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“What I learned from architectural drafting is that everything has to have a plan to work. You just can't wing it. I can't get all the materials I need for a house and just start building. Whether it's a career, family, life - you have to plan it out.” By Ice Cube. (
Technology has made drastic improvements in technical drawing. It started with board drafting; paper, pencil, measuring tools, etc. and can now be done with Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) which can be faster and extra efficient. Drafting is a way to take an idea like you're dream house or the kitchen you have always wished for and mold it to come true. You can share your kitchen design, prepare it to be the size and shape you wish, then start adding the appliances and the shelves where you want them, how roomy you want them, the size, and the shape you want them. You can put your kitchen table and chairs in the place you need them, drafting is how every home, every workplace, and every building got its start.
Technical drafting since mere early history has been used to “communicate and record ideas.” Early drawings might have been the markings on stone done with charcoal sticks. The Greeks and Romans alike us now, used detailed
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Mechanical/Civil engineers scale, the mechanical engineer's scale is used for drawing parts of machines or where large reductions in scales are not needed, the civil engineer's scale is used for maps and drawing roads and other public projects. We also have the metric scale, which we used to reduce or enlarge an object in the drawing. Other important instruments used are templates, french curves, a compass, drafting pencils, erasers, and eraser

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