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  • Freya Stark Character Analysis

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    Freya Stark’s being a woman does add to the interest and individuality of her narrative in ‘The Southern Gates of Arabia’ in several ways. In her book British traveler Freya Stark takes her readers through her journey in and around Arab world as she discovers new places she has not seen before. Stark notes her unforgettable adventure in her writing as she writes about the Hadhramaut Valley. Stark takes us through her journey as she discovers the Bedouins whom she fantasies about and is interested

  • Comparing Women In Ramayana, Sundiata And Macbeth

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    girl loves boy”. Before Romeo and Juliet, you had Rama and Sita. Although the epic is not centered around them, it gives us an insight on how the author viewed

  • Narrative Style In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Rikio Asakura Literature Higher Level Word Count: The Handmaid’s Tale Essay Task Offred states ‘I’m sorry there is so much pain in this story. I’m sorry it’s in fragments, like a body caught in crossfire or pulled apart by force. But there’s nothing I can do to change it.’ Discuss Atwood’s narrative style and evaluate its effectiveness in terms of a contemporary audience’s reception of the novel: Much that confronts readers in Atwood’s science fiction tale of dystopian future is likely

  • Fairies In Tomorrowland Analysis

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    Moreover any deformity in the child was also blamed on fairies. Along pinching, this abduction was a part of fairy punishment, which was given to careless parents as Keith Thomas mentions that fairies were “predatory and might swoop down to snatch an unguarded infant child, leaving a changeling in his place. They might also nip, pinch or otherwise torment a careless housewife or untidy servant maid” (610). Shakespeare has also altered the perception of this abduction. Titania has stolen a boy from

  • Penelope And Sita In The Odyssey

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    In both Homer’s Odyssey and Valmiki’s Ramanyana, Penelope and Sita are both held up to be role models for their separate cultures. If it is true mythological heroes are to be ideal people whom men should model themselves after, their wives must be examples of perfection for our women to look up to. While they are both fiercely loyal to their husbands, they each possess qualities that their separate cultures held up as the most important. In the Odyssey, Penelope suffers twenty years of separation

  • Theories Of Moral Autonomy

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    Moral Autonomy is mainly based on the psychology of moral development. The first psychological theory was developed by Jean Piaget. On the basis of Piaget’s theory, Lawrence Kohlberg has also developed three main levels of moral development which is based on the types of logic and motivation adopted by individuals related to moral questions. 2.7.1 The Pre Conventional Level It is known as self-centered attitude. In this level, right conduct is very important for an individual which directly benefits

  • The White Tiger Short Story

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    The White Tiger Soft, quiet footsteps is all that was to be heard at the heart of the jungle as a man quietly walked between rotten branches from the ancient trees. His bow was raised, ready to fire. He was somewhat of a wind, once there now gone, going its own direction. The wind was blowing his way which made this day perfect for hunting. The morning was cold but the sun was already shining. The birds sang their morning song. He was so camouflaged that all that can be seen is the gleaming, sharp

  • Nelson Mandela Reflection

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    Nelson Mandela was a person who cannot be forgotten to be one of the greatest leaders in history. Nelson Mandela was a great leader who was admired by many for his beliefs in peace, unity and the values of what was important to others. His quote: “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” This quote means many different things to different

  • Themes In The Minister's Black Veil

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    “A person, who watched the interview between the dead and the living, scrupled not to the affirm that, at the instant when the clergyman’s features were disclosed, the corpse had slightly shuddered, rustling the shroud and muslin cap, though the countenance retained the composure of death.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, born in 1804, had been a descendant of Puritan settlers and had grown up with society constantly beating down on him, because of his family history. After he went to college at Bowdoin College

  • The Definition Of Loyalty In Homer's Odyssey

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    The definition of loyalty is faithful adherence to someone or something. Loyalty has been valued in society since the beginning of time, however one thing has changed. The lengths that people go to show their loyalty varies throughout time. In the book, The Odyssey by Homer, civilians were loyal to their family and friends. The extent that they would go to show their loyalty to each other is different than what it is now. Homer writes about a story about the extent people went to stay loyal to each

  • Why Is Pride Important To Achieve Success?

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    Fundamentally, pride is the moral principle of valuing your self-esteem and taking the steps required to achieve it. You need such a principle because of your profound need for self-esteem, and because a healthy self-esteem, grounded in the facts of reality, is not something you can achieve easily or automatically. Because pride is a commitment to achieving a positive assessment of yourself in the full context of your life, it consists in two essential perspectives: Looking backward and looking forward

  • Theme Of Conflict In Antigone

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    In literature, conflicts are needed. Conflicts move the plot forward, and without conflicts, stories are completely dull. Antigone, a very famous play written by Sophocles, is a Greek tragedy. Antigone is about a young brave woman named Antigone standing up against the king of ancient Thebes, Creon, defying his laws, and dying with honor. The conflicts of Individual Vs. Authority, Male Vs. Female, and Youth Vs. Age move the plot forward and show us character development while forming the setting

  • Sita Sings The Blues Analysis

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    Nina Paley`s ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ is a rewriting of the Ur-Text of the Ramayana and it was released online in 2008. The film interprets the Ramayana, a text considered sacred by many, from a rather modern point of view which despite being problematic, highlights through particular scenes the gender relations that remain even today, a pertinent issue. The film uses various strategies to point the universal experiences and questions, the ideologies behind the idealization of Rama while also playing

  • Deepa Mehta And Sita Relationship

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    Fire written and directed by Deepa Mehta is a film based on the relationships of of brothers and their wives and a joint family structure in India. The film begins with the performance of wedding rituals between Sita and her newly married husband Jatin. They take their honeymoon to the Taj Mahal and the tour guide explains the importance of the love story that took place there and its relevance to the newlyweds. Jatin and Sita’s interactions together are cold, and are not of a normal reactions of

  • Sita Brahmachari Red Leaves Analysis

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    “Red Leaves" Persuasive Essay Draft 2 “Red Leaves” by Sita Brahmachari should be explored by IBMYP students because it provides the reader with a deeper understanding of one of the global contexts, personal and cultural expression. It highlights the struggles and perspectives of the people dealing with child abuse and foster care and why it’s significant for us to express ourselves through religious practises, multimedia art, and vocal performing to get through difficult times in our lives. Zak

  • Dharma In Ramayana

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    The epic Ramayana by Sanjay Patel talks about the protagonist Rama, who was a god before becoming a prince. The mission he’s on is rescuing his wife Sita. The situation with her is that she was abducted by a demon god. The Hindu definition of Dharma is that it talks about four main concepts; truth, order, harmony, and law. These four represent significant principles that contribute to the universe and society. The epic also incorporates the concept of Bhakti. It is the faithful commitment towards

  • Marriage In The Ramayana

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    depictions of marriage in The Ramayana force the reader to look at the text more closely to discern the true nature of the ideal marriage. The romance of Rama and Sita emphasizes passion and respect, while the textually earlier story of Sage Gautama and Ahalya silences the wife’s voice and allows for unwarranted punishment. Before Rama and Sita even share their first transformative meeting of eyes, the epic tells the tale of Ahalya. Created “out of the ingredients of absolute beauty,” Indra lusted after

  • Analysis Of Ramayana

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    Vishnu) whose wife Sita was kidnapped by the king of Lanka (Current Sri Lanka) and his name was Ravana. This myth defines the culture and style life of Hindu people, it also explores human worries, concerns, values, in a dramatic concept. This myth has great influence on Hindu life and culture. It is not just a story it presents the teaching of ancient Hindu Mentors in narrative story. This myth represents moral and religious elements as one can notice the hero’s of the story Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharata

  • Homosexualism In Karen Hollinger's Film Fire

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    Karen Hollinger says in the text Feminist Film Studies, “Mehta insisted that Fire is not really about lesbianism, but about women’s need to be able to make their own choices and express their desires,” (Hollinger 220). Radha has been raised in the traditions of a conservative Indian woman. She treats her husband as though he rules over her. She takes care of her husband and her husband’s mother, Biji. Radha spends her days cooking, cleaning, shopping, and pleasing her husband. Women in Radha’s culture

  • The Spread Of Hinduism In The Indus Valley Civilization

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    Shiva is friendly and is pictured as a sweet and happy child with a wrathful and loving personality. And the great goddess Mahadevi has a divine feminine energy and a mix of mild and wild incarnations: Parvati, Radha, Sita, Kali, and Durga. Prothero also notes that most Hindus worship Shakti. In every religion there is a problem and a solution in life. Stephen Prothero breaks it down very simple that seems too easily understood. The problem in Hinduism is Samsara.