The New School Essays

  • College Admission Essay: The New School

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    I first visited New York City when I was 13 years old and I fell in love with the city. I was hypnotized by how vibrant the city was, teeming with life and culture. As I grew older I began to wonder what college life would be like in the Big Apple, and I started to look at schools. When I first discovered The New School I enjoyed that it was different and unconventional compared to other universities and I was instantly drawn in. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of The New School. I love the combination

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The New School

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    The first time I had ever heard of The New School, it was listed in a choice for enrichments to learn about what it stood for. I was a junior and even thinking about college felt like too much stress that my brain could not handle. So I didn’t go. But I researched. For some unknown reason, the name stuck with me. The description of The New School fueled my ideas of going into the liberal arts even though my parents always “joked” that I should be a doctor or a lawyer. My dad always tells me that

  • Personal Narrative: Moving To A New School

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    While I heard several kids were afraid of spiders, snakes, and so on, I was terrified of “change” especially moving to a new school. It might have been acceptable if I had moved around less than twenty times. As a kid, I thought moving always brought me a depression and took away the “opportunities” in my life. A teacher didn’t see my potentials because I was a new student, so I always missed the “opportunities.” Therefore, I told myself that when I could make a decision, I would never choose to

  • Personal Narrative: Whole New School

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    enough I needed to speak up sooner or later in school. Once I entered a whole new school I had to change. It was an easy ride the whole way until now. Breezing through class has always been in my mindset. Teachers talked and talked, it felt too slow for me so I jumped ahead. It was a clear mistake. Classes were too slow for me, I felt as if I did not even need to try. Spanish was a bore and was more to me as a slack off day whenever Mrs. R introduced a new lesson with the loud colors of her dress. To

  • Personal Narrative: Going To A New School

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    Can you imagine going to a new school and feel like you don’t belong there? I know a lot of people moved to United States without knowing English but I felt like I was the only girl in my new school who didn’t speak the language, it’s hard to get used to a school when you don’t comprehend what people surround you are saying. I was 10 years old in 5th grade feeling like I did not belong here. It feels horrible to leave everything you did for 10 years, your family, friends and everything you had. When

  • The Importance Of Segregation In New Orleans Schools

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    As I began to research schools segregation, I began to wonder: Why is segregation still occurring in New Orleans schools? According to my research, most New Orleans schools are still segregated. What’s more, segregation has many negative consequences for students 82% of New Orleans schools are segregated by race. When the U.S Supreme Court ruled that racially segregated public schools were unconstitutional. In New Orleans schools, segregation is still occurring. Due to the outlawed racially

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To A New School

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    Have you ever felt uncomfortable, nervous, and confused ? These are all the things I felt moving to a new school. I had no idea if I would gain friends or if anyone would like me. Maybe if I had a tour around the new school before my first day I would have not been so disorientated. Going from a one story school to a two story school was hard, having to look down every five seconds to make sure I was on the right hall, or if I was suppose to be upstairs or downstairs. Bumping into people while looking

  • Personal Narrative: Moving To A New Elementary School

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    When I was in the third grade, I transferred to a new school. It would be my fourth and final move to a new elementary school, mainly because my family moved around town a lot. I expected the first day of school to be difficult and confusing, but I made friends almost immediately after helping a kid open his milk carton. What I hadn’t yet realized was that lots of kids I knew from my previous schools were attending this one, which made me happy knowing that there were even more nice kids I could

  • Personal Narrative: Moving To A New High School

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    One of the most important decisions I’ve made was choosing which high school to go to. It started out as a whim, but it ended up becoming my last hope. When I was 13, I moved to Colorado the summer before starting 8th grade. Shortly after, I happened to overhear some kids in my new neighborhood talking about how they were going to Frederick High School, so I assumed that was the only school nearby, and that was where I would end up too. It wasn’t exactly a concrete decision, but it was something

  • Personal Narrative: My First Day In A New School

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    of school in a new country. I moved from Korea to America just a few weeks ago and it was finally time to go to school and begin a new chapter of my life. It wasn’t the going to school part that scared me, it was that I couldn’t speak english well and everything was so different. As I walked along the road to my new school, I spent a few minutes worrying about what school would be like. Would everyone think I was stupid and weird because I couldn’t talk in english? Will I be able to make new friends

  • Personal Narrative: New York High School

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    I couldn’t stand up. My legs felt as if they didn’t work and I could barely breath. This was the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I knew I had just gotten my first high school swimming gold medal. I looked over at the scoreboard to confirm my realization. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found Central York on the scoreboard and saw the number two next to it. I was in complete shock, we had lost by a hundredth of a second. As I walked to the podium I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that

  • Personal Narrative-My First Day In A New School

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    My First Day In A New School My family is always moving for working reasons. We never stick to anything if we see a better opportunity we take it. After nearly living six years in Provo, Utah my dad told my brother and I we would be moving to Topeka, Kansas to open a restaurant. I had to say goodbye to all of my longtime friends. Then by the end of November were finally living in Topeka. On our way Topeka my dad was telling us how great Topeka was but when we arrived I didn’t like it. This might

  • Personal Narrative: Dike New Hartford High School

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    a volleyball tournament. The rest of my family was in Arizona and had left me in Iowa Falls, so I wouldn 't miss my finishing tournament of the season. I wasn 't jubilant about it, but I agreed anyway. My grandma drove me up to Dike New Hartford High School. There were 10 other teams from all around Iowa. I showed up barely on time and exhausted. It was a very long day, but ten games later and we ended it winning second place. I drove home with my friend and teammate, Emma Olberding. We

  • Personal Narrative: Being New In Schools

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    C H A P T E R 1 Bella's Pov Being new in schools has never been easy for me. You see my parents are those people who like to go to different places and see what it's like living there and stuff. So as you already probable guessed it, I'm in and out of schools 24/7. Meaning I don't like to make friends because once I get to doing so my parents have already found another place to go to. But don't get my wrong going to these different cities and countries is amazing but it does get tiring sometimes

  • Personal Narrative: Camp Marist

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    during the summer of 2009, I started off in La Petite for the second session. I have practically begged my parents to bring me back to camp each summer. I love seeing all the friends that I made in previous years, and look forward to meeting so many new ones. I have been to Camp Marist for 6 years. 1 year in La Petite, 2 years in Sunset, 1 year in Scot’s Lodge and 2 years in Sailor’s Cottage. I have looked up to all of the Prefects and Staff in each of those cabins, and I have known that I have wanted

  • Middle School Get Me Out Of Here Rhetorical Analysis

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    Middle School Get Me Out Of Here James Patterson Rafe adjusts to his new school by acknowledging the school’s art programs and classes and by causing a little trouble with Zeke and Kenny. For instance, after Mrs. Ling gave Rafe and the other students a tour around the art section of the school, Rafe thought that the new school was extraordinary and that “seventh grade was looking up, up, UP!” (Page 57, Patterson). In addition, after Zeke and Kenny made Rafe look like a total fool during the critique

  • Comparison Of Raisin In The Sun And Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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    A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin both describe the life of African American families in major cities following World War II. In both stories the two families are put at odds against one another because of the environment that surrounds them. In “Sonny’s Blues”, Sonny and his older brother, the narrator, are at odds because Sonny has fallen victim to the chaos of the Harlem streets. In A Raisin in the Sun, the Youngers’ are against one another because

  • Personal Narrative: My New Elementary School

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    Terrified. The only emotion that I felt as I walked into my third new elementary school as I started my third grade year. My parents moved me to Greenfield after one and a half years of J.B. Watkins, and one and a half years at Kyrene de la Paloma before that. On the first day of school, I walked in and saw Mrs. Richardson’s bright smiling face as she welcomed me and all of my new classmates into her classroom. A large section for all of our desks took up half of the classroom and on the other half

  • Analysis Of Jackson Pollock's Lavender Mist

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    Through the use of color, Matisse shows the viewer his mental mindset, his emotions, while creating this painting which adds a subjective lens to his interpretation of the subjects. The intense colors illustrate a “feeling” that would not otherwise come through if the colors were directly representational of the real natural world. The bright colors seem to evoke a sense of happiness and pleasure. There is a sense that everything occurring in the picture is alright and everybody is enjoying themselves

  • Major In Nursing Research Paper

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    I am in college with no career choice. I had no experience about what it will be like to be a nurse. My mom always wanted me to be an accountant. So I decided to major in accounting. Accounting is all about numbers. And I was good at math in high school. I was enjoying math, and never got bored when I was doing my homework. However, I like to study about human body structures. Taking care of patient. Choosing a right major was getting harder and harder because I enjoy doing math problems and l love