Pine Essays

  • Mountain Pine Beetle Analysis

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    the past two decades the pine forests of Western North America have experienced major changes due to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic that began in 1995. Mountain Pine Beetles are insect parasites that use trees as their hosts in order to mate and lay eggs. After the larva becomes a beetle, the tree is killed and the next generation of beetles set out to find another pine tree and the cycle repeats. Environmentalists have proven the changes in the lifecycle of the pine beetle to be directly correlated

  • Tom Thomson Death Analysis

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    Tom Thomson: An Honorable Death Robert Kroetsch uses various ways to tell the story of Tom Thomson, an artist whose death remains a mystery. Kroetsch was appreciative for Thomson’s artwork and death. Kroetsch references to many pieces of Thomson's artwork, allowing readers to understand how Thomson lived his life. By referencing to Thomson’s paintings it allows readers to imagine the bliss of Thomson’s artwork. The structure of his poem shows the calm, yet confusing thoughts towards the mysterious

  • Narrative Essay My Favorite Place

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    My house at Carter Lake had a fresh smell, trees surrounded our house and our 13 acres of land. The trees were mostly pine and gave off a strong pine odor at certain times of the year. Most of the time the lake smelt like fish, but some of the time it smelt kind of fresh and just the smell you imagine when you think of nature. We also raised english Bulldogs so it didn 't catch me by surprised if I walked out to the kennels and it didn 't smell pleasant. The taste of things often take me back to

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Roughdraft Trout Fishing

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    beautiful rainbow or brown trout in your hand, if only for a moment. My first trout fishing trip with my husband was one I’ll never forget. We walked two miles down a long curvy dirt trail riddled with pine trees, armadillos burrowing through the leaves, and the prettiest cardinals I had ever seen. The pine scent filled my nose. It smelled

  • Creative Writing: Dipper's Creature

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    After a few steps into the forest, Dipper was stopped with a tight shoulder grip from Bill. “Look over there Pine tree.” Bill pointed his cane at some area to the left and Dipper gazed over in that direction. There stood, what Dipper could only assume was a unicorn. The creature was the only color in the surrounding landscape. Its pelt was a light shade of pink

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mill Creek

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    My two best friends, Lindsay and Kyle, were both with me planning on going on another adventure around our town, Mill Creek, which, in most places, you would see as a wealthy town. Except for us. Lindsay and Kyle both lived in apartments and I live on a dead end street in a long dark navy blue rambler. We banded together as the loners of Heatherwood mid, Kyle being a grade higher than us though. Lindsay and I met in 5th grade, back at my elementary school, she was the other nerdy half-Asian loner

  • Creative Writing: Home

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    Oz Porter stared down the thickly wooded slope, his gaze fixed on the endless panorama of green. Trees, swaying in the slight breeze. The place had a definite odor, the sweet freshness of pine. He breathed it all in, savoring the familiar tang, the underlying musty aroma of undergrowth and leaf mold. Slowly disintegrating into mulch that would carpet the forest floor and nurture the new growth. He called this place home. It wasn’t home. Home was the small town of Copperville, but they’d been forced

  • Hermanos Forever Analysis

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    Hermanos, Forever Written by Julio Aguirre IV ACT 1 Characters: Domingo Jimenez, (h-i-meh-nez), 53 year-old male, soft and old male spanish accent. Santiago Jimenez, (Sahn-tee-AH-go), 52 year-old male, sounds like his brother but a bit younger. Josefina Jimenez, (ho-seh-fee-nuh), 49 year-old female, soft middle-aged female spanish accent, Time: July 20, Sunday, 5:45pm, Summer Scene: It’s a hot summer day in New Mexico. Domingo is in the backyard of his small mobile home sitting on the porch

  • Research Paper On Machu Picchu

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    Remnants of a Forgotten Place Silence cloaks the desolate ruins atop the mountain, and an early morning fog wraps its tendrils around the worn stone, slowly thinning as the tentative sun creeps higher into the sky, leaving a path of oranges, pinks, and reds as it goes. Suddenly, the silence is broken by the heavy treading of many sneakers. A group of people emerges from the jungles surrounding the ruins, gasping in pleasure at the breathtaking sight before them: Machu Picchu. Just like so many

  • Ethical Business: West Fraser

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    Ethical Businesses. Which business comes to your mind? Whichever it may be it probably has branded itself as an ethical business through the actions and decisions that company has made. In this report I will be discussing an ethical business that comes to my mind called West Fraser. West Fraser is a publicly funded Canadian company and it is known as the largest lumber manufacturer not only in Canada but also in southern America. It was founded in 1955 by Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham; three brothers

  • Lone Pine Orders Case

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    A Lone Pine order is basically a controlled burn, or it accomplishes the same objective at least. In theory, it is a “fire” used to prevent the growth or blaze of meritless litigation. Don’t want a nasty, complex lawsuit to grow or blaze out of control? Hit it with a Lone Pine order early on in hopes of killing that volatile vegetation. Is it fair? It depends on which side of the courtroom you’re sitting on. Because it acts essentially as an early motion for summary judgment, generally speaking

  • Wayward Pines Argumentative Essay

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    believe that the only way out was to take a nap. And not just any ordinary nap. The townspeople of Wayward Pines took a long nap, the kind that only hopes for the best when they wake up. Fans are now thinking, will they wake up just in time for Wayward Pines season 3? When Yedlin realized that the abbies cannot be defeated, they decided to take the deep sleep. It is unknown if Wayward Pines season 3 will be able to rebuild their community again. And it is not just the fate of the townspeople that

  • Chamberlin Pines: A Short Story

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    As I enter Chamberlin Pines Swim and Tennis club I already feel sweat forming on my head. Mrs. Emerson, my boss, exclaims that it is extremely busy today! She then goes on to ask how my day was before coming to work. In response I answer “that my day has been fairly boring, it has been too hot to do anything.” As I put on my lifeguard pack and my whistle I greet my fellow lifeguards and ask “how is it down at the pool.” Both of them reply “the kids are getting pretty crazy.” I begin to walk down

  • Torrey Pines-Personal Narrative

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    On a rainy, stormy day in the Torrey Pines High School parking lot, Catherine and Zack were fighting like they always do, making a scene. Everybody knew that they were together because they were always fighting. You see, Catherine was a good girl who had a 4.0 gpa, and she was a very loving person who worked very hard. On the other hand, you had Zack who was a “bad boy,” and a big jock who didn’t care about school. He just adored all the attention he got from every girl. Catherine’s best friend was

  • Pine Ridge Reservation Thesis

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    South Dakota, Pine Ridge is akin to a community left in an earlier time. It is distant from the America today viewed as an exemplar of development, prosperity, and wealth. Pine Ridge is instead stuck in a dismal past, haunted by an unforgotten history, by shattered promises. The uniquely tragic history of the Reservation seems to have trapped it, militating against its progress, forcing its people to suffer without

  • Disappointment In Children At Sea Pines

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    the case for many of the kids at Sea Pines. An example of this is on visiting day, when Callie is told by her brother “ ‘If you’re looking for Dad, he’s not coming’ ”(20), which disappoints Callie because she genuinely hoped her father would visit her. Although this may not be intentional, parents of these kids end up making it seem as if they are a burden to take care of and visit. Most parents are working long hours to pay for the treatments given at Sea Pines and can’t find the time to come and

  • The Place Beyond The Pines Analysis

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    Watching a movie with the title such as The Place Beyond the Pines, you might think it is a movie about a forest, a hidden place, or maybe even something lost or forgotten if you really think about it. At least that was what I thought when I first heard of it. In reality, the movie has nothing to with the title at first sight. As you are watching the movie you realize it is about the bond between fathers and sons, and the lengths a man would go to, to provide for his family; “it has a lot to say

  • Ponderosa Pine Species Observation Report

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    population. The understanding of plant species and their diversity and abundance is important because plants are vital to maintaining Earth and its atmosphere. In our research project, we addressed the question: How does the abundance of the ponderosa pine species vary within different elevation levels on the Bear Peak Trail? The article by Wathen et. al (2014) studies the spatial and temporal distribution of species richness within two National Parks. The study shows plants species to be at a maximum

  • Personal Narrative: Pine Forge Academy

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    When I contemplate about my years at Pine Forge Academy I realized that I had numerous fond memories. "Little Lake” was a factory that made redwood patio furniture. While on the bus to Little Lake I recall how the group of students would make up songs to sing and how fantastic we sounded. I remembered the long days and how many of us would return to the campus covered with wood shavings. I reminisce on the many summers that I did not return home for summer vacations. I would work at Little Lake

  • The Jack Pine Tom Thomson Analysis

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    The Jack Pine The jack pine is a beautiful piece of artwork painted by the famous Canadian artist Tom Thomson. Throughout all of his artwork in history this is the most known art piece and personally I think it is the most interesting one, from the brush strokes to the brilliant choice of colors. The jack pine is a masterpiece that all Canadians should know. The painting is of a jack pine tree that is distinctly known to live in eastern North America. Have you ever seen how unique and beautiful