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  • 7 Principles Of Lean Software Development

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    4. Lean Software Development Principles of Lean Software Development There are seven principles of Lean Software Development, drawn from the seven principles of Lean Thinking. These principles are guideposts for devising appropriate practices for your environment. They have led to dramatic improvements in areas as diverse as military logistics, health care delivery, building construction, and product development. The 7 principles are as follows; a) Eliminate Waste b) Build Integrity In c) Create

  • Importance Of Lean In Knowledge Work

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    1.3 Lean in Knowledge Works Even in the similar environment of manufacturing, researchers believe that the benefits accruing from the application of lean principles vary on the context of the manufacturing firms. On the other hand, Knowledge work not only differs in terms of the context from a manufacturing firm, but is also fundamentally different in terms of their structure, thus calling into question the applicability of the lean principles. There are primarily 3 characteristic features in which

  • Advantages Of Supply Chain Integration

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    Therefore, to understand the rhetoric of supply chain management, the nature of supply chain integration, the primary models and the advantages it offers, one has to explore the content of this paper. It furthermore spans the shortcomings and development of integration. Understanding the primary models of integration such as internal, backward, forward or complete integration will help organizations make the right choice to suit their

  • Importance Of Computerization In Hospital Management

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    L. of department of medical studies, parttan ME 04102 USA, developed “Prevent” a micro-computer software programs for health promotion and marketing of health care. “Prevent a new micro-computer program design to apply rules for patients, health screening, is described in the manual guide in the use of “Prevent”. The rules are based on guidelines established

  • New Aircraft Advantages And Disadvantages

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    INTRODUCTION An aircraft is one of the most important aspects in the success of the aviation industry since airlines cannot operate without it. Considering that there are many advantages and disadvantages of old and new aircraft, many airlines have difficulty when it comes to deciding whether to buy a brand-new aircraft or just use an old one. That critical decision will be the starting point of either the success or failure of an airline operation. According to Wyndham (2015), there are two significant

  • Core Values In Sports

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    and instantaneous media attention, the behaviour of these athletes has come under society’s microscope, off as well as on the playing field, for every aspect of their lives. As a result, elite athletes seriously influence the moral and ethical development of children and youth of many societies. Sport can also build character and personal qualities, such as courage, integrity, and the capacity to commit to a goal or purpose, as well as values such as a sense of responsibility to others, respect for

  • Essay On Indian Fashion Industry

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    Designer extraordinaire Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” (Koerne A., 2012). Fashion is not just a way of dressing oneself or one’s demeanour. It is a form of creativity, of self-expression and a way of living. Fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global consortium dedicated to the trade of manufacturing and retail of clothes, shoes, bags and other

  • Performance Testing In Agile Case Study

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    Maximizing ROI with effective agile performance testing practice TEST NEXT Symposium 2014 Author: Srinivasulu Kota Srinivasulu.kota@optum.com Optum Global Solutions HITECCITY 2

  • Nike's Five Forces Analysis

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    utmost dedication to create every chance to show themselves after three years. Nike realizes that the use of advance technology produced the best products and hence, Nike decided to invest on manpower and material resources for the research and development of new products

  • Adidas Comparative Analysis

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    the importance of the strategies adopted by these companies, those are globally the top sportswear and sports equipments manufacturer. The discoveries of the research paper highlight The Adidas methodologies concentrate on the wide separation, development, attempting to deliver new items, administrations and procedures so as to adapt up to the opposition. It grasps a multi-brand technique, accentuation on extending exercises in the developing markets, persistently enhancing framework, procedures

  • Swot Analysis Of Peugeot

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    Strength The strength that Peugeot company has is a strong reputation in car manufacturer area. Peugeot company was founded in 1810 and as expand from apparel until its include even coffee mill , bicycles, motorcycles and car. Peugeot has received many international awards from the launch of the very first model of automobile to the latest concept car. It also known as a very reliable brand since its 1950s and 1960s models are still running in Africa and Cuba in 2010s. The next strength of Peugeot

  • Importance Of Planning In Construction

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    INTRODUCTION Planning in different aspects are clearly identified with the aim of achieving goals. In terms of construction, planning plays an important role before starting the project in order to complete it on time successfully (Faniran et al., 1999). Planning and management of different aspects according to the plans are two important things in the construction sector. The construction industry is regarded as one of the important sector in the manufacturing sector which determines the economic

  • Factors Affecting Effective Staffing

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    Staffing is the process of ensuring that adequate numbers and appropriate personnel are available to meet the daily unit’s needs and organizational goals. It can also be defined as a process of ensuring and assigning the right personnel with the right with the right qualification to a job at the right time to ensure that the organizational goals are met. Appropriate staffing is one factor which affects patient care greatly. Any deficit in level of staffing poses a negative effect on the health care

  • Strengths And Weaknesses In Healthcare

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    Probably there are several weaknesses in the current private healthcare system in Malaysia, first, The long waiting list. Whenever I chat with friends at social functions about what ails the public healthcare system in Malaysia, the most frequent comment is the long waiting list. They are all very unhappy with waiting. Only once did I find someone who was full of praise for the public hospital, in particular the Selayang Hospital. The majority are very unhappy with the waiting to get an appointment

  • Frederick Winslow Taylor's Scientific Management Theory

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    Scientific Management Theory Student Name:Salome Betsunaidze Student Number: C13473888 Course Code: DT324 Yr 2 Subject Name: Management and Organisational Behaviour Word Count: 2500 Declaration I Salome Betsunaidze , with student number C13473888 , am writing this to declare that information given in this essay is my own work and only mine. Signed: Dated : Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Scientific Management This essay is going to describe Frederick Winslow

  • Toyota Lean Methods

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    Description of how lean methods (Toyota) can be applied to IT Introduction: Lean methods are management philosophies that have been derived from the Toyota Production System which are being used successfully world over in the manufacturing sector. The lean methods primarily look at the elimination of waste (Muda) in the manufacturing process and also the waste created through unevenness in workloads (Mura) and that created through overburden (Muri). In IT the lean methods can be used to eliminate

  • Six Sigma Implementation In Renesas Electronics

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This particular study attempts to investigate the relationship between organizational performance, organizational commitment, organizational behaviour and quality initiatives towards six sigma implementation in Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang. Apart from that, this section will include the background of study, problem statement, research objectives, research question, definition of key terms, significance of the study, limitation of the

  • Lean And Continuous Incremental Improvement

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    “Lean” is the set of management practices based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). The Toyota Production System, a.k.a. Lean is defined as having two primary pillars: 1. Just-in-Time (improving flow) 2. Quality at the source. Lean comes from Lean Manufacturing and is a set of principles for achieving quality, speed & customer alignment .Lean is a customer-centric methodology used to continuously improve any process through the elimination of waste in everything you do; it is based on the ideas

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Agile Software Development

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    Abstract— Software development is inventing new development methodologies in developing, tools, process and tools to test and delivering a high-quality software to end customer in right time. At recent years’ waterfall development become less attractive in the software industry and shifted towards the software developers methodologies such as agile, extreme programming. Agile brought the new dimension to software development as well as improved the development and testing process also, there are

  • Lean Management: The Principles Of Lean Management

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    My topic for this project is Lean Management. I chose this topic because lean management can be applied to all kinds of industries today; whether a manufacturing firm or healthcare or service industry. Let me run you through some useful information related to it. What Is Lean Management? Lean Management is basically a modus operandi in which the company gradually looks at refining the products or the workplace and its processes by applying techniques of continuous improvement. The main idea is to