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  • Gum Synthesis

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    ABSTRACT: In this experiment, I have investigated the research question: “How the chemical xylitol helps in protecting the enamel of the tooth?” The intake of xylitol in body is basically done by using chew gum. Chew gum is a soft, sticky substance for chewing not swallowing. It is basically made up of: Gum base (raisin, wax and elastomer), flavoring and sweeteners. The gum of chewing gum is basically made up of long molecules which helps it in getting stretched. Gum base is made of three kinds

  • Fluoridation Research Paper

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    acid that has been known to cause decay to our teeth. Most of teeth problems are caused by this acid. This acid can erode tooth enamel and damage our teeth. Fluoride can protect teeth from demineralization that is caused by the

  • Teeth Whitening Process

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    Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening Questions and answers What does the teeth whitening process? Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that bleaches the discoloration of tooth enamel. Our system uses a safe and effective tooth whitening gel placed in two formable mouth plates that you then have on your teeth for 30-60 minutes. This is done daily until you reach the whitening effect you want. Now you can get a professional whitening treatment without paying lots of money at the

  • Water Fluoridation In Australia

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    Artificial water fluoridation has an intensified debate on the public health intervention and this decision made by several Australian politicians. The Australian dentists and other health professional’s agreement that adequate enamel fluoride is essential for dental caries. The children are the commonest contributors to dental caries include poor dental structure, poor oral hygiene, bacterial involvement and dietary factors etcetera. The most prevalent health problem in Australia is dental caries

  • Water Fluoridation

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    Water Fluoridation: The First Battlefront Tooth Decay Water fluoridation was introduced more than 60 years ago, in Michigan, as a public health measure to prevent tooth decay and it has been the reason for big controversies since there. The technique is defined as a process in which the substance fluoride is introduced into the public water supply in order to prevent dental cavities, reaching a large number of people. The Morbidity and Mortality report prepared by the Center of Control of Disease

  • Fluoride Argumentative Essay

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    voiced their opinions quite loudly. Here are some articles to help educate the public on what fluoride is, what it does, and what people think. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a substance that many types of toothpaste use to help to strengthen the enamel on a person’s teeth. When used in small amounts, it’s perfectly fine, but in larger amounts, fluoride can be toxic, leading to the weakening of bones, cancer, and other problems in the body. When used in great amounts on children’s teeth, it can lead

  • Essay On Operative Dentistry

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    Clinical technique: • If tooth is grossly decayed band the tooth • Anesthetize the tooth • To isolate the tooth apply the rubber dam • Remove soft caries either with spoon excavator or round bur • To avoid exposure a thin layer of dentin and some amount of caries is left • On the exposed dentin calcium hydroxide paste is placed • Cover the calcium hydroxide with zinc oxide eugenol base217 • Amalgam restoration should be given, If restoration is to be given for a longer time • Tooth should be evaluated

  • Dentin Bonding Lab Report

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    A similar phenomenon was first described in vitro for enamel by Gwinnett and Buonocore (1965).This process of infiltrating resin monomer into the collagen fibrillar matrix of demineralized dentin, followed by its polymerization, has been called hybridization (Nakabayashi et akl, 1982) and has been shown to

  • Essay On Tooth Whitening

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    What is tooth brightening? Tooth whitening can be an extremely active method for assisting the regular color of your teeth without removing the surface of the tooth. It can 't carry out a complete color improvement; however it may help enhance the current color. Why might I require my teeth brightened? There are numerous reasons why you may have your teeth brightened. Everybody is different; and pretty much as our skin and hair color differ, so do our teeth. Few individuals have brilliant-white

  • Persuasive Essay On Dental Brush Timing

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    We all know that having a great smile and clean breath can make or break our first experience with people and while dental care has come a long way since we put baking soda on our fingers to clean our teeth. Having a bad dental hygiene might result to problems such as gum disease, bone loss (when using dentures), infection and more. We now have an enormous assortment of dental health and dental care products to help us get rid of plaque and bacteria that reside around and on our gums. Still, people

  • Mma Test Lab Report

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    of the tooth. The preparation and disinfection of the root is done in first visit and MTA is placed at the apical region at the second visit. It is mandatory to do complete debridement and disinfection of the root canal and of the dentin walls as it is difficult to remove the MTA once it is set. Advantages: (Simon et al., 2007) 1. Patient compliance less important 2. Reduced treatment time 3. Physical an mechanical properties of dentin is not lost 4. Allows early restoration of the tooth and thus

  • Tartar Research Paper

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    comfort. Traditional short-term options for tooth replacement include: • removable “flippers,” full-arch dentures (upper

  • Pros And Cons Of Dental Crown

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    If you suffer from tooth decay, your dentist will install a dental crown to help protect your tooth from further decay. Dental crowns have the potential to last for many years if they are taken care of properly. However, eating hard or sticky foods can cause your dental crown to fall off the tooth. As a result, this leaves your tooth unprotected and could result in an infection from bacteria and food entering the tooth. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to cover your tooth until your dental

  • Myrrh Mouthwash Research Paper

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    Dental implants are designed to last a long time with proper dental care. Poor dental hygiene can cause your implants to fail. The buildup of plaque and bacteria around the surface of the implant can lead to inflammation. If the implant is not cleaned, then the infection can result in peri-implant disease. This disease leads to bone loss and will loosen the implant. If too much bone is lost, the dental implant may eventually fall out on its own. Regular mouthwashes are a good way to help avoid bacteria

  • Teeth Extraction Procedure

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    If you are getting your wisdom teeth extracted and one or more are impacted, then you may worry that you will experience a lot of pain after surgery in the area where the impacted teeth are removed. While non-impacted teeth can simply be pulled right out of their sockets, removing impacted teeth often involves some incisions being made in your gum tissue to access the teeth and your dentist may have to break it into several pieces to remove it. However, you can still keep pain minimal after your

  • Informative Essay On Zirconia

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    While the only option for a dental implant post was once titanium metal, some specialists now offer implant posts made of zirconia. If you are considering this newer type of dental implant, you may have many questions about zirconia and what it is. Here are three facts about zirconia, including its history in other dental and medical applications. Zirconia Has Been Used in Dentistry and Medicine for Years While zirconia dental implant posts are relatively new, zirconium dioxide itself has been

  • Dental Flosser Research Paper

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    Goal: Write a review post about water flossers Total Word Count In This Document: 1502 Title: The Best Power Dental Flosser Is your dentist always reminding you to floss whenever you come in for your regular tooth cleaning procedure? It’s for a good reason; according to the Academy of General Dentistry, gum disease affects more than 75 percent of the U.S. population. Flossing helps prevent gum (also known as periodontal) disease and gingivitis (an early stage of periodontal disease) by reducing

  • Speech About Chewing Gum

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    Speech More than 100,000 tons of gum is being consumed every year by people, and most of those people are students. If you ask anyone if they like gum they will most likely say yes and that is probably because in the modern world, we have incredibly diverse flavors of gum. People chew a lot of gum, but is it actually good? Or bad? Gum actually has a lot of benefits and I am only going to mention multiple out of many. FIrstly gum helps students stay focused in class and outside of class. It’s

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Research Paper

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    Does Hydrogen Peroxide Whiten Teeth Hydrogen Peroxide recently has captured the spot as it becomes one of the commonly used methods for teeth whitening either through the dentists, or through using it as a whitening agent in many of the commercial whitening products. So, what is hydrogen peroxide? How it can be used for whitening the teeth? And is it good for your teeth? What is Hydrogen Peroxide And How Does It Works? Hydrogen Peroxide can be described as an oxidizing agent that is formed through

  • Teeth Whitening Research Paper

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    Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and decide if bleaching is the right treatment. Other reasons for dark teeth are side effects of medication and thinning of your enamel. Neither of these respond as well to bleaching either. Thinning enamel happens sometimes due to aging. The thinner covering of enamel allows the pulp to show through as a dark or yellow stain. This can 't be removed with bleaching since the color is inside the teeth, however, bleaching can help teeth that are yellow