Second Punic War Essays

  • Hannibal In The Second Punic War

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    Although the beginning of the second Punic war, Hannibal seemed to be leading victorious throughout Italy after crossing the Alps into Roman territory, the outcome of the Punic war led to the downfall of Carthage. During the second Punic war, Hannibal fought the Romans in the battle of Cannae, where “Poylbius estimates Hannibal had close to 40,000 infantry and 10,000 cavalry versus the Roman force of 80,000 infantry and 8,000 cavalry” (History Extra, 2009). It was one of the most famous battles in

  • Archimedes: The Second Punic War

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    own ways of problem solving. His father was an astronomer named Phideas, they say he was related to the king of syracuse, named Hieron II. Around the time of archimedes’ death, the Second Punic war was occurring. This happened when Syracuse was captured by the Roman forces after a two year siege. The Second Punic War was fought between the city of Carthage and the city of Rome. It was started by a fight or

  • Livy Second Punic War Analysis

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    Livy believed that the Second Punic War was started by the siege of Saguntum by the Carthaginian Commander Hannibal and that this violated past treaties which left Rome no choice but to declare war on Carthage. In addition he believed the events that caused the war were entirely the fault of Carthage and that Rome did everything possible to prevent the dispute with Carthage from escalating. However there are inconsistencies in his work which undermine his reliability as a historian. The event that

  • How Did The Second Punic War Affect Rome's Growth?

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    From the readings we have seen that, as the end of the second Punic War drew to a close, Rome had seriously re-asserted itself as a Mediterranean power. It had also built up a lot of momentum that it would soon leverage to great effect for its future conquests. Rome was now in control of, or allied with, every population along the western Mediterranean that was not on mainland African soil. Their reach in the west now extended all the way through Spain. To help them get to this point they had

  • Rome Second Punic War Analysis

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    Past wars have all depended on certain factors for success, they have also changed and shaped our modern society. There were many factors that lead to Rome’s success in The Second Punic War. Many of the factors that led to Roman success in the war were, the politicians and generals, the strategies used, and the battles throughout the war. The politicians and generals in the war were a very important factor. The leaders of an army or a nation can decide the fate of the nation during war or during

  • Second Carthaginian War: The Second Punic War

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    The Second Punic War is also known as the Second Carthaginian War. This happened between 218 and 201 B. C. This war was one of the many wars that were fought between the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian (Punic) Empire. It is very important to note that the outcome of this war was the creation of the Roman hegemony over the entire western Mediterranean. The Second Punic War also had other names. The Roman called this war the Hannibalic War and the War Against Hannibal. One thing we should know

  • Hannibal's Second Punic War

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    Hannibal Barca, most widely known as the Carthaginian general during the Punic wars, was born in 247 B.C. His childhood was spent raised with his military family in Carthage, and therefore, he was raised knowing Carthage’s hatred of the Romans. Hannibal’s father, the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca, was defeated by the Romans during the First Punic War in 247 B.C. In an effort to restore Carthage’s position, Hamilcar swore both him and his son into an eternal allegiance against Rome in Spain

  • Hannibal Barca Leadership Qualities

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    Hannibal Barca, the General. Hannibal Barca was born in Carthage (present-day Tunisia) in approximately 247 B.C. He was the son of Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca (Barca meaning "thunderbolt"). After Carthage's defeat by the Romans in the First Punic War in 241 B.C, Hamilcar devoted himself to improving both his and Carthage's fortunes. Hannibal much later said that when he came upon his father and begged to go with him, Hamilcar agreed and demanded that he swear that as long as he lived he would

  • Battle Of Lake Trasimene Case Analysis

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    is exploited to develop consistent relevant lessons pertaining to war. An alternate outcome for the battle is proposed and analyzed by conducting scenario-driven backwards analysis. The hypothesis of the validity of the alternate outcome is tested against facts and reasonable assumptions which provide parameters

  • Marcus Porcius Cato The Elder: Second Punic War

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    Cato who was also known as Cato the Elder, was a military tribune in the Second Punic War. He is called "The Elder" to not be confused with his great grandson, Cato the Younger. Cato was born as a Plebian, but had a drive to climb up to the top of Rome's highest offices (McKay, John P.) His main goal was to restore old virtues of Rome that had been lost and forgotten. Cato grew up to be a brilliant leader because of his war skills, humbleness, and political skills. Cato strived to develop in his

  • Punic Wars: An Introduction To The Punic Wars

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    AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PUNIC WARS The Punic Wars, which took place between 264 and 146 BC, was a progression of warfare between Rome and Carthage. Therefore, the name “Punic” derives from the Latin adjective punicus, meaning “wars with Carthage.” These battles, which are divided into a series of three wars, can be regarded as the root of Rome’s transformation from an Italian to a Mediterranean power (Boatwright, Gargola and Talbert 2004: 104). The goal of this essay is to discuss this conflict between

  • Compare And Contrast Troy And The Iliad

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    The Iliad versus Troy As the great military general and philosopher Sun Tzu said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. The Greeks utilize a huge wooden horse in order to defeat the Trojans. The movie, Troy, and The Iliad contain the same plot, yet there are numerous differences that are depicted. Nevertheless, despite the countless similarities, The Iliad is far more superior to that of the movie. The Trojan Horse is present in the epic and movie. First, the Greek built

  • Punic Wars Research Paper

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    The Punic Wars were a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage lasting from 264 BC to 146 BC. At the time, it was one of the biggest wars to take place. Rome’s empire had been expanding for years. This did not sit well with Romans, resulting in them attacking Carthage in 264 BC (“First Punic War”). The first Punic War took place at the island at Sicily. Carthage had reign over all of this land except the city state, Syracuse. Rome had a powerful army, but no navy forces. In contrast

  • How Did The Carthaginian Senate Influence Hannibal Campaign In Italy

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    Hannibal and his brother Mago left Italy. Clearly, Hannibal realized the Carthaginians had named him the scapegoat for the War. Livy states that no sooner had Hannibal realized this when he immediately blamed Hanno for this disgrace. Within a year, Hannibal returned to Africa, only to lose one of the decisive battles of the war. Hannibal, forced to resign as a general after the war, continued to serve Carthage as a suffete or magistrate

  • Power Balance Between Carthage And Rome In The First Punic War

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    Writing Journal                    Yuta Michiyabu          Though the power balance between Carthage and Rome is equal when the first punic war, the balance move unstabily, as a result, Rome attains the naval power.     Before the big war begins, the power balance is nearly equal each other, between Carthage and Rome. According to Morey, W. C. (1901), "In comparing these two great rivals of the West, we might say that they were nearly equal in strength and resources. Carthage had greater wealth

  • The Punic Wars: Distinct Wars Between Carthage And Rome

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    Mohammed Salaheldin March 7, 2015 Grade 9, Period A Ms. Lund The Punic Wars The Punic Wars were three distinct conflicts between Carthage and Rome. When the Punic Wars began, Rome was close to complete the conquest of Italy. Meanwhile, Carthage controlled Northwestern Africa and the islands of the Western Mediterranean. When the Punic Wars ended, Rome was the greatest power West of China. Carthage was ruined when the wars ended. In the first war, Rome wanted to break Carthage’s control of the islands that

  • Strength Of Carthage

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    the control of the Western Mediterranean. The First Punic War which was held in Sicily, took place between 264 – 241 BC. The Rome was able to win this war which made them to conquer Sicily. The Carthage was defeated at this time

  • How Did Hannibal Influence Carthage

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    Hannibal was a military and strategical genius who for a long time positively impacted Carthage. However, his loss to his great enemy, Rome, in the Second Punic War, ultimately led Carthage to its downfall, making Rome the major European power. In order to fully understand Hannibal’s influence to his community, we must first learn about Carthage before his arrival. In the third century, Rome and Carthage were the two major European powers. By 265 (?) Rome had conquered almost all of Italy and

  • Compare And Contrast Greek Gods And Carthage

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    HIST 1421 Unit 5 Written Assignment University of the People Introduction In the beginning Rome and Carthage coexisted, but expansionist ambitions of both states lead inevitably first to competition, and eventually to war. (Morey, 1901) This paper will explore how very similar Carthage and Rome were in many regards. Each had its strengths, and used these strengths in quite remarkable ways to gain advantage over the other. The paper will also address how Rome became a naval power, and in this way

  • Carthage Vs Romans In The War Essay

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    Carthage Vs. Romans in the War University of the People Word count: 1150   Abstract In this paper, I will trace how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome. I will also address the strength of both and how this conflict led to Rome becoming a naval power. Keywords: Carthage, Rome, Naval   Carthage Vs. Romans in the War Participants With the Roman empire already at a peak in their power scheme when they had the great defeat of the Latins. With the other smaller defeats of other territories they