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  • Pakistan Conflict: The Conflict Between India And India

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    AYESHA UMAR BSS-3A 01-155162-036 Pakistan India conflict India Pakistan conflict is the one of the biggest conflict in the history of Pakistan. It is one of the long-lived, long standing and indecisive conflict of history and contemporary world. Countless lives are forfeited in Pakistan

  • Theories Of Social Work Supervision

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    Introduction What is supervision? According to the Supervision Framework for the Social Work Profession in South Africa. 2012. Social work supervision is an interactional and interminable process within the context of a positive, anti-discriminatory relationship, based on distinct theories, models and perspectives on supervision whereby a social work supervisor supervises a social work practitioner by performing educational, supportive and administrative functions in order to promote efficient

  • Batman Under The Red Hood Analysis

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    that the man under the Red Hood is not who he claims to be. This causes Batman to begin his detective work by visiting the lazarus pits, occult experts, and members of the Justice League. Batman is trying to find out how the person under the red hood might be able to come back from the dead.. After visiting with members of the Justice League Batman returns to find the Red Hood and Onyx about to do battle and begins to battle

  • Heroism In The Joker

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    In almost every piece of fiction there is a vilian who works to stop or hinder the heros motives. This vilian is usually extremely different than the hero. The hero usually ends up in a fight with the vilian that decides the outcome of the story and is usually the most exciting part to the story. The hero usually ends up becoming the victor of the fight and the vilian is defeated. My favorite vilian through out all fiction would have to be the joker. I picked the joker because the joker has a sertain

  • Batman As A Hero

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    Dark Knight. Other than his intense physical and mental training al Ghul left him with an important phrase that forever lives in Bruce's memory: "...If you devote yourself to an idea, than you become something else entirely" (Ra's al Ghul, "Batman Begins"), meaning that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to if he is committed enough to do

  • Bruce Wayne: A Hero Or Hero?

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    Comic books have served as a form of entertainment depicting the lives of dressed up individuals patrolling the streets and protecting society. Upon further inspection, one may realize that some of these so called superheroes have unreasonable morals and their attempts to take the law into their own hands could be detrimental not to just themselves but to the people they are trying to protect as well. There are many heroes, better referred to as vigilantes, that could be used to elaborate on the

  • Jung's Theory In Batman Begins

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    In the film, “Batman Begins” we see the events that led a young Bruce Wayne to become Batman, as well as his first challenges as the Caped Crusader. This essay attempts to apply the theories of Jung and Adler to the hero Bruce, in an attempt to determine which of these two theories applies best to the character. One of Jung’s unique concepts is that of a complex. He defined it as a “pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme”

  • The Symbol Of Justice In The Dark Knight

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    Nolan’s films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight show the audience how complex the idea behind vigilante justice can be. With the use of extreme realism, Nolan shows how the idea of a vigilante could play out in our world. In Batman Begins a symbol is created in order to induce fear and conformity. However, in the Dark Knight, this symbol is torn down by fear. Both movies portray

  • Batman Sociology

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    Neither of the people on the boats will trigger the bomb and Batman on the search to find where the Joker is located so he can stop everything from happening. He finds where he is and this is where the big fight scene between the Joker and Batman begins, Before the Joker can blow up the boats himself, Batman stops him and The Joker laughs and further cements the notion that he and Batman are exactly alike. The two of them are cannot kill each other and thus will have a conflict forever. He now reveals

  • Batman Returns In The Movie Batman

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    Slide 2: • Batman -1989 • Batman Returns – 1992 • Batman Begins – 2005 • Dark Knight – 2008 Slide 3: • 1 dimensional • Simply batman>We know very little about why he is batman and also very little about why he is doing what he is doing. It is hardly mentioned that his parents died and we have to come to our own conclusions which are that he is getting revenge on the joker for killing his parents to restore justice to the city of darkness. • He is very arrogant because he believes he can get rid

  • The Dark Knight Character Analysis Of Batman

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    The 2008 film directed by Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight” is a film of the well known comic book character Batman. The dark knight is the second movie of the trilogy starting with “Batman Begins” in which a young man by the name of Bruce Wayne witnesses his mother and father robbed and murdered by a thug in an alley way upon leaving a play in his home city of Gotham. Bruce would continue to grow into a man that decides to use fear to combat those criminals who utilize fear to prey on their victims

  • The Dark Knight Rises Analysis

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    FILM REVIEW: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SUBMITTED BY: RITWIK DASH ROLL NO: 2012-52 1ST YEAR, 1ST SEMESTER SUBMITTED TO: PROF. AMITA DHANDA Professor of Law NALSAR UNIVERSITY OF LAW, HYDERABAD Review The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final installment in a trilogy of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. As a student of Legal methods, it is my personal opinion that an appreciation of the movie becomes engaging on deconstructing the motivation and reasons behind the antagonist’s

  • Batman's Ambiguity In The Dark Knight

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    In the 2008 film The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, it can be argued that the main character Batman is considered morally ambiguous, because even though he is a vigilante the way in which he does things does not always correspond with the law. Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld and from his archenemy, The Joker. One of the reasons Batman can be considered ambiguous is because he does immoral things

  • Batman Symbolism In The Dark Knight

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    “As a man, I 'm flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol ... as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting” (Batman Begins). Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Although he has no superpowers, his willpower and intelligence combined with his physical prowess, and ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent. In his secret identity he puts on the mask of Bruce Wayne, billionaire, playboy. In Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Batman

  • Batman The Joker Hero

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    Without villains movies, comics and games would not be an intersecting art form. Without these antagonist heroes like Batman won 't be the same without the Joker. Villains are important to the one we call the hero and one of the greatest Villains of all time is the Prince of crime himself the Joker. There is something about a maniacal clown going around a city, killing people for no reason other than just for fun people love. The joker is one the most recognizable fictional characters in the world

  • Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie

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    I strongly agree with Suderman and his allegations regarding the DC movies and how they are made. Given that making the movies the action scene are to a “t”, but the characters and their background are greatly unrecognized, as well as their appearances. As an example just as Suderman proclaims, the movie Suicide Squad doesn’t focus on one thing, but rather veers off into several different scenes creating some confusion throughout the movie. A little of history of each character is barley to almost

  • Batman Duuhu Analysis

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    In this work labeled Because Batman! Duuhu! By Stejepan Sejic you can clearly see all of the dark colors used for the back ground as Darkside is firing his bright red omega beams from his eyes in an attempt to hit Batman. Batman standing in a traditional hero pose as Darkside’s beams zig zag over Batman’s head. Batman has made no attempt to doge the omega beams as he has locked eyes with this massive beast that is Darkside. The speech bubble coming from Darkside says, “Die you insufferable Mary-Sue”

  • Batman And Psychology A Dark And Stormy Night Psychological Analysis

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    Bob Kane’s fictional vigilante, Batman, is Gotham City’s greatest hero, capable of overcoming difficult challenges and defeating intimidating opponents. However, does the resilient hero have what it takes to face the struggle of love? In “Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Night”, Travis Langley, the author, delves into the mind of Batman to offer readers his professional opinion regarding Batman’s mental health after experiencing the most unfortunate event of his life, the death of his parents

  • Compare And Contrast Batman And Superman

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    Batman v Superman The rivalry between the Gotham knight and the kryptonian has gone on for decades. Both are popular superheroes who do good for others, and fight for their city. Each have their own way of handling villains and the safety of the world but the argument always goes back to who is the better hero? Batman and Superman have fought alongside each other for years, yet they are always compared to one another. Through differences in abilities, adversity and goals, it is easy to compare and

  • Scott Bukatman's Essay Boys In The Hood

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    Batman’s Hood In Scott Bukatman’s essay, “Boys in The Hood” he talks about how superheroes represent cities, how they hold their own as they move through them, and how their masks and costumes identify them. I would like to focus more on Batman’s Gotham City, his mask, and his movement along with the comic panels. Firstly Gotham City could be described as living in hell. Gotham City as a whole is like a dystopian society where criminals are bound to be found anywhere, and the streets are dark