Promotion and marketing communications Essays

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Celebrity Endorser

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    any firms. Customers may be unconvinced with the celebrity (Wells and Prensky, 1996), or in the case of Nick Lachey, a famous singer whose profile seemed to fit perfectly with the endorsed brand unfortunately turned out to overshadow MasterCard promotion; customers may pay more attention to the celebrity rather than the product and the brand being endorsed (Erdogan, Baker and Tagg,

  • Estee Lauder Ad Analysis

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    Advertising is the act of endorsing the public’s attention towards a product (, 2018). Advertising is always present, though people may not be aware of it. Successful advertisements use persuasive techniques to attract the audience with elements such as colour, font, placement, cost. The target audience is particularly important as this will determine whether the advertisement is successful. An Estee Lauder advanced repair night mask advertisement, found in Marie Claire, and a Sukin

  • Semiotic Signs Analysis

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    The first chapter of her book analyses a class of media texts using semiotic signs and exploring the behaviour of audiences to those sign in advertisements. The extract "A Currency of Signs" introduces what semiotic signs are and how they work with media texts. Semiotic signs are meanings and interpretations humans create when observing something in Williamson's extract the semiotic signs are from her chosen advertisements. According to Ferdinand Saussure, a semiotician who laid the foundations of

  • Sociocultural Ethnographic Research

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    After considering the multiple contemporary societal concerns in our world today, many potential research topics come to mind. However, even though each may have equal value of concern, it is fairly difficult to relate many of them to my chosen major of anthropology. According to the American Anthropology Association (2016), “Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history, anthropology draws and builds upon

  • Advertisements Use Semiotics In Advertising

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    Every single day we are bombarded with advertisements, and we are sometimes subconscious to it. Advertisements play an eminent role in influencing our culture by moulding the minds of its’ viewers. They grab our attention left, right and centre; leaving us feeling insecure about ourselves wishing that we could look like the size 4 model depicted in the Guess advert. Messages are delivered to us in all sorts of ways through television, radio, magazines, social media and text messages aiming to capture

  • Five Canons Of Rhetoric Analysis

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    The structure of media messages is deliberately crafted and packaged to persuade, inform, entertain, and to educate a target audience. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher that created the five canons of rhetoric which includes Arrangement, delivery, memory, style and invention. All media messages have a structure using the five canons of rhetoric analysis of content. Invention Invention is the first principle of rhetoric. This is a conclusion of a persuasive argument through reasoning

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Sarah Mclachlan Animal Cruelty

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    Thousands of animals across the United States are being beaten, starved, abandoned, and left to defend for themselves. Animal cruelty has become a nationwide problem in today's society. In the Public Service Announcement (PSA), "Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty", produced by the ASPCA, this commercial persuades the audience through pathos appeals, but the PSA's representation of the appeals of ethos and logos are showing animals in America suffering from cruelty and neglect every day. The ASPCA and

  • Sexual Innuendos In Advertising

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    In this study, we will study the content, reasons and impacts of sexual innuendos in marketing and advertising. Starting from the history of subtle sexual advertising and how its effectiveness led to it being a widely used marketing tool. Sex in advertising is not a recent phenomenon. In 1850s, tobacco advertisers had nude women’s images printed to differentiate flavors. Courtney and Whipple (1983) described sex in advertising as “Sexuality in the form of nudity, sexual imagery, innuendo, and

  • Informative Role Of Social Media In Health Care Providers

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    to connect with patients and clients. The different countries doctors and health care providers are interacting with each other through this social media. The use of social media in health care organizations has dramatically changed the ways of communication. Globally speaking, there are online health care clinic websites, including the one of the most famous is Mayo clinic. It contains the online information about the medical and health related issues. The social media has the best hope for better

  • Business Strategy Case Study: Under Armour

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    product and market area. Their heritage product category was compression Heat-Gear, and Nike the major competitor, was planning to take control of the new customers generations by creating a whole new line called Nike’s Pro Combat. Besides that, the marketing side was also having struggles. Since Nike created a strategy in which a strong emotional connection with customers was developed. This would have as repercussion the displacement of the Under Armour brand and therefore the slow decline of the company

  • Masculinity In Advertising Essay

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    How is Masculinity represented in modern Advertising?. (Hall, Evans, & Nixon, 2013) Note: ‘’ Representation is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture. It does involve the use of language, of signs and images which stand for or represent things’’ Some of the key questions I hope to tackle in this essay are ‘How is masculinity portrayed or represented in modern advertising?’ and ‘Based on modern advertising what does it mean

  • Role Of Social Media In Healthcare

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    The Use of social Media in Healthcare setting The unprecedented surge in the use of social media brought myriad transformation in every facet of the human society. Social media has become a critical part of people’s lives and many are becoming more and more reliant to its use. Social media has undeniably contributed to some breakthroughs in many fields in the past decades. It has led to the evolution of the healthcare industry to cater to the growing demand and to cope up with fast changing technology

  • Essay On Gender Representation In Mass Media

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    The representation of gender in mass communications has been a hugely debated topic for years and will continue to be one for many more years to come. The media plays a big role in how they want to portray a gender to the public. They create certain stereotypes through the role of a gender in order to attract a large audience and interest to sell a product, brand or image. Media is so important in today’s society, people spend hours and hours each day watching TV, browsing the Internet and reading

  • Beauty And The Geek Analysis

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    Women are supposed to be looked at. Men are supposed stare at women. This is the natural order of our society. Women, in society, are expected to have a certain type of look in order to be beautiful. Ads for movies shows, and form of media typically shows a dismembered attractive looking women in order to sell their product. Females are told to shut up and look pretty for the camera. It is so common that Hollywood thinks it is acceptable to portray women like objects, but it does acceptable to

  • Fitbit Case Study Strategy

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    Critical Challenge: Fitbit is struggling to be a leader in the wearable technology market because of increased competition leading to market saturation. Recommendations: I recommend that Fitbit develops upgraded hardware and software features tailored to the medical industry to further differentiate itself from competitors. Summary of Analyses: • Fitbit has a loyal consumer base due to the fact that they are at the first-mover advantage. (Case Exhibit 1). • Due to health-conscious living trends

  • Consumer Behavior In Don Delillo's White Noise

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    The role of technological advancements in business cannot be taken for granted. The products that an individual buys are informed by various factors need is one of them. Few are the times that people think about their buying behavior and also the impact these behaviors have on the lives. Don DeLillo’s the white noise novel majors on the American consumption culture the novel explores the various consumption behaviors as the characters top get and discerns the meaning of every aspect of human buying

  • Unit 7 Telecommunication

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    7 Telecommunications The telephone is one of the most important means of communicating with the outside world. It is also frequently used for contacting members of staff within an organisation. 7.1 The advantages of telephone communications The telephone has a number of advantages: • The most important is the speed with which people can be contacted and the ease of use. • It allows instant feedback and is considerably more personal than written correspondence such as letters or emails. • Short

  • Social Marketing Influences Health Behavior

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    Social marketing is a term widely used that influences health behavior. In social marketing, a wide range of communication strategies and the method of conveying the message are required for a leveled outreach. In terms of communication channels for health information, it has evolved in today’s world. One-way broadcasting of information has given way to a broad transactional model of communication. Although, social marking face challenges such as increased numbers and types of health issues competing

  • Social Marketing Research Paper

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    of social marketing as a discipline by itself and also the fruitful results of the application of the projects that contributed for the growth of the nations. Social Marketing definitions were evolved from three perspectives viz., 1. It is a method in the area of public health management and environmental issues. 2. It is an application of marketing concepts and tools for individual behavior change. 3. Academic and institutional vitality and establishment of centres of social marketing research and

  • Marketing Communication In Cadbury

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    Marketing communications are known as the most visible aspect of the marketing mix that helps to enhance the brand awarness of the company. In order to prosper in the long term, any company needs to develop an effective marketing campaign to maintain the interest of the existing customers as well as to attract the potential buyers (Cai & Huang, 2011). Mass marketing is highly effective tool to catch the attention of the million buyers, however it will not help to construct the relationships with