Soundtrack Essays

  • Essay On Film Score

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    Film music commonly referred as film score, is basically an original music that is normally incorporated in a movie to accompany a film to form part of the soundtrack of a film. According to Kurt London, film scores were created to remove the projectors noise in a film. The noise was a nuisance as it disturbed visual enjoyment during a performance in the auditorium. Since they did not have recorded sounds they used a pianist to create music while the film proceeded. Therefore they thought of introducing

  • Four Dimensions Of Editing In Film

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    The Four Dimensions of Editing in Film In film making there are four different types of aspects. The four dimensions of editing are the spatial connection, temporal connection , graphic connection and the rhythmic connection. These four dimensions can be interpreted through looking at two very well known movie excerpts: The “Shower Scene” from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho and the “Odessa Steps” sequence from Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 film, Battleship Potemkin. Not only the rhythmic but the

  • Pixar Theory: What´s The Pixar Theory?

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    PIXAR THEORY: IS THIS REALLY A THEORY? From Monsters Inc. to Finding Dory and all the way to Paradise Falls in the movie Up-- what do they all have in common? They all are Pixar movies, but what if there were more connections? Some people believe that within these movies are subtle and not-so-subtle “connections” linking all the Pixar movies together. WHAT IS THE PIXAR THEORY? The Pixar Theory is a theory that says all of the Pixar movies are connected, and they all live in the same timeline.

  • The Role Of Music In Motion Pictures

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    In this Research I’m going to write about Modern-Day Film Music Composer and its role in motion picture and how the music is important in movies, a brief history of music in motion picture, a short paragraph on some selected composers, how scoring for film is approached and recorded. And last thing some names of famous composers. Role of Music in Motion Picture: Could you imagine your favorite epic film without an interesting musical score? It will not be exciting and inspiring without the drums

  • Great Gatsby Music Analysis

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    the way it sounds to the lyrics of the song, however, when the plot of the movie goes in pair with the music, it can heighten those emotions to a whole different level. To make the biggest impact on the person watching, the songs picked for the soundtrack have to have the intended effect. The Great Gatsby must be accompanied with songs about love, sadness, and happiness as The Great Gatsby has all those components intertwined movie. Although music does help people better feel the mood of the scene

  • Argumentative Essay On Film Music

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    Since the day that movies began to have music in them, the whole experience changed for all who watch. The soundtracks that are compiled add deeper emotion and set up the tone and mood for the following scenes. However, there are arguments that the music in the films are not that important and it is just a lost genre. Film music is much more important and one specific example is from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This movie contains a song that actually enhances the scenes in which it is played

  • Film Music: The Importance Of Music In A Film

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    “Music best enhances a film by focusing emotion. It can enhance in other more mechanical ways such as setting pace or creating tension but it is the emotional quality of music which best enhances a film. Music can reach an audience emotionally beyond the ability of picture and sound.” John McNaughton (Film and television director) In this essay I will be discussing the importance and role music plays in a film. A precursor to films and film music there were operas, this essay will discuss the influence

  • John Williams Accomplishments

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    Gaining Key Info for Career Success The power of music can connect and represent the words that cannot be spoken. Music unites people, nature, or even beliefs. Don’t you desire to reach people using the universal language - music? Film music is without a doubt about touching audience’s minds and evoke people in a certain way. It certainly isn’t around the music or the orchestra or the audience, however, it is the interconnection of all these elements that makes music alive. Being a film composer

  • Come Out Soundtrack

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    If I were to make a soundtrack that was compiled of songs that best represent me as a person or my life, two of the songs I would put on the soundtrack are “Come Out” by Steve Reich and “Fugue in G Minor” by Johann Bach. I would include these two songs because I believe they represent what kind of a person I am. Steve Reich created “Come Out” as a way to spread awareness for the civil rights movement. Equal rights for all human beings is an ideology that I completely agree with and a belief that

  • Soundtrack To Me Analysis

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    Name Cash Caudill Soundtrack of My Life I like to listen to music a lot. It helps me concentrate like if I was doing homework or playing a game I will play music. I usually play music when I play sports. I even listen to music when I’m sad or emotional. Music really speaks to me and sometimes I just listen to music to dance or something or to just listen to it when I’m bored. I will sit in my room and listen to music until night time. I like to listen to rap and sometimes r&b and hip hop

  • Soundtrack To My Life

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    soundtrack to our lives because it can always relate to your goals and dreams. Music is an important part of my life because it helps me relax, defines who I am, and keeps me motivated. Without it, my life would be as empty as a bottle. One thing music does for me is it helps me relax. Music helps me relax whenever I am pissed off or sad. Music calms me down and makes me feel better. One song that is one of my favorites is “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica. That song is one of my

  • Of Mice And Men Soundtrack Analysis

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    The soundtrack to the movie of Mice and Men is intriguing and well composed. The sound in the movie makes you more attached to the scene that is being accted. For Example the scene Where Lennie sadly kills Curley 's wife they play sad but intense music to replicate what is going on. Another example is when the guys of the ranch go looking for Lennie and the intriguing and action music that is playing keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are many more examples of great composed music in the movie

  • Soundtrack Of My Life Analysis

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    Jennifer Brackett Master PhiLL English I 6 OCT 17 Soundtrack of my Life Music is a factor in my life that has played a huge role. I find myself constantly listening, singing, or dancing to new songs I find. I have realized that the music I find myself extremely attracted to, is the music that does a good job defining my personality, my experiences, or my thoughts that I cannot find the words to say out loud. Often, it seems as if the music finds me compared to me finding it. Although music allows

  • Psychosocial Intervention Model

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    In part 2 of this assignment the author is going to reflect the use of a psychosocial intervention with a client they met while on clinical placement. Reflection is an significant aspect for a student nurse, as it provides an opportunity to learn from one’s own experiences (Schon,1983). For the purpose of this assignment the author will use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle as a framework (Gibbs 1988). The Gibbs model consists of six stages: the first stage starts with a ‘description of the situation,

  • Waiting To Exhale: Film Analysis

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    When it comes to films, I feel as if the soundtracks make them what they are. A film in which I feel as if the soundtrack shapes the overall effect of the film is "Waiting to Exhale." Waiting to exhale was a movie about four African American women who were all through different things in their lives from men, their jobs and family. There friendship bonded all of the women together and when they got together the could just exhale everything that they have been holding in this whole time and just be

  • Schindlers List Analysis

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    neutral, undoubtedly, suitable to a timeframe of the film; it has reflected the suffering the Jews endured during Nazi revolution. The Babel Film The Babel Film directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is a thriller drama film. The music genre and soundtrack is classical music orchestra. Musical instruments used include piano and violin, while piano presents a peaceful setup, violin sets a sad

  • Film Analysis Of The Film Coraline By Henry Selick

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    For years the film Coraline by Henry Selick has been acknowledged and treasured from numerous people, young and old alike. The piece received incredibly positive reviews based on its well told story line, originality, soundtrack and visually pleasing attributes. Although Coraline may be an unnerving film, it is an undeniable masterpiece. The film begins as Coraline and her parents are seen moving into a dreary town. She is displeased with her new home and desires a better life. The adventurous child

  • An Analysis Of Dystopia In Black Mirror's Season 3

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    the focus of the film is usually not on the technology itself but rather on the psychology and emotions of the characters that live under such conditions and circumstances. My evaluation of the episode is on how the dystopian genre, colors, and soundtrack of the episode were able to relay the message of the story to the audience. Here’s a brief overview of the episode. Lacie, the protagonist, is living in a town where technology is integrated in almost every aspect of their lives. The people use

  • Essay On The Exorcist

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    Through contrast and comparison, critically analyse the soundtrack, and its role in audio-visual media, by exploring two genre specific films of your choice. “An important factor in the success of a film score is the exact choice of scenes o moments where music can really speak effectively, so that it does not become a mere dim background”. (2009, p. 62) This quote from James Bernard really encapsulates the ways in which films approach their scores, this is shown in the Gothic horror, Dracula

  • John Williams: A Prestigious In The Film

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    player. Prestigious in music for over six decades as a composer and conductor of numerous movies are renowned. The movies which he composed is the soundtrack for such: Star Wars, Superman, three episodes of Harry Potter , Jurassic Park , Jaws, E.t. the Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler's List, Raiders of the Lost Ark including many others of the movies soundtrack under the production of Steven Spielberg. John William’s father was a musician. His father is the most importance person to inspire him to take