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  • Female Reproductive System: Changes In The Human Body

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    Vital Systems: Just 10 days after implantation, the embryo’s heart begins to beat. The embryo starts receiving nourishment straight from the cells lining of the mother’s uterus. In 8 days, the cells of the growing embryo start to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. This hCG hormone gets to the pregnant mother’s blood stream and urine almost immediately. It can be detected by most pregnancy tests

  • Ultrasound Sonography Case Study

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    The fetus is definitely still inside the uterus (based usually on an exam using ultrasound), but the outcome of your pregnancy is still in question. This may occur if you have an infection, such as aurinary tract infection, become dehydrated, use certain drugs or medications, have been involved

  • Oxytocin Research Paper

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    Which then creates the uterus to shrink, causing labor contractions, and tightens the uterus after a baby is born to deliver the placenta. Oxytocin feeds off positive feedback, when there is more oxytocin to be released, it generated more of it. Which explains why a women in labor is continuously assembling

  • Unsafe Abortion

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    LAPAROSCOPIC REMOVAL OF A RUBBER CATHETER ERODING INTO THE ILIUM BONE FROM THE PERITONEAL CAVITY FOLLOWING UNSAFE ABORTION Pawar P, Mathews AJ, Chaudhry NK Department of Surgery, Christian medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana. ABSTRACT A majority of unsafe abortions are performed by untrained quacks leading to multiple complications which contribute to significant maternal morbidity and mortality. We report a case of a foreign body eroding through the ileum bone following unsafe abortion after a

  • Common Causes Of Infertility

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    enlargement of the endometrium (endometrium is the lining of the uterus) in accordance to the fertilized egg, do not occur which leads to infertility. Cervical Conditions; some women/females may have certain cervical conditions due to which the sperm must not be able to pass through the cervical canal, which may be due to previous cervical surgeries causing infertility. Abnormal Anatomy of the Uterus; Abnormal anatomy of the uterus and presence of polyps and fibres may cause infertility. Unexplained

  • Argumentative Essay On Fibroids

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    Meta Description Suffering from fibroids? You don’t have to live with their troublesome symptoms and associated infertility. Our San Antonio fertility center offers fibroid surgery. Comments Please verify that the highlighted sentence is accurate. Live Date (AMY) URL (AMY) Fibroid Surgery Fibroid surgery helps patients find relief from the effects of fibroids As experts in reproductive medicine, the physicians at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio know that nearly 75 percent of women will suffer

  • Aetiology: Womb Structure

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    of the uterus because the uterus may interfere with the implantation of a fertilised egg (Resolve, 2015). An abnormal uterus poses a risk of miscarriage or, in some cases, recurrent miscarriages. An abnormal uterus structure can cause a woman to have a weak cervix; hence a miscarriage is the most likely result of the pregnancy (Danielsson, 2014). There are 4 main types of uteri structure that can induce a miscarriage. Unicornuate Uterus Smaller than a normal uterus, the unicornuate uterus only has

  • Female Hysterectomy Essay

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    Hysterectomy is a major operation to remove the uterus that is not usually used for sterilization but is done for women to correct a number of serious health conditions when all other options fail. It is also important to note that hysterectomy will not help prevent or protect one from STIs. Recovery time varies on the type of procedure and individual 's overall health. The female internal reproductive organs is made up of the vagina (a canal that joins the cervix to the outside of the body which

  • Endometrial Cancer Research Paper

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    Its Effect on Cell Growth My cancer in the obvious Endometrial Cancer. Endometrial cancer is a cancer that occurs in the lining of the womb. It mainly affects the uterus and pelvis area within females. The cancer begins in the cells that form the lining in the uterus. The cancerous cells duplicate and spread through the pelvis and uterus area. Possible Causes & Prevention Endometrial cancer can be caused by increased levels of estrogen. Estrogen is one of the main reasons because there is so much

  • Social Studies Level 3 Unit 3 Study Guide

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    Fallopian tubes c. Ovaries The uterus is also known as the female’s reproductive organ, “the womb.” It’s a hollow organ which consists of three layers; the perietrium, the myometrium and the endometrium layer. These three tissue layers forms the wall of the uterus. The uterus holds the developing fetus until birth. The fallopian tubes are thin tube structures. They extend from the uterus to the ovaries. It allows the the egg to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. The ovaries are located at

  • Endometriosis Research Paper

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    within the uterus also grows in areas outside of it. What is Endometriosis? The inside of the uterus is lined with what is called endometrium, a kind of tissue that thickens every month in preparation for the release of an egg cell from the ovaries. On this endometrium will attach the fertilized egg in the event of a pregnancy; otherwise, it will break down and bleed out of your uterus during a regular menstrual cycle. In endometriosis, this tissue is no longer limited to inside the uterus, but also

  • Endometriosis Research Paper

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    tissue that lines the uterus, called endometrium, is found outside the uterus, usually in the abdomen or ovaries, fallopian tubes, in the ligaments supporting the reproductive organs, and in the pelvic cavity. It can also sometimes be found in the bladder, bowels, vagina, cervix, vulva, and in abdominal surgical scars. Rarely but occasionally it can be found in the lung, arm, thigh and other locations. The misplaced tissue and lesions behave the same way outside the uterus as it would in the lining

  • Caesarean Section Case Study

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    It is the incision on the uterus that is the most important in determining whether you are an acceptable candidate for VBAC attempt. 2) Also, if a woman has had two previous cesarean sections with low transverse uterine incisions and a previous vaginal delivery, you may also have the option of choosing a VBAC attempt. 3) If a woman has had a previous surgical procedure on your uterus which involve making a uterine incision such as a myomectomy (removal

  • Essay On Female Reproductive System

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    the female eggs which are called the Ova or Oocytes. The Oocytes are transported to the Fallopian Tube which fertilization by sperm can occur. The fertilized egg then moves to the uterus, which the uterline lining has thickened in response to the normal hormones of the reproductive cycle. The fertilized egg in the uterus can implant into the thickened uterline and continue to develop; if the fertilization doesn’t happen the uterline lining begins to shed and this is called menstrual flow. The female

  • Monchek And Wiedaseck Case Study

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    they deal with the grief of the lost pregnancy. “Typed and cross-matched blood must be available for surgery because of previous blood loss and the potential for hemorrhage” (Davidson et al., 2012, p. 379). Oxytocin is given to the woman to keep her uterus contracted and prevent hemorrhage. After surgery, carefully monitor the woman’s urinary output, watch for signs of bleeding and assess for signs of infection (Davidson et al., 2012, p.

  • The Three Main Stages Of Infant Development

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    The shaping process of an infant is an extremely complicated and lovely process that last around 40 weeks sometime shorter or longer than the 40 week with the early fertilization of the egg and completion with the birth of the child. This occurs in three (3) main stages which are the: Germinal, Embryonic and fetal stage. Throughout each of these stages important development occurs. I will be explaining each of these stages describing what takes place during each stage and the time frame of when it

  • Uterine Prolapse Case Study

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    Vaginal Prolapse Overview- Uterine prolapse occurs in a woman when uterus is detached from its place and penetrates the vagina. This occurs because of a weakening of the pelvic floor that supports and maintains the pelvic organs in place. The symptoms of prolapse are numerous: the patient will experience mainly pain and the feeling of a visceral movement. The choice of therapy is based on the degree of severity of uterine prolapse. In milder cases, it is sufficient to implement simple control measures

  • Causes Of Endometriosis

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    There are many gynecological diseases that affect the uterus, a hollow member that is located below a woman's belly button. One of these diseases is endometriosis. To illustrate, endometriosis is a chronic, common and painful disorder that occurs when the tissues grow outside the womb. In addition to that endometriosis term is derived from Latin words and divided into three sections, " end/o " means inside, " metr/i " which refers to uterus, and " osis " which means disease. Endometriosis has four

  • Endometriosis Research Paper

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    with scientific advancement in genetic therapy and proper medical management those diagnosed may live functioning moderately normal lives. Cause and Symptoms Endometriosis is caused by the presence endometrial tissues or, the inner lining of the uterus, to be located outside

  • Spermatogenesis Fertilization

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    the uterus; by this time the single-celled egg has divided numerous times, so that it is a ball of approximately 200 cells. The uterus has thick walls suitable for egg attachment and growth. A female hormone known as progesterone, secreted by the corpus luteum in the ovary, influences the redness of the uterine wall for egg implantation. It increases the blood supply in the wall, water content, and secretion of glycogen, a nutrient for the surrounding tissue and developing egg. If the uterus is not