Potawatomi Essays

  • Native Women In Native American Literature

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    Native Americans are pre-Columbian inhabitants of North America and South America. The native people of Canada are commonly known as First Nation people while the native people of United States are known as Native Americans. Women played a very important role in Native American society. Before the European colonization, the situations of Native Americans were good. They were the creator and preserver of culture and tradition. They were not only the housekeepers or caretakers of children but they

  • The Potawatomi Tribe: A Short Story

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    The Potawatomi tribe came to this area several hundred years ago and established a home here for many decades. In summer, the families all relocated to one large village, while, in winter, they set up separate, smaller camps. The following paragraphs describe a typical year for a Potawatomi family in this area a couple hundred years ago. Can you imagine their homes as you read about their routines in the different seasons? In the summer, we live in a big village where we use large poles to

  • Essay On Northern Tribes

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    settled, they formed groups called tribes. A tribe is a social division of a traditional society that consists of families linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties. Some of these tribes include the Huron, Menominee, Chippewa (Ojibwe), Potawatomi, Kickapoo, Miami, Noquet, Ottawa, and Fox. They were broken down even further into two main language groups, the Algonquian, and the Iroquois. Most tribes spoke the Algonquian language. The Huron tribe spoke the Iroquoian language, which was the

  • Relationship Between French And Indian Relations

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    the French in peace. In fact the French and the Indians lived in a state of co-dependence. Certain tribes of Indians were more closely interacting with the French than others, for example the tribes in the Great Lakes region (the Ottowa, Ojibwa, Potawatomis and Huron) were very close to the French. These tribes often exchanged goods, lived and even intermarried with the French people. The interdependency was to such an extent that the economies of the French Colonies in North America were heavily economically

  • The Chippewas And Ojibwe Tribes

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    Back then, the Ojibwe were yet to become a separate tribe. Instead, they were a part of an ancestral tribe, that would later split into three - Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi. At a certain point, one group decided to follow a prophecy that claimed that the people should go to the West to the place where the food grows on water. This group formed the tribe of Ojibwe, and approximately by the 15th century they've reached

  • Louise Callan Biography

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    Louise Callan, RSCJ (1893-1966): Historian and Biographer of Philippine Duchesne   Table of Contents Introduction Early Years Into the Society of the Sacred Heart Mother Callan, Author and College Professor Memories of Students and Communities The Lectures on Mother Duchesne The View through Relationship The Biography Appears and Sets a Future Course To the New Maryville Campus Unexpectedly, the End Acknowledgements   INTRODUCTION One might well ask: why remember