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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 3

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    I configured in Cisco Packet Tracer. In RIP a hop is counted as a metric from router to router. So if the source in this example is “PC-Jemine1” with the destination being “PC-Jemine2” RIP would use a hop count of 5. This would be: ➢ Source =PC-Jemine1 ➢ Router 0 to Router 1 = Hop Count 1 ➢ Router 1 to Router 3 = Hop Count 2 ➢ Router 3 to Router 5 = Hop Count 3 ➢ Router 5 to Router 8 = Hop Count 4 ➢ Router 8 to Router 7 = Hop Count 5 ➢ Destination = PC-Jemine2 The network I have designed in figure

  • Switch Technology Research Paper

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    Part E Switch Technology Introduction In appearance, a switch is simple, just a case of having a number of ports, that can be connected with a variety of different devices such as workstations, routers or other switches through these ports. When a packet arrives at one input port, the task of the switch is to decide either to discard the packet, or move it to the correct output port for transmission. The correct output port is determined the packets according to the information carried in the packet

  • Cisco Differentiation Strategy

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    The company that I’ve decided to research is Cisco. The name Cisco comes from San Francisco from where the company has originated. Cisco produces network based products which enhance the usage of internet such as routers and programs for virtual communication. Cisco has taken over more than 120 different companies in order to offer new technological products. By using Michael Porter’s (1980) 3 generic business strategies, I was able to identify that Cisco uses a differentiated strategy. The differentiation

  • Assignment 1.1 Describe Common Physical Network Topologies

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    Understand physical and logical network topologies 1.1 Describe common physical network topologies There are 7 most common topologies that most people will use. The first one is a ring topology this works with 2 or more of the host in a circle by passing a token around the token never stops moving it will grad the data that need to be attached and take it to that giving computer mac addressee. The second one is a Mesh topology. This topology works by ensuring that every host is connected to

  • Unit 7 Telecommunication

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    7 Telecommunications The telephone is one of the most important means of communicating with the outside world. It is also frequently used for contacting members of staff within an organisation. 7.1 The advantages of telephone communications The telephone has a number of advantages: • The most important is the speed with which people can be contacted and the ease of use. • It allows instant feedback and is considerably more personal than written correspondence such as letters or emails. • Short

  • Nt1310 Unit 6 Exercise 1

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    Step 1: Create a cluster having N number of nodes using the formula Cm,k. For all m=0,1,2……N-1 K=1,2,……...logN Step2: Assume that all the nodes in the network can i nitiate the diagnosis and all the nodes are fault free at the initial stage of algorithm execution. Step 3: Start the Diagnosis process: Repeat for K=1 to log N Do Send i_hb( p, q , Dq, init_hb_msg) Set_Timeout (Tout) Step4: Find out response time and tested node response r_hb (q, p, D’q ,res_hb_msg) if Dq = D’q, // then

  • Cisco's Core Values

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    with less. Cisco's mission statement was to be the supplier of choice by leading the competition in the order of customer satisfaction, product leader, highest market share and maximum profits. Cisco has a lot of product categories. These include routers, switches, firewalls, data centers, nexus switches, storage. Cisco also has a certification program that develops networking engineers based on Cisco technologies. Cisco is the biggest networking company in the

  • Pros And Cons Of Wireless Network

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    Pros & Cons Pros • Easy to install: Wireless networks have become commonplace with Wireless N being the current standard. Wireless router is easy to purchase, connect it to the Internet, and install in either at home or office setting, it is recommended to hire a network professional to install and setup the wireless router in order to ensure that you have high level of security enabled and there is sufficient wireless coverage throughout the whole areas. • Cost: The cost of the hardware is low,

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Web Analysis

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    There is several different types of components that enable the internet and help the web function correctly upon your computer. A few of these things are; Uploading and FTP, Web Servers, network routers, proxy servers, ISPs, Web Hosting Services, and Domains. I will be explaining all of these components in as much detail as possible. Uploading This component is when you transmit any file from one computer to another computer, this is usually a much larger file. Most of the webs users would explain

  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Review Paper

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    Network monitoring now is limited because of the number of servers it takes to deal with the large influx of router data. Router manufacturers have been attempting to combat this by adding counters to the routers that report on the number of data packets a router has processed during some time interval, but adding counters for every special task would be impractical and put more stress on servers since they would need thousands more to process the flood of data coming in. To combat this a system

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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    To ensure the wireless signal is transmitted to every corner of the office space I recommend routers set-up with 4 directional antennas and a centralized Omni-directional antenna. The use of 2.4 GHz routers will increase data transmission speed 460-600 Mbps and provide 11 channels per router to support decrease in network collisions and prevent data packet from being dropped (Lazar, n.d.). All computing devices must be equipped with latest Windows 10 for business and use VPN tunnels to remotely connect

  • Nt1110 Unit 1 Essay

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    Homework 5 Chapter 5 Question P4. a.) Answer. Lets represent the decimal numbers into the binary first 1 = 0001 2 = 0010 3 = 0011 4 = 0100 5 = 0101 6 = 0110 7 = 0111 8 = 1000 9 = 1001 10 = 1010 Lets take 16 bits and calculate the check sum So we have, Checksum = 1’s complement of (0000000100000010 + 0000001100000100 + 0000010100000110 + 0000011100001000 + 0000100100001010) Checksum = 1’s complement of (00011001 00011110) Checksum = 11100110 11100001 b.) Answer. Lets represent the ascii values from

  • Unit 33 Internet Services P3

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    -Internet service providers (I.e.-Sky, Virgin media, BT) allow you to connect to the internet via a router which is provided and installed by companies for a small monthly fee. Without this you cannot connect to the internet. The companies will provide the internet via two methods- the first is by using a phone line which is also known as dialled up and the second is by using cable or fibre optics. -Web hosting services (I.e. - Free hosts, Google sites, free space) provides server space and web

  • NT1330 Unit 1 Essay

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    1. Goal The primary purpose of this lab was to get familiar with RLES and establish a base infrastructure. This infrastructure includes a router/firewall and Linux server for network monitoring and documentation. Network monitoring is crucial in any infrastructure, no matter how small or how large. Without it, there is no way to know a system has gone down until users start complaining. With it, the system/network administrator can be aware of the issue the instant it happens. Documentation is also

  • Cs2204 Unit 4

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    CS2204 Communications and Networking Written Assignment Unit 4 1. What are the ways in which we can keep a check on the number of duplicate packets generated due to the Flooding Routing technique? One way to keep a check on the number of duplicate packets is to place a counter in the header of the packet which decrements at each hop. When the counter reaches zero, the packet is discarded. Another method is to keep track of which packets have been flooded and avoid sending them out again. 2. Though

  • Persuasive Essay On School Vouchers

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    Introduction With a recent increase in presidential power and a new presidential cabinet, concerns have began to arise regarding state rights and independence. One of these concerns is school choice in the form of school vouchers. The use of school vouchers has been a state decision, and Texas has always been a school voucher free state. Not only the national government favors private-school voucher legislation (with Betsy DeVos as the new United States Secretary of Education); so does Texas. Texas’

  • Unit 7 P1 Web Server

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    Web Server: A web server is where it stores all the websites that are within the internet. The purpose of a web server is to deliver the web pages from the server and sends you the information of a website that you have requested. It provides the web pages you see on your internet browser. The web server works via getting data and information received from a browser that has asked for a page, it than will be processed through the server looking for what’ve requested and sends back the information

  • Overcoming Obstacles In College

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    College is the place where many young people come to be successful and find themselves. Through this journey will come many obstacles one must overcome. Some of these obstacles may include friendships, overwhelming classes, anxiety, and time management. But would you ever think that technology would be one of those obstacles? Technology is becoming a very important aspect in college. With a high number of classes requiring online homework, the connection should be up to standard. Most classes require

  • Unit 7 Assignment: Client Networking Request

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    the best bet. NETWORK HARDWARE As the cable modem is already supplied by the ISP, if it has enough available ports it can be directly used. Otherwise a new router (preferably Cisco provided) or a switch (Netgear or Dlink ones can be used). The one suggested in the document D-Link DI-514 is too old for modern tasks. A well-equipped router with options such as QoS, UPnP, ARP Binding, Access control options should be preferred as it a business

  • Nt1310 Unit 8 Ssr3

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    • ICMP; is one of the main rules of the internet protocol suite. It is used by system devices, like router, to send error messages showing, for example, that a demanded service is not offered or that a crowd or router could not be touched. • DHCP; Dynamic host configuration protocol is a customer server rules that repeatedly delivers an internet rules (IP) address and other linked arrangement information such as the subnet mask and avoidance entry. • Bluetooth; Bluetooth is a wireless communication