device is rare because no other extra options or facilities will be provided. It

  • Artificial Intelligence In Banking Case Study

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    Artificial Intelligence in Banking: Case Studies State Bank of India Emotion Intelligence using image processing SBI is embarking on its AI journey from the point of view of both employees and customers. To fuel, it launched national hackathon, “Code For Bank”, focusing on technologies such as predictive analytics, fintech/blockchain, digital payments, IoT, AI, machine learning, BOTS and RPA. At present,

  • Service Quality In Banking Essay

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    A STUDY OF SERVICE QUALITY OF BANKS IN MUMBAI Dr Ranjith P V ABSTRACT Service quality is an important concept in the today’s scenario. It plays an important role in improving the relationship of customers with the organizations. Service quality talks about different parameters like reliability , empathy, assurance, tangibles, price access etc which in turn improve the quality of different services given by the organizations to different customer groups. The quality of the output will help the

  • Swot Analysis Of Sbi Bank

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    Benchmark practices of the bank SBI: In terms of providing services to its customers, SBI has not been rated very well over all. However recent initiative for improvement in customer service and advancement in technology, especially the advent of smartphones and online services has definitely helped SBI. Analysis at a bank facility: SBI: Below is a rough design made after visits to few SBI banks: The above numbers could be mapped to below services 1. Demand Draft 2. Ops Manager 3. Deposits/Withdrawals

  • Camel Model Essay

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    models of banks which are using the profitability, operating, financial ratios, liquidity, leverage, and total assets ratios in decision tree models and multiple discriminant models, and also found that the decision tree approach is good indicator. 18. Sarker (2005) in this research, the author examined the CAMEL model for regulation and supervision of Islamic banks by the central bank in Bangladesh. The study supported and supervisors to get a Sharia benchmark to monitor the Islamic banks and other

  • Bank Nationalization In India

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    Bank Nationalization in India The commercial banks of India prior to 1969 were private sector banks. The banks were controlled by some individuals or industrial establishments. Their only motive was to provide credit to large industries and earn profit. It is for this reason that the bank businesses were centralized in industrial or urban areas. The agriculture, small industries and cottage industries were deprived of the facility of bank credit. As bank businesses were not profitable in the rural

  • Essay On Retail Lending

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    ON RETAIL LENDING PRODUCTS CHAPTER – I INTRODUCTION MEANING OF RETAIL LENDING: Retail lending is the practice of loaning money to individuals rather than institutions. Retail lending is done by banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations. These institutions make loans for automobile purchases, home purchases, medical care, home repair, vacations, and other consumer uses. DEFINITION OF RETAIL LENDING: The term

  • Benefit Of E Banking Essay

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    E-BANKING There are numerous benefits of Online banking undoubtedly. It saves time by allowing direct transaction from office, home or any place. The virtual medium relieves customers from visiting the bank and waiting in a queue and provides a mental and physical relief from the unwanted rushes in the bank. The second important advantage is the convenience. The customer can pay phone and electricity bills via online banking without rushing to the collection outlets. It helps in avoiding delayed payments

  • Information Technology In Banking

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    Information Technology has become a necessary tool in today 's organizations. Banks today operate in a highly globalized, liberalized, privatized and competitive environment. In order to survive in this environment banks have to use information technology. Information Technology has introduced new business paradigm. It is increasingly playing a significant role in improving the services in the banking industry. Indian banking industry has witnessed a tremendous development due to sweeping changes

  • Credit Card Adoption

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    The first credit card in India was introduced by the Central bank of India in 1980. From there we have come a long way with around 20 million credit card users in India today. But still India is one of the least penetrated markets in the world with a penetration rate of about 2%. Credit card adoption is on the upswing as financial literacy improves as well as public sector banks becoming more comfortable with the product. Banks are becoming more comfortable with handling electronic payments and there

  • Banking System In HDFC Bank

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  • Service Quality In Banking Industry Essay

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    services offered by State Banks of India and HDFC banks to customers. In addition the study tries to uncover gaps and make suggestions for improvement doing comparative analysis of these two banks using five dimensions of Service quality, namely Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy, Assurance, and Tangibles based on SERVQUAL technique (Parsuraman et al., 1988). The study covers both primary investigation and literature review. Data was collected from 87 customers of banks administering structured

  • Impact Of Banking In Banking

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    for faster delivery of banking services to a wider range of customers. Internet banking refers to the use of internet as a remote delivery channel for banking services. It means any user with a personal computer and a browser can get connected to his bank website to perform any of the banking

  • Mobile Wallet Research Paper

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    Introduction to Mobile wallets What is a mobile wallet? A mobile wallet is the digital equivalent to the physical wallet we already have in our pockets today. It is a container (or vault) to store digitized valuables for authorization. These valuables grant permission for usage or access to goods, services or places. They can be: • A personal identification like an ID or social security card, driving license, health card, payments card, loyalty card, website access or login data, and so forth • Non-personal